2.1. Tips of the Day

SolaceTip of the Day
Fury.SolaceWell, seeing as we've been getting a lot of members who are new to the game, I thought it might be helpful to some people if I started doing a tip of the day; basic, useful tibits of TDZK knowledge that should be easy to absorb and apply. Hopefully they'll stop new members from making some common mistakes and asking me the same questions over and over again.

JUNE 28 2003

A good tradeship usually has speed and cargo holds as its only upgrades. Never bother with defense, power, weapon, etc. upgrades. You can optionally buy drone hangers to drop scouts, but you must buy them last. Once you decide to buy drone hangers, you're basically deciding you're not going to buy any more speed / cargo holds (unless you downgrade the hangers first). For around 500 million you can get a 30 speed, 1200 hold freighter that can rake in the experience and cash quite quickly.
The only VITAL equipment is the SSJD. Very useful are scanners (to scan for aggies), a drone transponder (in case you do run into aggies), a cloaking device (to decrease your chances of being seen) and optionally a SRG (can help vs hunters). Every one of these has saved me from a pod at least once, but as I said, the only imperative one is the SSJD.
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Solace Re: Tip of the Day 
Fury.Solace JUNE 29 2003

Upgrade order matters. Buying your upgrades out of order will quickly jack up the price of your ship and make the remaining upgrades much more expensive. Thus, it's important to carefully plan out your route so you get the right upgrades first. Upgrades should be in the following order: Tcomps => Cargo/Main Engine/PHPs/SHPs/ => Drone Hangers => All Other Upgrades.

(The idea is to get the most expensive upgrades first because they increase the most with ship level. However, even though TComps are less expensive than Cargo/Engine/xHPs, you would buy them first because they only increase ship level by 5 instead of 10, and this comes to be less expensive overall)
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Solace Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.Solace JUNE 30 2003

You're still shown as online for ten minutes after you log off. Thus, if you're messaging someone and wondering why they're not responding, then get annoyed because it looks like they just logged off without answering you, realise they actually logged off ten minutes ago. This applies to all places in the game that show an online status.
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Solace Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.Solace JULY 1 2003

(Because apparently some people need some reminding)

Normal movement takes: TWO TURNS
Docking (planet or port) takes: TWO TURNS
Using a SSJD takes: TWENTY TURNS (SIXTEEN for Tamaran, EIGHTEEN for Quelaar)
Undocking takes: ONE TURN
Using a jump node takes: TEN TURNS
Movement in a speed aura takes: ONE TURN
Building on the planet takes: TWICE YOUR SPEED IN TURNS
Initiating combat takes: EIGHT TURNS

When you're running low on turns (say, under 100) be very conscious of turn costs so you don't get stuck in open space. More often than not, you'll be killed, espeically if it's near a highly traveled area like a port or a jump node.
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Solace Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.Solace JULY 2 2003

Use the notices! They're not only for hunters to find potential kills; a smart trader will check the news / notices regularily and will probaly save himself from a couple of pods that way. Notices are useful in a few ways:

1) By filtering the nocies to system only, you can get a general idea of what hunters are active in the system. When you're ready to trade, you can do a quick runthrough of who's online to figure out the potential threats and determine whose scout drones you should be avoiding off the bat.
2) You can see if/where people have been dropping stacks of aggy mines, and therefore scan for and avoid them.
3) You can see recent kills by random hunters in the system and check if they're stil active. Several people here could have avoided a pod if they'd done this.

You can also sometimes get an idea of which ports / stations are being frequently raided in the area, andd thus avoid logging off at them. Either way, check the notices consistantly and often.
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Solace Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.Solace JULY 3 2003


This is the number one cause of deaths and the easiest to avoid. Every moment in open space as a trader should be spent doing the tasks necessary to get docked again. You should know exactly what you need to do and click to do it the instant it's possible to do so.

-DON'T read your messages in space.
-DON'T check the new forum post in space.
-DON'T look at the latest news/notices in space.
-DON'T check the who's online list in space.
-DON'T chat on IRC in space.
-DON'T do anything that leaves you idle in space, even if just for a second, under any circumstances.
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Solace Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.Solace JULY 4 2003

Make sure you have a decent chance of docking at a station before attemping to. The way to figure out this chance is as follows:

You have 100% chance of docking at any station within (+ or -) your current alignment. So if you have an alignment of 100, you're certain to be able to get into a station up to align 200 and down to align 0.

