2.3. Happy Birthday Myre

Some things which stick out to me about the birthday boy...

During the time he's been in Fury:

*Myre never fails to changes races during a round, usually twice.
*Through squad mishaps (all caused directly from himself) Myre has rammed probably a dozen escorts into ports while solo raiding, including Malhavoc, myself, and many others. After nearly causing the death of one squad, he switches to another wrong squad and rams a different group into the port. Luckily, casualties were sparse.
*During our war with SH in 2.1, Myre singlehandedly drove a near disasterous raid op to completion by reshipping himself into a suicider, killing himself on the port, reshipping into a cheap base speed ssjdless raider, rushing to the port location, and triggering the port to it's death before the refresh, running out of turns in the process and needed to be pirated.
*Has wandered onto IRC drunk several times, and in fact committed to joining Fury in 2.0 while drunk. (he has no memory of this)
*Myre once killed Zaekoem while flying a superlaser ship, and was so delighted that he suicided himself onto two A224 to "see what would happen," getting podded immediately.
*Myre regularily reaches double digit deaths in a round.
*Myre is above all else a "charmingly social man"*
*When stealth coating upgrades were introduced, Myre shipped into a pure stealth coated interceptor with 6 EMP weapons and solo jumped a port raid, triggering the raiders after they shot the port and managing to pirate two of them and escape while the escorts panicked.
*On ventrilo half of Fury was delighted to hear Myre's mommy yelling at him to come. He has never lived this down.

Myre is of course well loved by his alliance...

[11:14] <Solace> [02:12] <Solace> Ghost, kick Tarien.
[11:14] <Solace> [02:12] <Ghost> done
[11:14] <Solace> [02:13] <[Fury]Nightmyre> O_o
[11:14] <Solace> [02:13] <Solace> Ghost, kick Myre.
[11:14] <Solace> [02:13] <[Fury]Nightmyre> teh why?
[11:14] <Solace> [02:13] <Ghost> done

...despite the fact that Myre occasionally has problems counting.

<[Fury]Nightmyre> less ships
<[Fury]Nightmyre> no
<[Fury]Nightmyre> more
<[Fury]Nightmyre> err.. hold

At times Myre will go embarrasingly psycho-insane on the webboards, most embarrasingly while drugged.

[quote]"all i have to say is

burn baby burn. you guys are going down, especially for those malhavoc insults. cya in hell boys."[/quote]

However, there is a senstitive man below the crusty exterior.

[21:45] <myre`afk`for`a`week> the jello is very very yummy
[21:45] <myre`afk`for`a`week> and
[21:45] <myre`afk`for`a`week> puding
[21:45] <myre`afk`for`a`week> and ...
[21:46] <myre`afk`for`a`week> applecsaue

*This may or may not be totally accurate.

Can't help but love him, though. :P Happy birthday, Myre!