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People who have been members for 1+ rounds....
Solace (183) People who have been members for 1+ rounds....
FurySolace I need your TDZK histories! This is for the profiles section on our website that I am working on. :P For now, this will only include Fury members who have been with the alliance for more than a round.

They don't have to be long, basically a runthrough of the alliances you've been and anything you would like to add.

For example, mine would be:
1.0 - Found the game, joined a small newbie alliance (Rouge Kitaran Fleet), played a bit, was terrible, and quit.

2.0 - Restarted, was recruited into SK by Malhavoc. Late 2.0 I was promoted to subcommander. Early 2.2 Malhavoc resigned and I took over Fury and have been here ever since.

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Agamemnon (844) Re: People who have been members for 1+ rounds....
Elementals: FireAgamemnon >.<

p.s. you have 1 "2.0" too many ;P
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Agito (117) Re: People who have been members for 1+ rounds....
FuryAgito 2.0 - Introduced to the game by a friend; picked Derivian, miss typed my name and was given 100mil for a crude resourcer and sent to die ~5 times in 18k in which time I joined, and left my first alliance; Crusaders of the Galaxy.

Wised up a bit and moved system to 11k, agreeing to join my original sponser in his alliance; Elite Forces of Darkness, even I thought it sounded newb-y. Leveled a bit, went on holiday, returned to find my alliance betrayed and in ruins. Made my first tag, damn happy about it too.

Joined Momemto Mori, and was put in charge of their second wing for a short time. Left from greener grass; Holy. Got my second tag! ha-rar! I then thought HOLY was too far from where I leveled, joined the local thugs; [Enter Fury]. New tag! w00t! My first of 2 race changes! Derivian to Wraith.

Started to make serious progress, got bored and left for GC, found that boring, moved back. Left Fury for ... some reason. Joined Shinsen Gumi "look! I'm cool, I'm in an alliance with lots of kills!"

2.2 Difficult choice, Discordia or Fury? Went Fury, mistake? Definatly not! Most fun I've ever had in the game. Did well by previous standards. Got put in charge of my very own planet, thanks stainy. Decided to change race mid-way, Wraith to Kitaran.

2.3 Started Derivian, finished Derivian. A first for me. By self-assessment believed myself to be getting quite good at the game, died very little. pwned many (Yes, raid kills! Happy now!)

2.4 Derivian again, mistake? mweh. Present day, awesome, sexy and no longer the only brit... damn that solace!
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Agamemnon (844) Re: People who have been members for 1+ rounds....
Elementals: FireAgamemnon /me is ashamed he doesn't remember having Agito under his command :o!!!

How long and when were you in SG?
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Agito (117) Re: People who have been members for 1+ rounds....
FuryAgito I went by Revan back then :P
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Nightmyre (4470) Re: People who have been members for 1+ rounds....
FuryNightmyre 2.0 - found out about the game from a website called infoceptor [solace and many others came from there too]. joined an infoceptor alliance called iC, eventually basically subcommanded it. basically, just traded a bunch and did nothing else.

after a few weeks [if you recall back then, this was around when the server was unplayable for a month or so], iC folded into another alliance called OI, lead by seggybop. again, eventually basically rose to subcommander.

worked for a while, we started growing slowly, even raiding a few ports. then AL raided our planet, and we basically split up. i went and joined another alliance in the same system, this time FLB, lead by dread scot, ex GTG.

again, worked for a while, we basically controlled the system, i even did a bit of hunting. also rose up to subcommander here too. then - lo and behold - we get our planet raided by OS. dread scot basically quits, leaving me in charge of the alliance, and i disband it shortly after.

during the planet raid solace contacted me for the first time, we talked for a bit. after i left FLB, we talked some more, and i joined SK. basically did a bunch of soloraiding and thats about it. tried to throw together an SK raid team, didn't work out.

2.1 -

shortly after 2.1 started i was promoted to subcom, along with a few others. basically same old stuff as we've been doing since then - commanded the raid team, and smashed ports. did some hunting as sniv, then restarted as zallun and raided the rest of the round away. highpoints in this round were smashing myself into numerous planets and ports, and one particular time where i suicided on a port to droneclear it, then reshipped into a raider to raid it. also, playing roulette on a planet, and reshipping three times in the same op.

