2.3. Roundstart instructions


* Fury will be system raiding in 2.3 -- raiding down the system of our choice for money and to limit unallied docking options.
* Fury will keep relations with Renegades ONLY next round -- relations with FF and uNAPs with STS will be dropped
 *Fury will be forming 'Hunt Squads' next round by timezone and putting much greater emphasis on solo and pack hunting skills.
* Fury will be going back to two wings next round instead of three.


* Round 2.3 starts on Saturday, 10:00 EST. If you can show up at round start, DO SO.
* Fury will NOT be planet rushing. Do NOT go around wasting turns claiming and fighting for planets.
* We will be doing a "chain trading" system at round start.


* ONE (Tam) player will start trading. He will upgrade his ship a bit, then make 240 million. He will send 120 million each to two more tam players.

* These second level traders will use the 120 mil to hop immediately into decent starting ships. They will then cash trade to fund L110 ships for everyone else.

* These three Tams will be Drcool, Beburos, Solace
 *People other than the first player should NOT start trading off the bat. They will wait until they get funding and thus save a lot of valuable turns.

* In this way we will start off with much greater efficiency and everyone will start off in a decent ship from the beginning.


* Traders should use their money to upgrade their ships to L150 or 160.
* After this they need to put ALL the money they make into the AA. It is EXTREMELY important that we get as much money as possible as early as possible. 100% donation will be necessary for 1-2 weeks or so.
* We will raid the planets in our system of choice on the second day of the round. ZALLUNS who will be participating in these raids are to create their account as early as possible, but NOT to do anything until the time comes to ship for the raids.


[23:23] <[Fury]Nightmyre> ta
[23:23] <[Fury]Nightmyre> quite!
[23:23] <[Fury]Nightmyre> kintaka = mmm
[23:23] <[Fury]Nightmyre> sumoen else!
[23:23] <[Fury]Nightmyre> uhh
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[23:23] <[Fury]Nightmyre> osmeithing with a B!
[23:23] <[Fury]Nightmyre> hahah
[23:23] <[Fury]Nightmyre> i scared him of!!!