For every point AWAY from this 100 point range (+ or -), your chance of docking successfully drops by 1%. Thus, If you were at alignment 100 and you tried to dock at an align 201 station, you'd have a 99% chance. IF you tried to dock at a 250 align station, you've have a 50% chance. If you tried to dock at a -70 align station you'd have a 30% chance.

You can always dock at any neutral (align 0) station, regardless of your own alignment.

Try to aim at having at least a 50% chance of docking before attempting to do so. You don't want to spent more time sitting in space outside a station than you have to.
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Solace Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.Solace JULY 5 2003

Nexus (9k), and Port Concentric in particular, are extremely dangerous places to trade and buy equipment, repsectively. Concentric is attractive to new players because it's neutrally aligned, close to all the racials, and sells everything you need to get a good tradeship. Unfortunately, many veterans know this and relentlessly hunt / camp the system/station. AVOID TRADING IN NEXUS. AVOID BUYING FROM CONCENTRIC.
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Solace Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.Solace JULY 6 2003

http://tdzk.madox.net/ is easily the most useful resource that exists in TDZK. It is excellently fan run and offers two things:

Ship Design Calculator

This calculator lets you design any ship, for any race, and allows you to see it's effectiveness. You should always pre-plan every ship in the Ship Calc before going out to buy it. The calculator assumes you bought everything in the correct order when determining the price.

Station Listing

Simple enough. Shows all the stations in the game and what they sell. Nice for planning out the order in which to buy things for your ship.
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Solace Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.Solace JULY 7 2003

(Allright, sorry I haven't been keeping up to date on these. Some backlog to go through)

Ports refresh at :00 and :30. This means that their goods are changed / restocked, apparently randomly. Often this means that the ports have optimal trading conditions at the refreshes, with many full and empty stacks that allow for maximum cash and experience. Try to time your trading times to be centered around the refreshes. If you can leap on the good deals (extremely high stacks to extremely low ones) before other traders do, you'll make more cash and more exp with less turns. Taking advantages of good routes is what defines a good trader from a bad trader, and what lets the good one level up so much more quickly.
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Solace Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.Solace JULY 8 2003

If you're hunting a trader and he's too fast to pod normally, try dropping a single aggy drone in his flight path. When he comes into the sector he'll run into it. Be aware that aggies can't be dropped at jump nodes or stations, and that they don't attack when a player undocks but only when he moves into that sector. To kill cloaked or higher level players, aggy drones might need some scout drones too, otherwise they could fail to attack. If this happens to you while trading, move as quickly as possible away from the sector. DON'T stop and read the drone combat screen or you'll almost certainly be killed.
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Solace Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.Solace JULY 9 2003

You can learn a lot from the remote examine screen. Say, for example, that you are trading and all of a sudden you see a warship in space. You dock immediately without getting shot at, but you're not sure if it was a coincidental run-in or if the guy is waiting outside for you. You can find out by watching his last activity on the remote examine. Spam the refresh button and watch to see how it corresponds to the actual time. If both are consistantly the same (to the second), this usually means he's camping in space (waiting outside and constantly refreshing), and you can assume he's waiting for you.
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Solace Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.Solace JULY 10 2003

A warship has three "standard" peices of equipment: the SSJD, scanners, and a cloak. SSJD is imperative on all ships, no matter what. Scanners and cloak can can both be exempted if necessary, but they are highly reccommended. The cloak is valuable not only for the init bonus, but for the pure surprise factor and the fact that they can't trigger on you if they can't see you. Scanners are useful for scouting an adjacent sector to see if it's safe (checking the escorts on a raid you're planning on jumping, for example) and for getting better scan checks. Specialised designs that need more unique equipment (such as a PGG, or EToS, for example) can do without the scanners, then the cloak, but in general you should aim to have both of them.
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Solace Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.Solace JULY 11 2003

If you're trading and you see A) new drones or B) a new aura appear in one of the sectors along your route, run and dock immediately. These are almost always signs that a cloaked hunter is in the area trying to stop / kill you. Auras appear on the top left of your display, under the Current Sector information.
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Solace Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.Solace JULY 12 2003

There are many situations in TDZK where you have information you want to look at but you have to move too quickly to read it all. Using the 'open new window' command can be helpful. For example, let's say you're trading and there are lots of scout drones at the port. You want to check to see if the owners are online without staying in space too long. You undock, open the 'move' command in a new window and immediately switch to this new window. You're in the next sector now, and you dock. Now, you can go back to the first window, which still shows you at the previous sector, and can check all the scout drones (by opening them in new windows too, or else you lose the sector screen) at your leisure.

