2.1. Malhavoc's Reveal


<Malhavoc> This last topic is of minor importance.
<Malhavoc> But I'd like to get it covered.
<Malhavoc> One other mediumly strange request for this final topic is that it doesn't leave the room?
<ZZTRaider> omg, Mal's gay!
<ZZTRaider> j/k
<[Fury]Nightmyre> rofl
<Solace> k.
<[Fury]Nightmyre> alright
<ZZTRaider> but yes, won't leave room. got it.
<Malhavoc> :P  Very funny.
<ZZTRaider> wait...
<Malhavoc> Anyway...I've been your leader for two rounds now.  And we've had some great times.
<ZZTRaider> you really are Jerle?
<[Fury]Nightmyre> no!
<[Fury]Nightmyre> you can't quit!
<Malhavoc> Lately, some rumors have been surfacing.
<Malhavoc> They are true.
<[Fury]Nightmyre> oh lol
<[Fury]Nightmyre> erm
<[Fury]Nightmyre> *blinks*
<Malhavoc> I am Jerle.
<[Fury]Nightmyre> *does a double take*
<zer0das> o_O
<[Fury]Ciralin> Hmmm.
<[Fury]Nightmyre> mal are you playing with our minds?
<ZZTRaider> quick myre, lower the channel defenses so that we can get everyone in here and tell them =P
<ZZTRaider> he never said it was limited to the people in this room, just to this room itself =P
<[Fury]Nightmyre> wow
<[Fury]Nightmyre> you guys really did mess with my head
<[Fury]Nightmyre> >.>
<Malhavoc> Limited to the people in this room. :P
<[Fury]Nightmyre> i was even going over how you coulda possibly decieved me
<[Fury]Nightmyre> wow
<ZZTRaider> Sol, I guess this explains Mal jumping into 3v1s and such and winning, eh?
<[Fury]Nightmyre> it all fits in just like i thought
<[Fury]Nightmyre> jeez
<zer0das> so um
<[Fury]Nightmyre> so im not insane
<[Fury]Nightmyre> :O
<Malhavoc> If you'd care for proof, I can teleport you to the box.
<[Fury]Nightmyre> :O
<zer0das> do it!
<ZZTRaider> !
<zer0das> to the box!
<ZZTRaider> DO IT!
<zer0das> now
<ZZTRaider> ME NOW!
<[Fury]Nightmyre> quiet ZZT
<[Fury]Nightmyre> lol
<ZZTRaider> no
<ZZTRaider> me
<ZZTRaider> to box
<[Fury]Nightmyre> Anywho - Okay so you're jerle
<ZZTRaider> now
<[Fury]Nightmyre> does that have any actual effect?
<[Fury]Nightmyre> you'll still be leading right?
<ZZTRaider> I'm not in the box yet.
<Malhavoc> I'm telling you this because rumors were getting out of hand.
<ZZTRaider> box. now.
<[Fury]Nightmyre> it was actually all just a big joke to us
<[Fury]Nightmyre> i mean we had our suspiciouns naturally
<[Fury]Nightmyre> but we weren't being serious for the most part
* Malhavoc thinks you know the consequences of what would happen if everyone in the game knew.
<[Fury]Nightmyre> you should know though that alot of people do suspect it also mal
<[Fury]Nightmyre> its not just us
<ZZTRaider> I'll tell everyone if I dont' appear in the box!
<zer0das> or should we say jerle o_O
<ZZTRaider> </idle threat>
<ZZTRaider> omg
<ZZTRaider> omg
<ZZTRaider> omg
<zer0das> hm
<zer0das> im not in the box yet either
<[Fury]Nightmyre> QUIET ZZT
<[Fury]Nightmyre> -_-
<`Max`> r u serious?
<Malhavoc> I know a there are several people who suspect.
<ZZTRaider> Sector
<ZZTRaider> 43000
<ZZTRaider> The Box
<ZZTRaider> Gravity Well
<ZZTRaider> 60% Visibility
<ZZTRaider> !!!
<[Fury]Nightmyre> you know
<[Fury]Nightmyre> its perfectly possible that you could be still playing with our heads
<ZZTRaider> no myre
<ZZTRaider> it's not
<Malhavoc> Log in.
<ZZTRaider> you want a screen shot?
<[Fury]Nightmyre> jerle could be online and warping you in ZZT
<zer0das> send me to the box
<Solace> Me too. :P
<zer0das> and ill believe you
<[Fury]Nightmyre> yes im in the box
* ZZTRaider waves at myre
<[Fury]Nightmyre> i see that
<[Fury]Nightmyre> but i also know that 'jerle' is online right now too
<zer0das> have some love :p
<Malhavoc> I've held off letting you guys know because the moment you did, it changes some things forever.
<zer0das> no firsthand proof :/
* ZZTRaider is about to puke from "wow factor"
<`Max`> well there goes my hostile takeover of fury
<Solace> lol
<Malhavoc> However, some things are not changing, at least not yet.  I am still leader of this alliance.
<[Fury]Nightmyre> solace did you know ?