2.2 -

nothing special here. started the round as kitaran again, did some hunting, nothing exceptional. highpoint in this round was a MASSIVE group fight that i coincidentally missed out on -.-. no particularly interesting things from my side here. restarted as zallun near the end of the round and, once again, raided the round away.

2.3 -

started as deriv, switched to zal near the end. completely boring round, not worth any more words than this.

2.4 -

started as quelaar, had some fun hunting, no memorable moments short of killing carlos then dying because i forgot snivs had racial ARM. then restarted as zal eventually, bringing us to now.

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Agito (117) Re: People who have been members for 1+ rounds....
FuryAgito He wanted a brief history myre, not your life story...
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Ghost (164) Re: People who have been members for 1+ rounds....
Fury.Ghost 1.0 - Joined halfway through when people were working on their 10th trillion...Flew solo, mostly becuase I had nfi what I was doing. Got podded a whole slew of times by various people. Eventually lost interest and just stopped playing about a month before the round ended.

2.0 - Read on infoceptor that someone wanted some members to join his TDZK alliance. Decided to give it a shot, noticed it was the same game I had drifted away from. Learned a whole lot in TR. Flew solo towards the end of the round, doing mostly trading and hunting.

2.1 - Lied to Mal, accepted into Fury. Noticed I had just allied myself with Myre. What a mistake that was... ;) Entertained myself that round by escorting and soloraiding WITH A WRAITH PILOT. *GASP*.

2.2 - Pwned the crap out of SH, HH and assorted friends. With the formation of the third Fury wing I became a subcom. Somewhere in here I started triggering for the raid team...

2.3 - Warred SH again, this time with their new ally PM. Wasn't as successful as the 2.2 war, but was entertaining nonetheless. Most memorable moment was defending Asgard while the sunrise was happening outside my window. My house also caught on fire a few hours later.

2.4 - The present. Still raiding, subcommieing, triggering. My collection of souls is growing *yay*. Beating on Kaos, looking forward to continued success in Fury.
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Master Chief (401) Re: People who have been members for 1+ rounds....
Fury.Master Chief Link here

Want a shorter version :P ?
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Solace (183) Re: People who have been members for 1+ rounds....
FurySolace Yes. :P
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Master Chief (401) Re: People who have been members for 1+ rounds....
Fury.Master Chief Then I shall complete one when I get home from work :)
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Blah (89) Re: People who have been members for 1+ rounds....
FuryBlah 2.1 - got invited in by my buddy (Vegetto) into efd/edf/some randomly named alliance. got betrayed by our allies, holy, and disbanded. joined up with holy afterwards to figure out why they did what they did. got bored and quit for a week or two. restarted, got invited into fury by Malhavoc himself. got hooked on RC'ing pretty damned quick after being told i should do it, and was a love ever since. also got extremely interested in planets after seeing numerous 'planets suck' comments. i came up with a damn hard to crack design near the end of the round, too late to be any good, though ZZT and I provided insight to Jerle/Aelanna regarding planets.
-2 deaths due to solace ordering me to scout aggied systems, but not remembering that i was a n00b and a complete idiot
-1 death due to malhavoc, decided to have a convo leaving us all in open space. no one remembered and... shipdeath.php

2.2 - decided to give Vegetto another shot at doing something and joined Legion. proudly designed Hell, which, to my knowledge, has the best kill count to date since the planet overhaul. also a survivor of the Hell massacre (i refused to dock on the planet), 1 of only 4 survivors from Legion. some time after that i longed for the 'family' that Fury brings to the game, and returned, complete with a HIGHLY entertaining interview from Solace. returned to RC'ing and continued my planet research.
-no deaths that i can recall

2.3 - guess what, i RC'd yet again! had a joyful good time restocking during the Asgard raid, participated in a couple of jumps, and became a combat RC later on in the round.
-1 death to zallun [player name, not race, former traitor of legion], i blame the escorts for triggering too slowly (their exact reasoning was they didn't want to lower their kill average. my self control was remarkable IMO). they killed him the second time he tried. this occured while i was trying to pirate people from Asgard, as it was taken over by someone.
-1 death to aggy drones. i danced with some carrier with 10-20 levels on me, and ended up dying to one of his stacks after a 1-2 minute trigger marathon. it was very enjoyable for me.
-1 other death, circumstances unknown

2.4 - write it yourself solace, you know what i've done this round :p
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MCFarag (4172) Re: People who have been members for 1+ rounds....
Fury.MCFarag 2.1 joined under recruiting powers of Thran to the second wing of Fury and started the round as a Sniv and took far too long to level so i was kicked by Solace for inactivity and probably most of all for pissing him off, joined GC and promptly left after a not so great experience only to return back to Fury under the mercy of Solace once more....ended the round as a Zallun and raiding sporadically

2.2 Malhavoc had left and Solace had taken the throne, started the round as a Zallun and stuck through with it as a raider until the end, had some fun, made some friends, made some love...