Or say, perhaps, that you defeat another ship in combat. It's important that you move or dock immediately instead of staying in the sector, else a bigger fish comes in to take you out. If you want to save your combat reports to see how you did, do the open in new window move to get out of the sector and save the combat reports for later viewing.
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Solace Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.Solace JULY 13 2003

Try to avoid logging off at ports under level 40. They are fairly easily raided and ports level 5-7 can usually be soloed. If the port you are docked at is raided, you are ejected and will be killed. Extremely high level ports are usually pretty safe to log off at, but they are also big targets for major alliances because of all the people docked there. The ideal port to log off at is a mid-high level port with not many people in it, because it wouldn't be worth the effort to raid.
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Solace Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.Solace JULY 16 2003

On any ship with drones (carrier, dronestroyer, resourcer, anything), always keep at least one drone (preferably more) on combat. In most cases it won't matter when you get shot at, but there are times when it can make a difference. Some people design ships for pure armor / shield damage, deciding they'll just run when they come across a carrier. If they have no drone killing weaponry, your one combat drone might absorb a shot from a sabot cannon, or a heavy torpedo, and save your ship another hundred shield or armor damage. In some cases (resoucers come to mind) this can be the difference between being one shotted and having the time to run away.

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Solace Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.Solace JULY 17 2003

It can be helpful to download the TDZK image pack (http://www.tdzk.net/files/) and use it to display your images. It can significantly decrease image loading times for some (especially those on slower connections), and at the very least it doesn't hurt. When you browse to choose the file path, it'll show the \'s as \\\'s. Change these to /'s and make sure you have a / at the end of the path and it should work. (ex. C:/My Documents/tdzk/ )

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Solace Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.Solace JULY 18 2003

Make sure you order your weapons to fire correctly, or you're in big trouble. Weapons order can be changed with the "Weapons" link on the right. Drone killing weapons (swarms, cylcones, CBs, etc) should fire first. Shield killing weapons (Flux, sabots, htorps, beams etc) should fire second. EMP weapons should fire third, and armor killing weapons (sabots, htorps, beams, ressies, etc) should fire last.

If you mess up on this, your weapons will hit the wrong things. 95% of your potential damage will be wasted and you'll either get podded or get lucky enough to run away without scratching the paint on their hulls.

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Solace Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.Solace Decided I might start doing these tips of the day again. We'll see how long I can manage to keep keep 'em going this time. :P

AUGUST 26 2003

When you're specifically hunting a trader, and don't know where he is, it can be helpful to note his alignment. You can see when he's trading by how his experience changes on the alliance roster. When he seems to be actively leveling, watch his alignment. If it's a solid number (ex. 200, -300, 100, etc) and doesn't change, it likely means he's in a system of that alignment. If it's a non rounded number and is changing (ex. goes from 57 to 58), this can narrow down the possibilities (give on an idea if he's in negative or positive align). If it's a non rounded number and doesn't change, then he's in a neutrally aligned system.

Obviously this won't pinpoint his exact location, but if you're intent on finding someone, this can be a good place to start.

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Solace Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.Solace AUGUST 27 2003

When planning out a warship, try to design it so all its components can be bought in one alignment (usually negative, except for Wraiths). To align shift quickly, buy an interceptor and upgrade its speed until it starts getting more expensive (say, over 300 million or so), then use this to align. Because align shifting isn't proportional to your turns, this can save you a bit of time.

If you MUST have those 120 sabots or some other positively aligned weaponry/equipment, buy your ship, then the weapons, then load up on as much extra speed as is feasible costwise. Use this to align shift; when you're at the right alignment, downgrade the speed and go about buying the other upgrades.

Never align at a high level or well traveled port. Try to pick a remote, obscure port in the middle of nowhere that no one in the right mind would visit. When you're done aligning for the session, dock at a safer port, but don't align there.

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Solace Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.Solace AUGUST 28 2003

Raid hopping? There are a few things to remember.

1) Never jump directly to the site of the raid. Scan from an adjacent sector to scout out the escorts. Do this QUICKLY, because the escorts can and will scan you back.
2) Target the escorts/RC first, not the BBs. Triggering on a BB first can easily put you and your fellow jumpers into pods.
3) Be aware of whose scout drones you ping when you jump into the system. If there are stacks from the raiding alliance there, your time to jump may be limited, and the element of surprise lost.
4) Target the escort who you have the best chance of winning the cloak check against. The group cloak check is determined for all by the triggerer/triggeree; try to hit a low level non wraith/deriv.

