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Round Recap / Memories




Round Recap / Memories


Well, the round's almost over and I've had a blast, for sure. Thought it might be interesting to have a thread where people could recap the round and post their most interesting experiences / favorite memories of the round.

For myself,

1. The big jump on the Rens raid in the racials. I didn't participate because I'd taken a pod (to Rens) the day before, but I was watching on IRC. Great fun.

2. Trading shots with John the Rock in 23k, early in the round. He'd been killing some of our traders there earlier, and ZZT and I were trying to kill him. I kept getting seperated from ZZT and finding myself IS with him. We'd both trade a few shots, run, and repair. This happened several times before ZZT and I finally managed to catch him 2v1 over the station.

3. Our first level 50 port raid. Done with 6 swarms and 4 TTPWs, and a beautiful 15 minute raid with that sort of weaponry.

4. The really big jump on the SH fleet camping Crimson. Though we ended up getting slaughtered on their levels, was an interesting experience to scamble so many people into warbirds and attemt such a risky jump. I remember the entire top half of the F2 roster being online.

5. Mal and I podding Greven in 31k.

6. Genocide solo jumping three of us as we escorted a HOLY raid. Me triggering and getting the kill. :) Then the resulting flood of curses and insults as he came to whine in the public channel.

7. Numerous escapes in 1v1 combat that ended with me running away at under /5. And a few the other way around. :)

8. Myre, ToMa, Ghost and I causing havoc with the attempted ASx planet raid in 22k. We killed a bunch of RCs, suiciders, and a couple escorts before they finally managed to swarm us at the node. Completely screwed up their plans and made them cancel the raid. :)

9. Triggering on a high level 0/5 ID wraith resourcer in 26k and NOT KILLING HIM. I'd needed so many scouts to see him consistantly that my drones did no damage and I missed with just enough weapons that he survived. Very embarrasing. :P

10. A brief hunting stint in 26k and being delighted at how many high level, fat targets there were busily trading and resourcing away. Made several billion off hunting there before I relocated. :)

Side note: I've had a great time this round. I couldn't ask for a better crew of people to fly with, and I'm honored to be a part of a group of such fine new players. I'm very proud of what we've done this round.

That said, what're YOUR memories?

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Re: Round Recap / Memories


1. Jumping Darkforse with assorted Tpx escorts and a high level SH kit with Zzt. First real hunter experience and a tremendous one at that. End result: Two dead tpx escorts, one dead SH, one dead raider. That was probably the best jump of the round that I've been in... outnumbered and still mauled them. Lots of newbish mistakes in hindisght, but if they weren't made then there would have been less genocide. :D

2. Sabateour triggering on Zzt and getting mauled. Not much personal involvement here, but this wins the comic relief award. It would have been funnier if Greven hadn't been such an arse about it.

3. Ignorance camping Max, Sol trying to kill him but failing to fool him, while on my first try I came in and mauled him after he triggered on Max. >:D

4. Droning DA to death, followed by droning SH. Also clearing drones in general, especially in Asx land (hehe...). I didn't enjoy at the time, but in hindsight it's quite a bit of fun. Especially worth noting was driving John Doe insane and almost getting him killed by Iccyh and Sven.

5. Solace getting killed by Sixes and some other tpx guy... while Ghost and me escape nearly unscathed after blowing them up. Is it possible to have any worse luck?

6. Working with STS. Who would have thought? Very rough on the edges at first but it smoothed out near the end. On a similar note, Wonks being a doomsday prophet and actually being right (these people are supposed to be crazy, what is the world coming to >.>).

7. Selling the raiders after every op and then rebuying them, followed closely by pirating the raiders. Okay, so I thought Myre was a complete idiot when he suggested the second one. I still do... :o

8. Malhavoc guarding me when I got stuck in space early in the round. In general Dathkara being womblike in the earlier stages of the game. I grew up there from a little sniv to a great big one... *sniffles*

9. Malhavoc taking rping a bit too far while stuck at a port during a layover. :P

10. Killing 3 low level newbs in our very first raids. Wasn't that significant, but they were my first kills dang it and I was happy and proud.

