BoFII - DeathEvan quotes

Transcription of DeathEvan's words at the end of Breath of Fire II, before and after the final battle. Spoilers ahead, in case you couldn't guess.

You came this far··
my destined child··
Nikanoru·· first of all, I thank you for opening the gates··
I will go through the opened gates and I will bless the world····· with desperation.
Everything living will look up to me and feel happiness as they accept death··

(Someone, says, in essence, "wtf?". I can't seem to get Bleu's or Spar's line, if they have one)
[Katt: Are you crazy or something!?
What are you rambling on about!?
Who's Nikanoru!?]
[Bow: There's no one on earth that would be happy to see you··
There's no one named Nikanoru··?]
[Jean: No no no! I am not Nikanoru!
I am Jean ······ I am one of the brave men who will save the world!]
[Sten: I don't like to say bad things about people·· But this guy is really stupid. Who is this Nikanoru character?]
[Rand: Maybe he's been underground so long that his mind's getting a little weird.
I don't know if it's Nikanoru or Babaderu.
But we came to kill you··]
[Nina: Brave men of the dragon, Ryu and his friends are coming to kill you··
This Nikanoru you are waiting for is not here.]

You don't understand Nikanoru?
Nikanoru is the name for dead beings······
It is ··. your name..

(Ryu and friends are imprisoned in crystal)
You are all dead.
Life means nothing inside that crystal··
I will give you endless pain. But, you won't suffer alone.
Eventually, everything in the world will follow your path into death··

(You break free of your crystal)
You say that is the strength of the destined child?

You think that you are more powerful than I? The power of God?
I don't appreciate that.

(He kills your friends. First one, then the "You quietly.." line, then the other two)
[Katt ·····
Fighting is the only way she knew to express herself.
But, she saw a strength she never knew in Ryu.
now her life is over.]
[Sten ······
He never faced life and always lied to himself.
Watching Ryu face destiny reminded him of what life should be··
And now,
his life is over.]
[Rand ······
He wandered around the world because he hated boredom and met Ryu. and··
now his life is over.]

You quietly watch your friends disappear··
This·· is the difference between your strength and my strength··

[Bleu ······
One of the brave heroes who destroyed our God, Miria··
Ryu reminds her of a hero she once knew and they become friends.
And now,
her life is over.]
[Jean ······
He believes in a bright future·· by acting silly ·· and with his innocence··
But the wonderful world he believed in can only be possible in death.]
[Spar ······
He reasons everything with logic.
But he came in contact with Ryu's courage··
and he sees that knowledge is not everything.
And now,
his life is over.]
[Bow ······
He met Ryu as a child·· and the two became buddies··
and now, his life is over]
[Nina ······
She was chased out of the royal family because of her black wings··
But, she continued to think about the good of the royal family and tried to disappear··
And now her wish will come true.
Her life is over.]

So what do you think··
Ryu of your pitiful life·· It easily crumbles in God's hands.
Even if you are called the destined child, or the brave one, you will still be washed away by a stronger power.
·· While the world explodes in front of me, you will sit there and realize your weakness··

(You break free again)
Are you saying you will break my barricade again!?
Ryu, you really do upset me··

(You run towards him)
Break into pieces! Ryu!

(You slash him with your sword)
I can't believe·· that I would lose to a crumb like this ······
It's impossible! That I·· God··!

(He transforms into that ugly thing)
God·· God cannot die!
Ryu Roarrrr.
Destined Child!

(You fight him solo, using Anfini)
You are a shrewd man. How can you fight God this far?
It is deplorable.
I will rend the flesh from your bones.
killing you is only a start··
There will be songs written about the beauty of the pain that I shall inflict on you all!

(You're winner!)
Why ······?
Why·· Ryu, do you want to·· kill·· me?
Why ······
Why don't you understand ·· that··
the destruction of the world·· is fate··?
I don't understand.
Why does the world·· and the people resist destruction?
Why don't they want to die?
I don't understand.
I will disappear now·· I'll dream·· about destruction.
Goodbye ·· Nikanoru··

(Your party leaves. The last member in line says something. Thanks to Helmasaur King from GameFAQs)
[Ryu: ...... let's go back home. Let's go back where everyone is waiting...... Let's go home!]
[Bow: ...... It feels kind of strange. It's hard to believe someone like me protected the world! You're really great! Ryu! You'll always be my buddy!]
[Rand: ...... We did it, Mom. We won.. Thanks, Ryu.]
[Sten: ...... It's hard for me to believe that I protected the world.. I don't need any rewards, but it feels good to have protected something I love..]
[Jean: ...... I am now going to be called a brave man who saved the world. It will make me very happy when people refer to me as a brave man.]
[Spar: ...... Great Tree, I think I understand now. The most important thing is.. courage.. I really like the word courage.. Great Tree, I believe that brave young men like Ryu will change the world.]
[Nina: ...... Say, Mina, my adorable sister.. Because of your wings, we saved the world from destruction. I am now going to fight the destiny of my black wing...... Mina.]
[Katt: ...... It doesn't seem real. We did such an incredible thing! Ryu was very very strong! ...... And I fought with Ryu which makes it a little special, doesn't it? Ha ha ha]
[Bleu: Huh! A demon... It was worth it for me to wake up!]

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