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Solace Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.Solace AUGUST 30 2003

On a related note to the last tip, if you're worried about being camped at a station or a node, instead of plotting your course, undocking/emerging, and jumping, MOVE one sector over immediately after undocking/emerging. It's often easier (faster) to move than use a SSJD, as the script loads faster. After moving, immediately activate the jump drive.

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Solace Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.Solace AUGUST 31 2003
(A bit of a personal rant)

If you're trading and happen to come into a sector where one or more allied ships are in space, DON'T sit there with them for several seconds to see what's going on. Regardless of any warship cover IS, this is NOT a safe place to be. Even worse, DON'T continue trading in the sector. Many hunters often examine / move to trigger on reflex the instant any new ship enters the sector, and this can really throw them off. Your arrival can also coincide with the target ship coming into the sector, which means there are suddenly multiple new ships in the sector and this can create some confusion for the hunters.

To recap: If you see camping friendly warships in a sector, DON'T linger IS with them and DON'T continue moving in/out of the sector.

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Solace Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.Solace SEPTEMBER 1 2003

As a hunter, be very wary of people killing your drones while you're online. This is one of the most widely used methods of trying to bait a warship into an ambush. In general, experienced players don't randomly kill drones, due to the turn cost of killing them generally being less than the turn cost of laying them; if a decent player from a decent alliance is killing your drones, this should set off an alarm bell. If they really want to kill you, people will also even hire random newbies to kill your drones. Either way, you should treat any situation where someone is actively shooting your forces while you're online with extreme caution.

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zer0das Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.zer0das October 6, 2003

When group hunting, communication is imperative. Ideally, everyone knows where everyone else is and where they should be moving at all times. If you must for some reason leave the sector, try to make it clear where you're going (unless you're docking to check if a target is still there, but if you do this you should only be gone in the amount of time it takes one to refresh once). Very often, miscommunication can result in a pod.

Typical abbreviations to simpilfy and clarify communcation are as follows:

IS- in space or in sector
OMW- on my way
GTG- good to go

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zer0das Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.zer0das October 9, 2003

Maximum effeciency is the quickest way to level and is the easiest way to gain the most experience. While the primary way to abuse this is by getting a freighter over a resourcer, barring that its still possible to cut down on waste and thereby get more bang for your buck in both exp and cash. Even if waiting on every refresh and only trading from 0/15k is the primary means to obtain maximum effeciency, there are other ways to go about it.

One way of cutting down on waste is by upgrading holds over speed. This cuts down on two things: the amount of money and exp wasted due to diminishing returns (you can buy more stuff and surpass this affect, however slight it may be it adds up) and the amount of time spent. The amount of time spent is more important, as that means you can dedicate less time and make more exp. I cannot stress how much effort having a slower ship with more holds will save. One downside: if you get a slow ship and move around a lot despite your ship, it can be counter-productive. Something to keep in mind if you're impatient. Another good thing about it is if you're competing with other traders, it'll let you flood the port faster than they can. Ship speed means nothing when in the first two minutes any good refresh is trashed- cargo holds is where its at.

To further increase effeciency, pick a spot to trade/resource and keep that spot. If its a good spot, this will decrease the need to waste turns looking for a good port. Its even better if the port is within walking distance of a station, but that is not always possible.

A primary drain on turns is depositing cash at the station. So to bypass this, you can decrease the frequency that you visist the station to deposit cash. I don't recommend this for most people (especially if you have a slow connection), but the fewer turns used hauling cash to the station, the more money you make with the same amount of turns. Only do this if you have confidence in your abilities.

Finally, trading in a negative aligned system will eventually grant you acces to narcotics, weapons, and slaves. It is highly recommended that you trade these, as they give outrageous amounts of cash for the amount of experience they yield. Weapons and slaves are by far the most lucrative trade goods. The cube of ports in 26k is a gold mine if you're careful.

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zer0das Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.zer0das October 10, 2003

Always be aware of your squad. This is imperative when group hunting and even more so when raiding. Being on the wrong squad when raiding can leave you in a pod and often times will, especially if its a higher level port.

The squad settings for typical Fury raids is squad 1 for escorts/repair carriers and squad 2 for raiders. Even so, it is a good idea to have a squad check before the operation begins just in case. As a tradeship, squad 4 will prevent you from unintentionally entering combat with friendly warships, while when using bait for hunting, its a good idea for the hunters to be on squad x lest the bait gets triggered on.

One key thing: if you are on squad x and raiders fire, you can fire with them. Simarily, if the raid is jumped and the raiders are on squad x they can take damage and if they trigger on the port again, bad things will happen! Never be on squad x when raiding!

