2.2. Round Summary

* First alliance to raid a L20+ port, by far
* First alliance to raid a L30 port, by far
* Only alliance to consistantly raid L30 ports - most L30 ports raided of any alliance
* Top 5 in total raid rankings (F3)

* Top 10 in the EXP rankings for the entire round (F1)
* #1 in total EXP for several weeks (F1)
* #1 EXP player in Hojna for weeks until she was podded (great job Hojna!)
* First L50 player, also in Hojna
* First alliance to break 5 billion EXP

* Top 10 in total alliance kills (#6 total) (F1)
* Top 10 in combined alliance kills (#7 total) (F1+F2)
* #2 alliance in total pirates (F2) (mainly due to Seggybop)
* Major participation in the largest battle of the round - 23194
* Many large and successful jumps alongside Rens -- in particular, jumps vs SH/HH (12k), TPx (13k), and TPx/HH (9k), as well as many other alliances

WAR / Misc
* All SH/TPX/HC/HH planets were raided
* Ran major ops every 3-4 days
* With Rens, outnumbered SH/HH/HC/TPX 3x in war kills in before I stopped keeping count.