<Solace> no.
<[Fury]Nightmyre> you don't seem to be as surprised
* ZZTRaider has screenies to those of you not in the box
<zer0das> mmm
<Solace> I'm surprised... but it doesn't change much for me.
 [Editor's note -- COMPLETE bullshit]
<Malhavoc> z0r, in 3 seconds, you will appear to explode
<Solace> He's still Mal. :P
<[Fury]Nightmyre> rofl
<zer0das> cool
<[Fury]Nightmyre> famous death screen faking
<zer0das> o_O
<zer0das> well hot dang
<[Fury]Nightmyre> okay
<[Fury]Nightmyre> Mal
<[Fury]Nightmyre> whats your job?
<Malhavoc> I imagined Solace would take the news rather calmly.
<zer0das> did ciralin know? :o
<[Fury]Ciralin> eh?
<Solace> lol
<[Fury]Ciralin> welll.... kinda
<Malhavoc> Anway.  I believe I've demonstrated sufficient magic for the evening to convince you?
<[Fury]Nightmyre> tell me your job :)
<Solace> heh
<Malhavoc> Aa I said, I would like it if you kept this to yourselves for the moment.  And you will still adress me as you would before.
<[Fury]Nightmyre> yah of course
<ZZTRaider> wait, Mal, one last thing to convince me
<Malhavoc> Jerle is 'another person'.  You don't bring his issues to me.
<ZZTRaider> what did I web board PM you about flaks?
<[Fury]Nightmyre> okay
<zer0das> this is pretty weird..
<[Fury]Nightmyre> just tell me what your job is mal :)
<[Fury]Nightmyre> thats all i need
<Malhavoc> Job?  In the real world?
<[Fury]Nightmyre> yes
<Malhavoc> Software Developer.
* ZZTRaider points to his webboard PM question
<[Fury]Nightmyre> alright that works for me
<Solace> heh
<Malhavoc> You never sent me a web board PM.  Blah did.
<ZZTRaider> not true.
<Malhavoc> nm, there it is
<zer0das> angels among men :o
<Malhavoc> Blah and I came up with this shortly after you left IRC...
<Malhavoc> "Recent advances in flak technology has resulted in much more efficient material for the shrapnel. As such, it pierces shields with relative ease, though is still unable to heavily damage the thick hulls of traditional ships. Unfortunately, due to the mass of this new material, a much more powerful cannon is required, limiting it's use to ports."
<Malhavoc> Should fill the gap.. =)
* ZZTRaider dies.
<[Fury]Nightmyre> lol
<zer0das> i remember that
<Solace> sheesh
<[Fury]Nightmyre> okay so that settles that
<Solace> Talk about a surprise.
<[Fury]Nightmyre> anywho
<ZZTRaider> yes z0r, but Mal, as a seperate entity, wouldn't know about that
<[Fury]Nightmyre> any other issues for next round left to discuss?
<zer0das> yeah, i know
<[Fury]Nightmyre> we've got our round start plan
<Solace> I think we've covered most of 'em.
<Malhavoc> One other thing I'd like to clear up:
<[Fury]Nightmyre> how are we planning on handling the beginning of the game ?
<Malhavoc> I play legally.  No magic.
<[Fury]Nightmyre> k you first
<Solace> We know that Mal.
<zer0das> yeah
<[Fury]Nightmyre> hehe
<Malhavoc> My success is the result of my experience.  Not using admin powers.
<ZZTRaider> Of course, Mal, but who knows a system better than it's creator and maintainer?
<[Fury]Nightmyre> fair enough
<zer0das> and that too
<ZZTRaider> Sol has questioned to me how your designs, that look like they shouldn't work, do.
<[Fury]Nightmyre> oh well
<ZZTRaider> it makes sense to me now.
<Malhavoc> lol
<ZZTRaider> this is better than being raided out.
<ZZTRaider> ^_^
<zer0das> indeed
<[Fury]Nightmyre> lol
<[Fury]Nightmyre> anywho
<[Fury]Nightmyre> so mal=jerle settled now
<Malhavoc> Anyway.  Now if any more rumors start, would you guys kindly deflect them?
<[Fury]Nightmyre> sure
<Malhavoc> Or at least not participate?
<zer0das> never have
<zer0das> they seem too helios conspiratory like..
<[Fury]Nightmyre> heheh
<[Fury]Nightmyre> i'll deflect em
<[Fury]Nightmyre> i'm involved in most of em in any case ;)
* Malhavoc does find it amusing some of his conversations he's had with myre though
<[Fury]Nightmyre> >.>
<Malhavoc> My favorite one was 'delete the message so Jerle can't read it'
<[Fury]Nightmyre> yes yes that was actually rather well done on your part
<zer0das> rofl
<[Fury]Nightmyre> i think the best one was the one where you were asking me about a suggestion for jerle
<[Fury]Nightmyre> that was almost flawless
<[Fury]Nightmyre> except for the timing
<[Fury]Nightmyre> i didnt notice at the time that you had brought it up rather soon after you found out about that quote from me in seda's quit message
<[Fury]Nightmyre> if you had waited a few days :)
<ZZTRaider> Mal- how far do we extend this? can I pm you about planets and stuff, long as nobody sees any of it?