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zer0das Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.zer0das October 11, 2003

When group hunting, it is vital to have someone spotting. This means someone with enough scouts to spot almost anything (see CLF's vis calculator or http://hoax.e-utp.net:7777/ for specific examples, although that site tends to be down at incovenient times). Of course, this is not always possible, especially in nebula. Thus, it is good to be wary lest you bite off more than you can chew. Ideally, it is best to have a dervian doing the spotting, as they get scanners and +3 on scan for each scout drone, as opposed to +2. This makes them the masters of sight.

On the same note, when scanning it is as if you were in the sector. This also means that the amount of scouts carries over to your vision. It is nearly useless to scan looking for warbirds with 0 scouts!

Knowing the relative strength of opposing forces is crucial in blowing them up and not having the same happen to you.

SOL EDIT: /me chuckles and wonders how long zer0das can keep this up. :)

ZZT EDIT: /me doesn't think it'll last very long at all.

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zer0das Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.zer0das October 12, 2003

After engaging in combat and raping a ship, do not become complacent! You are temporarily very vunerable, as your location is broadcasted to the whole of TDZK. It is best to recloak, recharge your power (press repair 1 turn to do this), and quickly dock or get out of the sector. If you're particularly worried, move/dock first and then recloak and recharge. The exception to docking/going elsewhere would be when you're group hunting with quite a few people, and even then it might be a good ride. Note: if no one is killed, there is no notice.

The same idea also applies to port raids, but whether you bust open the port or not does not matter in this case. Your location will be broadcasted everywhere, although there is a slight delay before the raid notice occurs. This is why its not a good idea to solo raid if its going to take you a while.

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zer0das Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.zer0das October 13, 2003

Drone forces can be set to three different settings: defensive, neutral, and aggressive. They are color coded, defensive being white, neutral being yellow, and aggressive being red. The only drones that these setting really matter for are emp, combat, and mines.

Defensive drones only defend if someone attacks them, they do not ever attack someone else without provacation. Neutral drones are basically the same, with the exception that they do attack people we are officially at war with. Aggressive drones with nail anyone we aren't fully allied with, making them rather imprecise (ie, they kill allies).

The majority of drones you use will be neutral. For the most part, aggies are to be avoided except in rare circumstances (and the single aggy trick when hunting).

Edit: Kudos to Blah for noting I'm color blind.

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zer0das Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.zer0das October 14, 2003

When attempting to dock at a station, it costs turns even if you are rejected. Thus, its not a good idea to spam dock at a station without knowing beforehand your chance of being docked and it is a good idea to at least have a 25% chance of docking, even if you have quite a few turns.

As a refresher, if you are 100 away from a station's alignment you have a 100% chance to dock. For every 1 additional alignment you are away from that, your chance decreases by 1%.
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zer0das Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.zer0das October 15, 2003

When trading or resourcing, it is best to focus on the task at hand and not become distracted. If there is someone unallied is trading at the same time you are, avoid the urge to blow them up. There may be a hunter trying to pod you both. Or even if there isn't, its a bad idea to give away your location when you are merely trading.

In short, remember that if you concentrate on trading or resourcing, you'll end up in a hunter much faster with fewer deaths than if you aggressively try to blow up other traders.
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zer0das Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.zer0das October 16, 2003

It is important to level so that when you hop into a warbird, you can compete with other ships. While level is not everything, it vastly improves your numerical odds in ship to ship battle.

The main bonuses are +3 init per level, +2% accuracy per level for weapons and drones, and increased visibility (this is a bit more complex, see the visibility equation in the help files).

Basically this means your chances of firing first and hitting them with all your weapons increases with your level advantage over another player. On the flip side, they also gain advantages with their level advantage, if you're massively behind in levels.

Essentially this means a level 50 player will almost never lose to a level 20 player in a warbird to warbird fight, as the penalties that have to be overcome are huge. If the level 20 player does any significant damage, that's fairly impressive in itself. There are some ways to circumvent the level system and kill people that are of a higher level than you, but there is a limit to how far you can take this.

As such, our standard for a warbird tends to be level 50 so that chances are you're at least somewhere near most opponents levels. If you're lower than that, it is highly recommended you trade until you reach a higher level.
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zer0das Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.zer0das Sorry guys, I'm going to discontinue this for a while. The server going down killed my creativity and I've been really busy and will be for the next few weeks. But I will revive this when I can. :/
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zer0das Re: Tip of the Day
Fury.zer0das October 28, 2003

When typing in passwords to secure channels in mirc (ie #fury and #fury-gc), do it in the console! This saves us the trouble of having to ban everyone that joins those channels that shouldn't be there and from changing the password.