11. Ghost getting raided out of 26k after having stayed docked there for weeks, then dying twice in two days as a raider. Someone slap some sense into the kid please.

12. Being the high and mighty level 68 sniv in a cheap ship. Yes, z0r can be quite the trade whore. A cheap ship but a good one. I had a ton of fun while I was in that thing, twas a shame I was raided out. My previously learned hunting skills and my experience really paid off here and came together nicely, I thought.

13. Ship building in 30 minutes under the nose of SH. That almost gave me a heart attack.

That's all I can think of at the moment. I'll probably be trying to compile a Fury history of the round in the coming days. No school and all. :O

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Re: Round Recap / Memories

Mandarina Guardians.Squee\'sfan.

hmmmmmine must be: destroying 7 members of 1 alliance in a week and then destroying one of them 3 times in 3 days :d i wont say which alliance

12/19/03 13:56:47 EST




Re: Round Recap / Memories


Not much by me but...:
1. My first alliance, TNT, and a great time spent w/ hype learining to trade and the basics. However, the most important thing was realising that tdzk is 80% irc ;]
2. Some good time in FX. nice ppl.
3. Finaly in Fury ;] beeing #1 queelar player in exp for some time (yay! ^_^) my first hunting expirinces.
4. pod pod pod... while building a ship, lags, etc... generally bad luck :///
5. Banzaiiii, i.e. suicide missions during an op. Waiting till 6 AM for someone from sts to appear while complaing to myre "i wanna go sleep" :P ... and than it turns out myre forgetting about the station not being in a nebula and giving me a wrong design, which results in my fruitless crash against the port.
well, better luck next round for me ^^'

12/19/03 16:13:23 EST




Re: Round Recap / Memories

Awakening Dreamszztraider

1. The already mentioned raid jump with zer0das. That was fun =P

2. The Saboteur thing. The poor guy killed about 30 of my combat drones.

3. Finding out that Genocide apparrently respects me because I'm not like him =P

4. Begging Sol to make me a subcom.

5. Becoming a subcom. =D

12/19/03 16:55:20 EST




Re: Round Recap / Memories



1) Goes back to the ole' ir days. For any of you that know, beburos got me into the game. I'll never forget the day he tried to teach me(and he's horrible at that) and told me "i can't talk, ir is having an emergency" and the notices/news were completely empty.

2) still in ir days(fury is coming, i assure ye). My very first repping job, bonsai taking on a level 11 port. He had the faith in me to keep him alive, and ill never forget him. Great leader he was.

3) (first fury one). Max and i coming to the mutual opinion that i'd do better in fury. I'd repped for fury before, and even caused the mauling of the entire raid team>.<(someone did something bad, and triggered more than once, i repped him like i was supposed to, all i remember was that it was the first time jerle mentioned my name in public^_~). That goes out to max:D.

4) my first lvl 50 raid by myself in fury. I will NEVER do another 2 and a half hour raid if i can help it. That was the worst raid, including the first sts on "spam rep, its more efficient".

5) IRC @ Myre. That is all i can say to explain it. I know i've made myre pull his own hair out with my stupid ideas, but yet everytime he made a better impact on me, and made me decent in what i do.

6) back to the start of the round. Me owning 21202, and making it damn hard to take. Rens put 3 suiciders, and the planet killed 2 of their raiders. LOF owns it now, went by there only to found out ren actually wasted turns destroying stuff:D

7) the sh war. Alot better than the sts war in ir. We stood up for something that was right, and won. Best time i've had, too bad it happened to late.

and thanks to fury, for the time i've had

may more to come

/me opens up cookie and egg nog stand

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Re: Round Recap / Memories


1. ASX raid in 22k that we shut down. most fun i've had all round.

2. SH raid that we jumped in 14k. second most fun.

3. Roulette raiding the SH planets and then later the level 50 ports.

4. killing gornak with max

5. the rest of the stuff

12/19/03 18:37:26 EST




Re: Round Recap / Memories


1. getting a msg from malhavoc asking if i wanted to join fury, then him screwing up on the alliance password and having to change it lol.

