2.3. Asgard blurb for INN

Today, Fury raiders launched a devastating assult on the Fury planet Asgard, sector 23081.

Though the reasons for the attack are currently unclear, one Fury member speaking on condition of anonymity noted that 'the natives were getting restless and needed a lesson in obedience... we had some raiders online and said, 'what the hell, let's smack 'em about a bit." Conflicting information from another anonymous source indicated that the action was not disciplinary in nature but was in fact, "an honest to God mistake. that was OUR planet we were shooting at??"

Fury leader Solace was out golfing and unavailable for comment. Fury subcommander Nightmyre was drunk and incapable of comment. Fury wingleader Ghost described the event as "tough lovin'" and refused to elaborate.

Regardless, the planet was raided several times and claimed twice. Subsequently, the ejectees were pirated 'for fun'. Piraters were quoted as 'having a blast', and inside scources recorded much merriment and jubilation in the Fury private channels.