2.3. Round end thoughts

With the end of TDZK 2.3 upon us, a few closing thoughts.

This hasn't been an easy road at times. We've fought through rippling summer inactivity and dealt with intentional misinformation being spread about the character of our leadership. We've seen the loss of several talented players to other alliances and endured a round where the game mechanics can drain the desire to play. We still stand strong.

Fury will have a different face next round. Some of us will be retiring from the game; others have chosen to move on to other alliances.  There will be new faces and there will be returning faces. We've already seen the desertion of some of our formerly most trusted members to the new alliance 'Ragnarok'. Some current members, too, will be joining that alliance in 2.4.

Coincidentally, the same people who've created that alliance are those whose rallying cry was "FURY IS DEAD!" They claimed that the best of Fury was long gone, that our time was up, that our ship was sinking and that a decayed and crippled end was in sight. "Fury is crumbling!," we were told.

I think that, over the past several weeks, we've proved that they couldn't be more wrong. Fighting side by side with our allies IGF, we've emerged victorious from major engagements again and again against large alliances across the board. Just today, we capped the round off with a dominating performance versus a large SH/IA fleet (as seen in Blah's F2 thread) as well as other enemies, in a fun, extended battle over 9355. Thinking that Fury is dying is wishful thinking and nothing more.

True loyalty -- loyalty which is not dependant on the temporary ups and downs of the times, which isn't overridden in fits of righteous indignation or personal ambition -- is something which can be rare in this TDZK world. To those of you who have stayed with us through our troubled times when so many others chose to abandon ship, you have my deepest gratitute and respect.

2.4 will probably start in a week or so. Until then, enjoy chaos round and the special events. We're well set up to have a great 2.4, and I'm looking forward to flying with you all again next round. You've all been great.