2.1. SH War Rationale

Solace, AP forum:

Oh really? Let's recap, all of it:

1. Early in the round. SH sent a hunter into our system. He killed a few Fury traders, then we caught him over Defiant station. One of my members went to the SH IRC channel to congratulate him on his elusiveness (as it took a couple days to kill him) and was shouted out of the channel for "gloating."

2. Soon after, SH responded by sending five ships into our system and killing two more traders. We got six warbirds online in short order and were ready for a large fight, despite our level disadvantage, when SH left the system. Apparently, GC had talked to them and didn't want its two allies fighting. We were disappointed in not finishing the encouter, but tentative no-fire lines were drawn. SH refused a full uNAP.

3. SH later proposed a full uNAP, based on our close relations with their friends GC. We agreed, made the normal uNAP agreements, and were pleased. Later, our planets and ports were raided by Rens/STS/KAOS. SH refused to help take them back. We eventually got them back, and SH began raiding out R/STS/K up in their area. We offered escorts and were refused. We frowned but continued to help them out with enemy ship locations and scouting help.

4. A freak meeting on 26k jump node. One of my members saw a ZP battleship and fired upon it. Apparently, there was also a SH WB in the same area that he couldn't see. The SH triggered multiple times on our ship and podded himself. Greven became at us for "podding one of his warbirds" and threatened to withdraw the uNAP and fire on sight. Apparently, firing on a ZP ship on the jump node = jumping a ZP raider = jumping a SH raid. O.o. None of this, of course, was mentioned in the terms of our uNAP. I thought it was ridiculous, but we paid some compensation to the suicided SH in order to show our interest in staying friends with SH. I made special point to clarify exactly who we could shoot under what circumstances in SH territory.

5. I killed an unallied resourcer who was resourcing. Greven messaged me and angrily explained that that was a wing switching SH. Why he was resourcing tagless is beyond me, but the issue was dropped.

6. KAOS was swarmed by a mob. A lone surviving KAOS raider found his way into a major port in 23k. SH prompty raided it, without warning, and killed him as well as six Fury inside. The terms of our uNAP stated that "accidently" ejected ships would be pirated, and this seemed to be in thoroughly bad taste on their part. Not a credit of compesation was paid. We decided not to press the issue, in the hopes that they would't do it again.

7. A Fury ship killed a online ID raider sitting carelessly in a random deep space sector. We recieved an alliance global stating that "The uNAP between Fury and SH is now over because podding our allies was explictly not allowed." I was appalled: after the first allied fire incident we had carefully gone over who we could shoot and where -- and the ID/IG section was very clear and very contradictory to this global. Even more ridiculously, ID/IG had been freely podding our traders in 26k. I sent an angry message to Greven reminding him of the terms of agreement. I recieved no response.

It is clear SH was simply looking for a scapegoat to drop their uNAP with us, and failing to find one, proceeded to fabricate it. It seems to me if they'd wanted to clear some relations, they could have done it with an element of class -- but this seems to be beyond them.

8. Now that relations were "normalized," we happened to run into a SH hunting group in the Nexus free for all and kill them. SH responded by specifically targeting us in raids. They knocked out several of our raiders, two of our highest leveled hunters, and many miscellaneous traders and warbirds. On several instances our warbirds were the only targets in the level 50 ports. We were shocked at how quickly they had gone from "normalizing" relations to actively raiding us out.

9. After a week or two of this, while we attempted to get back on our feet, Greven wrote on the GC forums that they would be willing to start up a tentative no fire agreement with us.

This was laughable. Every agreement we have ever had had been violated by SH and there was no sign this would be any different. To punctuate the point, SH raided a 14k port and immediately killed two high level ZP inside -- the same people they got so furious at us for firing a SHOT at. There was no consideration of accepting it -- if this is how SH treats its allies, we'll stay as far away as possible.

10. GC found a ASx ship in a lower level station in 24k. Throughout the entire round, ASx has jumped an almost comical number of GC raids and killed a good deal of them, which always caused a good deal of consternation in #fury. This particular offline pilot has done more of his share of harassing GC up in their territory. We offered to help raid the port and did so. For what I understand, SH became angry at GC for attacking ASx ships in ASx territory -- despite ASx doing the exact same thing to GC for the entirity of the round.

11. SH raided our planets today. Oh, and they happened to pod a level 60 GC docked at one of them -- some allies! I could note the dozens of other incidents of SH podding their allies ships, and their allies podding other allies, etc, but it would be pointless. These things are obviously of no importance to them unless they can be used as an excuse to hostilely attack another allies.

Through the entirety of this round our uneasy relationship has been punctuated by SH apathy, mistakes, arrogance and lies. They are becoming what they so resiliently fought against last round, and it doesn't seem like they particularly care.