2.3. Timeline/Outline

Initial stages of the round; these were to set the stage for the "current projects".

1. Secure 23k - DONE
(establish effective control over the 23K system to allow for relatively safe trading and docking for us and allies)

2. Implement new funding system - DONE
(establish better spending goals / limits; more responsibible management of alliance funds)

3. Make New Asgard (23092) safe for docking - DONE
(build planet to the extent that it is stronger than a L30 port; impossible to raid without casualties; difficult to raid overall

4. Complete a 'light' raid team of cash raiders - DONE
(the positive align [+] raid squad consists of lighter, faster raiders designed to hit lower level ports frequently and en masse. The team raids stations weekly and hits the lower level ports in 23k every other day. This team provides an excellent steady income supplement.)

The current projects will serve as our foundation for the rest of the round; once completed we have have finished the "build up" period of the round.

1. Completion of a high level raid team - WILL FINISH FRI. 1/30
(the negative align [-] raid team at this stage will be able to hit ports L28 and under. This team will be used for our larger planned ops targetting high level / high profile ports with lots of kills inside. They will form the basis of our raiding power and will do a couple ops per week.)

2. Get other two 23k planets up and running - PERIOD OF 2-3 WEEKS
(The two smaller 23k planets will be developed according to specifications at a cost of approximately 10 billion each. Even at this relatively low cost they will each require extremely specialised raiders to raid, and will help spread our ships out. They can be developed very quickly given money and turns.)

3. Continue buildup of New Asgard (23092) - GRADUAL PROCESS
After the two smaller planets are functional, our planet funds will be rededicated to the slow build up of New Asgard. Due to the cost of new buildings this will be a slow process, but the planet will continue to become more difficult, if not near impossible, to raid.)

4. Upgrade to L30 raid team - WITHIN TWO WEEKS
(Once we have the funds, the [-] raid team will be upgraded to L30 raiders. This process will require roughly 20 billion, plus the cost of any additional raiders we add to the team. The L30 team will be able to tackle any port in the game and will continue to schedule regular ops across the galaxy)

Goals for the near future, or possibilites if we find ourself in good fortune.

1. Raid down 23k -
(Eventually the goal is to whittle 23k down to mostly low level ports, with perhaps a few choice ports left as high level. What this effectively does is allow Fury and allies safe docking on the planets while forcing other alliances to A) Leave the system due to lack of safe docking or B) Cluster in a few ports to be raided out all at once by our raid team)

2. Second L30 team - POSSIBILITY - FAR OFF
(More of a luxury than a necessity. If we have the funds, some of the [+] raiders may be converted to a second L30 team designed to raid after the first L30 team has taken down the drones. Two teams will dramatically decrease the time taken to hit the port. Reasonably low priority at the moment -- but a goal for the future)

3. Planned hunter ops - RELATIVELY SOON
(I'll begin scheduling "hunter ops" soon. The basic idea is to plan a chunk of time during which we will try to get a bunch of hunters online. No action is gaurenteed; but at least some of the times these timeframes will coincide with port/planet raids by other alliances. If this is the case, we'll jump them. Ops will be rather informal and action is a matter of opportunity and how many show up -- thus they will be scheduled fairly regularily.)

4. Target hunting assignments - IN DEVELOPMENT
(An idea I am tossing around focused on the development of invidiual hunting skills. Players interested will be assigned certain traders to hunt down exclusively and kill, for possible reward. Idea is for a challenging and enjoyable hunter training program that teaches and refines target hunting techniques)

5. War?
(Who knows?)