2.1. New Member Orientation

New Member Orientation - Important


As we've been getting a bunch of new players in the alliance, I figured I'd write an introduction of things you should know about the alliance. First off, welcome to Fury. We're glad to have you with us, and we expect great things from you.

A bit about us:
Fury was started last round by Malhavoc under the name of Shadow Knights. Despite a successful war against the drastically larger LoF of next round, SK was a small, low profile alliance that failed to make a large mark upon the game. However, last rounds SK formed the basis for this rounds Fury, where we've established ourselves as a player in the game. As one of the newest "big" alliances in TDZK, we still consistently play the role of the underdog. However, with our good friends GC, Fury is here to stay.

Fury is divided into two wings: F1, lead by Malhavoc, is a raider wing and consists of primarily Zalluns and Tamarans. F2, lead by myself, is a hunter wing and consists of the rest of the races. The hunter/raider split is primarily to take advantage of our treaties with GC and strengthen our joint operations. Malhavoc is the overall leader of the alliance.

The sub commanders in F2 are ZZTRaider and zer0das
The sub commanders in F1 are Nightmyre, Ciralin, ToMa, and Max.

Both leaders and sub commanders are denoted by ops in #fury.

Being active on IRC is a vital part of being in the alliance. This is partially for practical reasons: scrambling hunters for a spontaneous group operation, or giving and receiving warnings quickly. But more importantly, being active in IRC gets you involved in the Fury community: You get to know your alliance mates, make new friends, and appreciate the people in the alliance. We want to get to know you, help you, and simply provide a welcoming environment for you to have fun in. So, a good habit to get into is to simply log onto IRC whenever you'll be on TDZK (or even online) for long. It's easy to do and doesn't take long, and is well worth it if you want to receive all the true benefits of being in Fury.

The IRC server is nihilogic.dk or alternately vjtd3.com. Our private IRC channel is #fury. This channel is key protected; the password is always kept updated on the message from the leader on the alliance screen. There are three other IRC channels you should be aware of: #fury-gc (a private channel where Fury/GC members can chat /do ops together), and #fury-hunt / #fury-raid, which are used during major ops for organizational purposes. All three keys are kept updated on the message from the leader.

What we expect from you:
Simply, not only competence, but excellence. Prior experience is good but not necessary; what really counts is a willingness and ability to learn quickly, and an active involvement in the community. New players in the game are expected to excel, to learn to pull their weight. Mistakes are to be learnt from, and simply "getting by" is not what we want. A sense of maturity and a willingness to commit themselves to the alliance are important qualities that we look for -- "alliance hoppers" are NOT welcome.

The ways we evaluate a players performance are fairly easy:
-In game activity. This means logging on every day if possible, and putting actual time into playing.
-Levels. Traders should be climbing up the levels quickly. In lower levels you should gain multiple levels per day.
-IRC activity. Every person in the alliance should be in IRC when on TDZK, even if they don't say anything. It's no coincidence that some of the best and happiest players in the alliance are the ones who are on IRC the most.
-Forum Activity. Be involved! The forums are the place to make yourself heard, learn what's going on in the alliance, and get involved in the community. Read and post.
-AA Donations (discussed later)

If your performance seems to be lacking, you'll get a warning from a leader asking what the problem is and offering help with it. If significant improvement doesn't occur shortly, you may be booted.

What we can offer you:
-A strong alliance. In Fury we try to create an environment in which the goal is for everyone to enjoy themselves. But we are also a fiercely competitive alliance; being a member of Fury means that you are a part of an alliance that makes stuff happen
-Experienced Help. TDZK can be a difficult game to understand when new players are starting out. Often without guidance, they can get bored with it quickly and never play long enough to really appreciate it. As veterans who HAVE played and DO understand what the game has to offer, we hate to see this and we genuinely want to help you get good and have fun. Fury has a large number of longtime players who are more than willing to help you get on the right track. For newbies, this sort of support from the beginning can get them off to a fast start and turn them into great players.
-A place to relax. We’ve got great people to take with on IRC and Fury is a good place to spend your TDZK time.

Alliance Donations
A strong money flow is vital to the success of the alliance. The money comes from one place -- the players. Giving money to the AA is a requirement from ALL players.

Alliance donations are NOT a "tax" or punishment, nor does it go into the pockets of the leaders. There is only one reason we want donations, and that is to help you out. The alliance account is used to help fund warbirds and raiders so the players don't have to pay the entire cost themselves. It is used to help players quickly recover from pods by putting them in a good tradeship right away. All money you put in will end up benefiting you in some way.

Traders are expected to donate 50% of their earnings, to a required max of 400 million a day. What this means is this: If you made 300 million a day, you are expected to donate 150 million of it to the alliance account. If you made 600 million, you are expected to donate 300 million. However, we recognize that saving for a 8 billion dollar warbird can be difficult while donating 50% of your money. Therefore, if you are making over 800 million, you only have to give 400 mil of it, regardless of how much 50% actually is. If you are cash trading for a warbird, you typically make 1.5 billion a day. This rule makes it so that you only give 400 mil to the AA and can keep the other 1.1 billion in your personal account. This keep the AA strong while allowing people to keep a majority of their trading money.

Alliance donations are not optional . However, you don't have to donate every day. Some people don't like to waste turns going to a station after every trading run. You can donate only every few days as long as it stays at 50%.

More money is greatly appreciated, and better donations mean from help from the alliance account for your warships or raiders.

Everyone has problems; Fury is not a perfect alliance, and neither are the leaders. You may have a problem with another person, with the direction of the alliance, or some other personal issue. We want to hear about it so we can fix it.

Please, TALK TO US. Over IRC it is not always apparent that something is wrong in the way that it would be if the conversation were in person. BUT WE CARE. TALK TO A LEADER PRIVATELY. Tell him or her what's on your mind. We will listen without bias, and honestly do our best to help you. As a leader of the alliance I truly care about each and every one of you, and I want to make this work for all of you. Don't sit in silence from weeks as your frustration builds, then leave when it snaps.

So... welcome to Fury. Make yourself known, read the forums, and don't be afraid to talk to the leaders and ask questions. We will do our best to make you successful.