2.1. ASx Raid Disruption Recap

Well, this was interesting.

It started off with me getting a ping from an A.S.S guy, Kane, in 15k. I got a shot off at his battleship, but he got away, and warped into 23019. I called on Nightmyre to come. We camped the station, and when he came out, we killed him.

We were getting a ton of pings of various A.S.S ships moving through the system to 22k. It was obvious they had some sort of operation planned for 22k, so ToMa, Nightmyre and I set out to see if we could get ourselves some kills. With ATMs help, we located a group of A.S.S guys in a 22k port. We couldn't find any raiders to raid them out, but it was no matter because they all left and moved too quickly for us to trigger on them.

We took to camping the 23k jump nodes, as more and more A.S.S ships came and went through the system. Eventually we learned they were planning a planet raid on the MM planet. It was also very confusing, because there were so many ships moving through the jump nodes, usually too fast for us to get a volley off. Through various encounters I picked off a RC. There was also a short battle at the jump node, in which Myre and I were nearly killed by fusion torpedos. However, this threw a monkey wrench in their plans because it meant they had to go re-load their suiciders. :) Then we killed another RC. They decided to put an end to the thing, and swarmed us at the jump node. It was a short battle, as we were way out numbered. However, we took one of their escorts down with us.  :)

In the end..... (a message to Nightmyre)

[i]07/30/03 19:30:38 EDT from Dolmaniac (4888)
Got to hand it to you... you guys really managed to fuck up our raid... MM better really thank you guys.
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[b]Nightmyre (30) piloting [Fury] Wrath of the Gods destroyed A.S.x The Immorta..., owned by Kane (231), in Sector 23019.

Solace (14) piloting [Fury] Mirage destroyed A.S.S.Shadow, owned by darkhitman (2013), in Sector 23006.

Merfolkus (795) piloting A.S.S. Sorvegliare destroyed [Fury] Shazbot, owned by Ghost (1505), in Sector 23006.

Nightmyre (30) piloting [Fury] Wrath of the Gods destroyed A.S.x \.|..-('~..., owned by noobcon (5000), in Sector 23006.

LotD (241) piloting ASS FU/NA for Life destroyed [FURY] Nymph, owned by ToMa (1119), in Sector 23006.

LotD (241) piloting ASS FU/NA for Life destroyed [Fury] Mirage, owned by Solace (14), in Sector 23006.

Solace (14) piloting [Fury] Mirage destroyed A.S.S. Rome, owned by pompei (1352), in Sector 23006.

Andrew the Mighty (119) piloting G.C.S.S. Corsair Flagship - Khayr al Din destroyed Legion, owned by caesar (3217), in Sector 22162.[/b]

We lost three ships (ToMa, me, Ghost) and killed four. ATM from GC killed a fifth. More importantly we managed to screw up their raid for now. :)