2. getting tossed into an RC, a practice rep, then becoming loved and praised for my exceedingly fast repping.

3. "am i participating in the raid? i havn't been damaged yet..." - favourite line from raiders lol, heard that a few times.

4. being able to rant to drcool about all the bullshit and gay crap that happened on this and that day, and him often sharing my feelings.

5. regret: not saying 'fuck you' to JoS when he said 'spam rep, it's more efficient'. only reason i didn't was in the interest of alliance co-operation

6. not knowing there was a 'board' button for a while.

7. my cash spree: 11 bill in almost 4 days

8. learning the fundamentals of raiding from zzt, and making my planet design program due to the comment: 'planets suck, they are easy to bust', then making a 300 bill design that works well.

9. writing a group combat simulator for 2.2 [it's working!! just some 'minor' additions to make, drones, auras, emp/power drain, and defense equips]

10. podding one of Artur's sui's [well, zippy got the pod but i got the trigger]

11. *huggles*

12/20/03 00:46:48 EST




Re: Round Recap / Memories


Note that mine are slightly biased coming from an old rene pilot

1. Making lvl 54. Highest lvl I've attained in 4 rounds. Previous highest lvl was 34 (in 1.0), almost lvl 35, but died straight away and went warbirding at lvl 30 :P

2. The desire to watch Fury burn as they did the Rene racial jump (damn you :P )

3. Neutral mining around Mr Mago's port when he was a trader. He died. The next day another high level SG also flew into the mines. Much laughter and lots of hatemail.

4. RCing in my starting frigate. Then selling it a day later relising that getting a carrier would be easier.

5. Wolfi for Emporor

6. Wolfi, James, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc retiring (It sucks royally when almost everyone you've known for the past 2 years leaves)

7. Learning to hate ToMa all over again when he kept visiting 19/16k (for those that don't know, I avoided ToMa in 1k last round. He even layed scouts in my resource spots).

I'm sure there's more, but my memory sucks at the best of times.

12/20/03 05:29:13 EST




Re: Round Recap / Memories


1) Starting TDZK.. Thanks again, ZZT.

2) Fury. In general.

3) My stint in Baltica... enough said. One to remember not to make the same mistake, at least.

4,5) Soloraiding, Hunting, but not RCing ;)

6) My first (12bil) hunter getting destroyed by a level 70 AL before I got to use it.

7) Hunting with Mouse (namely MadMatt, Mini Me)

8) Various raids... Some good, some bad, but all enjoyable.

9) The rene war, was lots of fun

10) SH war > rene war

11) That it took SH 3 tries to raid me out.

12) That DJ_Adi didn't even get the kill :)

12/20/03 18:57:57 EST




Re: Round Recap / Memories


4. being able to rant to drcool about all the bullshit and gay crap that happened on this and that day, and him often sharing my feelings.

5. regret: not saying 'fuck you' to JoS when he said 'spam rep, it's more efficient'. only reason i didn't was in the interest of alliance co-operation

that is shared blah, i mean COMPLETELY shared blah

blah's been one great friend, and i wont abandon him for the rest of my time in tdzk, or anywhere else^_~

12/20/03 19:03:49 EST




Re: Round Recap / Memories



1)Joining FURY this round after serving with Mal in Shadow Knights last round :-).

2) Attempting to RC for one raid

3) Getting yelled at, beaten with trouts, and screaming at Ghost in IRC (after he pulled me into a raid while i was in my pirating ranger)

3.33) Getting upset illogically with Nightmyre and drcool for no apparent reason

3.67) rantings about ship designs late in the round with ZZT :-P

4) My pirating rangers 1 and 2...1) Before Ghost killed me i got 3 pirates....2) before getting raped by a happy-go-lucky hunter in 10k

5) The Evil Conspiracy of the Day thread

6) my stupid story on the TDZK webboards

7) getting, and still being banned from #tdzk by IcyChick

8) changing my shipname into Polish

9) reaching lvl 49...the highest i have ever reached...
-9) being reduced from lvl 49 to lvl 38 in a matter of 2 hours

10) meeting all the lovely people in this alliance :-D
see ya's next round

12/21/03 00:01:23 EST




Re: Round Recap / Memories


1) Created my own alliance at the beginning of the round. Ended up having to disband due to pissinig off LOF and them taking bounties out on a lot of us.

