2.1. Leader Analysis


I'm a little nervous about posting this because of the grilling i may get as an aftermath. I have only done two so far, and depending on peoples reactions i may finish :P. Just know this that ALL OF THIS is mean't in a light hearted way and NONE is to be taken seriously. I apologise to both Malhavoc and Solace for this :/. Plus i was bored.

NOTE to Nightmyre: I have already considered my use of Language mocked before hand, no further comment is needed.

Malhavoc: Malhavoc is the only leader of Fury that I know, which can successfully give you a one-word answer to a question that would usually require a detailed response. When speaking he seems to limited to very few responses, including; “Yes.” “No.” “*Malhavoc nods”, so that when asking questions you tend to have to rearrange them making them more suitable for one-worded responses after all, 2 words is a rare treat… and a sentence! Only few are blessed. Due to this fact conversations are short and often end with him leaving IRC with no bye and more so than not, an unanswered question.

Solace: Unlike Malhavoc, Solace is less direct, when speaking to him he seems to build up to his question by general chat. Whereas more direct people would just ask for money, Solace explains a situation and within this explanation gives his subliminal question e.g. “We will be needing close to 50bil for this upcoming op. so we really need to start getting money” (not a direct quote just an example). Although pleasant in conversation did not like his appointed role as fury’s surrogate female and responded with a simple “No.” Taking a somewhat more direct response. When discussing Solace with Happy an interesting point was made by Happy: "Solace is of undetermined gender...while professing to be male, he also has volunteered to have Myre's baby...” Make of this as you will :/.

Nightmyre: There should be a lot to say, but I can’t really think of anything. From what I’ve heard Nightmyre seems to have shown himself to be the true ‘Happy Little Drunk’ after logging on numerous times to find people talking about how pissed he was the night before. As for IRC, it’s usually me asking the questions, with raiding being the main topic. He seems helpful up until the point you get a message after completing a rather unsuccessful raid, reading “j00 suxx0rz!!” and there was me thinking leaders were there to offer encouragement, guidance and teach us… maybe I was just wrong. There’s also the case of him constantly mocking my use of language, judging by how hard it is to get answers out of Malhavoc and Solace (sometimes), I conclude that Nightmyre has way to much time on his hands for a sub commander of Fury, maybe he should actually start recruiting people like he was told like a good little boy :P.

Zer0das: Zer0das, Zer0das, Zer0das… so keen to be analysed. Where to start: Probably the obvious point to Zer0das is how slow he truly is. I have not been the only one to pick up on this; the most recent prime example of his sluggish realisation times was the time Sparky, after been podded, joined GC; and almost 24 hours later, zer0das logs on bragging that “Sparky’s in GC” which at this time was in most peoples common knowledge. Is this a good leadership quality? Hmmm outcome looks doubtful. Also, from what I have seen, it seems that Zer0das has tendencies to nap for 90% of the time he is online; which again is not very helpful when someone needs a leaders assistance and logs into IRC only to find “<zer0das|napping>”, the ‘ever-drunk Nightmyre’, the ‘one-worded-wonder Malhavoc’ and last but not least ‘Subliminal Solace’. Admittedly Zer0das does have one quality that sets him above the rest; that is the ability to be podded at high levels. Once zer0das gains his levels and buys his ship he seems to be a magnet to hunt packs and raid fleets, which doesn’t help newbie moral seeing one of there leaders podded.


meh, im in this too(i was there when he made his)
keep in mind, mine suck since im drcool and loved by jerle(right myre?)

Malhavoc-"how did that person get leadership?"~any new member of fury
Malhavoc, maybe the most secretive leader of all time, Malhavoc must be the on leader I know, seeing as how he is never on IRC. He does however claim to be on in the mornings, yet no one else is on when he is. Malhavoc, while seeming standoffish to newbies, is actually cool and "nice". While he responds with one-word responses, there is a reason for it. For those who do not know, mal does not know how to formulate sentences well unless he tries. He only tries for those that matter (example: Happy). In a nut shell, Mal is really just a nice guy who can't speak well and treats girls better than guys.

Solace-"Wow, if i knew he was here i wouldn't have joined" ~any newbie member of fury
Polar opposite of mal, this extrovert is the leader of the second wing (which makes since, and I don't think mal can take that much of sol anyway). Solace is truly a unique person, notice I used person instead of a gender. See, for anyone who doesn't know, solace is our new regent female without the genitalia. Solace, even though he leaves and rejoins on the flip of the wind, is constantly on IRC making people laugh. He has a knack for making people enjoy life with his unwitty remarks and CONSTANT USE of :o(I’m serious people, 18 times he can use it within one thought).
Quote of the day for solace: "<Revan> hey Solace, you smell"

Nightmyre- "does this guy live on the internet, or is the computer attatches to his hip?"~any new fury irc user
Nightmyre, generally reffered to as "myre" has to be the single most active user to ever grace the red tag of fury. There are nihilogic programers that don't stay on as much as he does. Myre, along with solace, has also adopted the OLD British phrase of "wench", which he seems to use regardless if he likes you or not. Myre, as our resident ship builder, also decides on the whim to just give away certain ship designs. Not only does he give away ship designs, but he exposes certain member's relationships with administrators. Thus, making him unwanted by some. Yet, when he is seeked by new members for help, he cannot help those aspiring to be great. Myre also is a huge drunk, and addicted to alcohol(for more, look below for the links) However, if you can catch myre online and not drunk and you don't act like an idiot or make any grammtical mistakes, you can simply make fun of his constant use of "wench" and :o. And for those of you that have decided i was lazy and copied solace's review for this one, please take note that myre copies solace to the tee, so there isn't that much different except ship designing and being on 28/7(yes, 28)


other funny quotes made by myre