<Malhavoc> Myre:  I actually orchestrated several things earlier on.  Like chewing you (and myself) out over the ship names?
<zer0das> omg
<zer0das> :O
<Solace> lol
* Malhavoc has only ever had both halves of his ID in a channel together twice.
<Malhavoc> It's not something I do lightly.
<Malhavoc> Too ganerous.
<Solace> Or dangerous even?
<[Fury]Nightmyre> yeah
<ZZTRaider> go go lysdexia!
<[Fury]Nightmyre> well i recall the one
<[Fury]Nightmyre> where you were 'both' in public
<[Fury]Nightmyre> about the shipnames
<[Fury]Nightmyre> was the other time before i was around ?
<[Fury]Nightmyre> 'cause i don't recall it
<Malhavoc> Yes.
<[Fury]Nightmyre> i have a feeling
<Malhavoc> The time I jumped and killed 5 ships on my own
<[Fury]Nightmyre> it was something to do with FE
<[Fury]Nightmyre> oh okay
<[Fury]Nightmyre> haha
<[Fury]Nightmyre> what did you have to do ?
<Malhavoc> LMA bust-up last round...good times.
<Malhavoc> They were all 30 levels lower than me.
<zer0das> hehe
<[Fury]Nightmyre> lol
<[Fury]Nightmyre> LMA ... i very vaguely remember them being a newbie alliance
<[Fury]Nightmyre> but only very vaguely
* Malhavoc charged in and should have died, but survived with 200 armor.
<[Fury]Nightmyre> i was pretty newbish at the time
<Malhavoc> ZZT:  As far as you can extend this, I outlined that above.
<Malhavoc> Malhavoc is a seperate entity.
<Malhavoc> This is the only time I plan to reference the subject.

(PM With Malhavoc)

<Solace> This is not an elaborate joke?
<Malhavoc> No.
<Solace> k.
<Malhavoc> You should know me well enough now that I don't pull off jokes to that scale.
<Solace> Just making sure. :)
<Malhavoc> :)  I'd wanted to create an alliance for a long time.
<Malhavoc> But as an admin I can't.
<Malhavoc> I mean, look at political discussions.  Do you know how loud Greven would be whining if he knew who I was?
<Solace> heh
<Malhavoc> One thing I need to tell you though.
<Malhavoc> This is for your ears alone.
<Malhavoc> I will not be around much longer.
<Solace> How long is much longer?
<Malhavoc> 4 weeks.
<Malhavoc> I'll see Fury get off the ground.  Then I fade into the shadows.
<Malhavoc> And you will be the leader.
<Solace> As Jerle or as Malhavoc? Or both?
<Malhavoc> Both.  I'm leaving TDZK for a while for a long trip.
<Solace> Will you be back?
<Malhavoc> Eventually. :)  But I'll be gone for 2 years.
<Solace> ah.
<Solace> wow.... this is really a lot to absorb
<Malhavoc> I'll be able to check email and stuff occasionally during that time, so you might see me around a little, but Malhavoc will no longer exist, and Jerle will be inactive as an admin.
* Solace shudders
<Solace> I'd like to think I could continue what you started....
<Solace> mmmmm
<Malhavoc> You will.  You're liked-mided with me in most matters.
<Malhavoc> The important thing to remember is rely on your subordinates.
<Malhavoc> Or you'll kill yourself
<Solace> yeah..
<Solace> yeah, need time for this to sink in.
<Malhavoc> :)  You'll get used to the idea.
<Malhavoc> I may not be quite who you thought I was, but I'm the same person I was an hour ago.
<Solace> I know that.
<Solace> I haven't dealt with Jerle much. Just that once when he yelled at me abuot Tomcio. :P
<Solace> And then I talked about it with you...
<Malhavoc> Heh.
<Malhavoc> Classic good guy/bad guy routine.
* Malhavoc put in special effort to muddle most of your heads about the possibility.
<Solace> Why did you tell us tonight?
<Malhavoc> A few reasons.  First, as I just told you, but don't want other's to know quite yet, is that I'm not going to be around much longer.
<Malhavoc> You deserved to know.
* Malhavoc was planning to do this at the end of the round ever since this one started.
<Malhavoc> Second, the Mal=Jerle rumors were getting out of hand.
<Malhavoc> Those guys in there said they didn't really believe it.
<Malhavoc> But I think deep down, part of them did.
<Malhavoc> Repeated, light jokes often reveal something about a person's inside feelings.
<Malhavoc> And regardless of it they did or didn't, those kind of rumors were fairly damaging if they were discussed with others.
<Malhavoc> Malhavoc is reclusive.  He is for good reason.
<Solace> yeah
<Solace> Well, I'm going to go let this all sink in...
<Solace> 'night Mal.
<Malhavoc> Night. :)  Talk to you later.