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Alliance global:

10/22/03 12:56:38 EDT from Greven (962)    

10/22/03 08:39:16 EDT
Fuma (6660) piloting Izzanods is no DragQueen destroyed {ID} Twist, owned by Chzrif (2646), in Sector 25395.

The UNAP between SH and FURY is officially over. Poding of our allies in 25k was not allowed...

GC forums:

11/09/03 14:50:23 EST from Solace (14)    
RE: Your uNAP proposal on GC forums.

While we appreciate the gesture, Fury declines. We had a uNAP before which you repeatedly violated, then specifically began targetting us in raids. We're not going to be suckered into another agreement which you won't keep.

Even today, you just raided out and killed two high level ZP you were fully CFAed with. If this is how you treat your 'allies', we have no interest in being one of them.