2) Joined EV... Nightmare.

3) Decided to quit the game, and was invited to Black Knights by MacBane.

4) Joined BK, became a subcom after a while, and protected and taught the little guys. Learned how to solo hunt.

5) Got the bounty reward on one of my former alliance mates. THAT WAS FUN!!!!

6) BK disbanded due to RL things... got tons of invites, and chose Fury.

7) Got to bring in more friends from GA. Learn how to escort, and ask a ton of questions... and no one told me to shut up. Which was very nice.

8) Don't remember specifics about kills, etc. It's a lot of fun to hunt by myself, but even better with Rental. Although I never get the kills. :(

9) Meeting all of the people in Fury... you guys are really great people, and if your active in IRC, you should say so. lol That way I don't air all my problems there with everyone watching. lol

12/21/03 11:11:29 EST




Re: Round Recap / Memories


1) ressing my way to level 50 in 23k

2) serving as bait to try to lure octaire out for zzt and agito.. he didn't come out, but he got his friend (ned flanders) to come, and we got him :)

3) raiding my first port.. it was a level 50 :)

4)raiding all four of our planets back from the rens in one night

5) the two-hour fury/gc raid.. ugh, it was a disaster. just before the port fell, the target logged on and left.. heh.

6) ressing my way to level 62 in two weeks

7) raiding a bunch (4 or 5) of SH planets in one night

8) taking my first podride in one of myre's raids

9) getting my first kill (with help from zzt).. it was Laszlo

Fury has become like a family to me, there's way too many nice people in here for me to ever think of leaving

12/21/03 12:36:25 EST




Re: Round Recap / Memories


lol for me some must include...

being in 3 different alliances this round

the raids,even the one that got me killed

all the pm's i got while i was high lvl zallun without a tag

Zippy dragging me all over the galaxy

just being in irc with you guys,its usually quite entertaining

well thats enough from me,its been good cruising with you guys hope i am invited back

Good Fortunes and Long Life

12/21/03 21:46:34 EST




Re: Round Recap / Memories


1. same as glive, being in 3 alliances this round
2. learning a lot about this game
3. raiding SH out of lvl 50 ports
4. takin over a couple of SH planets
5. gettin up to lvl 50

12/22/03 09:03:53 EST




Re: Round Recap / Memories


1. Being kicked from Fury for inactivity by the great and honorable Solace
2. Joining CoG after that and finding out the benefits and luxuries i had in FUry were now gone in being in a newb alliance
3. Re-joining Fury as an RC
4. Being the #1 cash whore in Fury for the majority of the round
5. RCing GC raids and Fury raids
6. Hunting with Agito in my RC and getting my ass whooped by dronestroyers
7. Restarting as a Kitaran and getting in an RC again
8. Pinging almost every FX drone and being jumped by 6 of them at the node and survive with a /2 rating
9. Begging to be an Op in the private room
10. Becoming the only op for one night with COMPLETE power, MWAHAHA
11. lets see......19 pods
12. doing all 11 above on dial-up =P

12/22/03 16:27:31 EST



Zippy the Space Ace

Re: Round Recap / Memories

Fury.Zippy the Space Ace

1) hitting the wrong port........1st pod

2) the 14K jump of SH............2nd pod

3) A level 5 port jumping me and handing me my 4th.

4) Fury members are great.

5) hitting #20 in the kill rankings( till i started raiding)

6) Having the most kills in the alliance [go me ;) ] and keeping a decent Kavg. - 20 is about average