2.3. Change of plans (an end to maintenence raiding)

After a review of our progress with maint raiding so far, we've decided to stop maint raiding altogether. It was an interesting experiment, but ultimately not well suited for this system. 23k is too good for trading to control easily; the efforts to keep down the ports which had not already leveled out of our reach were not profitable and, as the higher level ports in the system limited our ability to control traffic, the original goals of maint raiding were not attainable. However, our raid team and RCs did a great job! We managed to raid every night, and had good turnout every time. :)

Since we're done with raiding for a bit, we'll be shifting to a different track: mass item finding. Throughout the next two weeks or so we will be focusing on making as much cash as possible for the AA which we will use to ship hunters, ship a better raid team capable of hitting high level targets, and finish Asgard.

How it will work is this: Everyone on the raid team, + RCs, + anyone else willing, will be shipping into item scanners. Every night at 21:00 all of our item scanners will fly to a random sector and burn their daily turns scanning together. Two to three freighters will run back and forth collecting the items and selling them in massive ammounts, putting the cash in the AA. If a scanner doesn't show one night, it just means he'll find more the next night. However, it is best if we have a large number of people scanning all at once.

I would like to implore everyone who can stand to put off their TDZK goals (hunting, leveling, etc)  for two weeks, and who can show regularily at 21:00, to join in on this program as item scanners. It's a selfless task because the profit does not go directly into your bank account (although if we have a good turnout, the AA will be able to afford to be quite generous) and because little to no EXP will be gained (as it will be other people who will be actually cashing in the items). But the profits and the overall benefit to Fury will be immense. This method is also much more efficient than individual item scanning, as the scanners don't waste turns moving them to the stations.

Who's interested?