2.4 here we are, back in Fury and proud as hell to be a part of it, now under Ghost's leadership and a member of the raid team
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JeanLucPicard (460) Re: People who have been members for 1+ rounds....
No AllianceJeanLucPicard 2nd to last 1.0 round: Introduced to the game by a school friend (who proceeded to quit a month after i started playing) played a lot and killed some NPCs by round's end. Played solo and allianceless

last 1.0 round: Created my own alliance (The New Federation) had a planet in Taelon (8k at the time) which was taken after 1.5 months by JWW and MWW attacks, while I was away on summer vacation.

2.0: Played first part of round as a diplomat in TC, where I first came in contact with Malhavoc and SK. We had some negotiations with the IMFC (group of alliances) which fell apart after a few ops. Joined SK mid-round, and was later a "victim" of the infamous multi-sweep...

2.1: Having been disabled for multiness for the last 1/3 of 2.0, I was eager to have a second chance to play TDZK. I joined up and found SK had become Fury, and asked Mal for forgiveness, and he let me in. I worked hard then to rebuild my reputation and regain Mal's respect.

2.2-2.4: I've continued in Fury (though I considered joining VT's Elysium Strife for this current round) and I'm here to stay. Much respect goes to Malhavoc, for putting aside his "adminness" to let me back into Fury, even knowing I had been a multi...when he came forward about this, the irony unfolded.

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Jan Kulozik (Zombie) (197) Re: People who have been members for 1+ rounds....
No AllianceJan Kulozik (Zombie) pre-1.0.

Round before the big long 1.0. Learned of the game from someone who regulared the Duck and Cover boards, and I registered into the game. Found BluePencil, William, Archy, Fang and a couple of others who I'd known from DaC and from the ficsite most of these guys belonged to (The Illuminiati, thus why the IGF symbol is a pyramid :p ). Joined IGF, an alliance dedicated to artists and writers, and amazed them with my ability not to get fragged until I got to lvl 12 and took on a dessie (on cable) with my tiny cruiser (on 56k). The Steel Paladins (made up of another ficsite) were formed and so began the SP/IGF war. Wolfi taught me abit about combat during this time. Classic Trash alliance is assimilated by IGF, as their only 2 active members are people I got playing (Murilo/Titan, and Silencer/Dark Strider)

Got AzzA to start playing shortly after I did, and we attempted to raid a planet in Taelon (then 8k) in a /40 dessie and a /40 cruiser. Talking over MSN at 11pm, we survived against the planet, only to have the planet owner come over and kick our arse. Good times. Shortly after showing William that 2 /40 ships could survive a stronger planet then he was thinking of raiding, he and Fang took our first planet. William died. Chaos mode shortly after. Everyone got 10bil, which back then was an insane amount of cash. SP bastards attempted to raid our planet but where kept back. Alot of jumping happened, in which I died alot. Everyone was exploiting the manuever/drone bug.

Highlight of the round: Bpen getting his kitty manuever dessie and gloating how fantastic it is, only to get it raided out 4 hours later.


We started by attempting to secure 8k. We got one planet and Anime Angels and HOLY (I think) took the others. They ended up merging. William hands down leadership to Bpen. William in his inactivity, takes a planet in 24k (Tyranis). Other planet in 24k is taken by TC, our allies. A week later, I come online to get thrust into a raider. James Cadraver and myself proceed to raid our lost 24k planet back from the Apostles of Cheese and so begins the IGF/AoC war. Take the planet with no losses, and Navarro is born. James and I share ownership.

AoC fall back and construct a warfleet of tammy raiders. (they had like 13 of the buggers), and move them into 24k. In my nubness I demand we raid Port Drake (with carriers! BWHAHAA). Passerbys from other alliances get a show and take the piss :p

We give up. AoC raid TC rock, and loose about half their raid fleet in doing so (funniest. raid. ever.). TC never really recovers from this, and negotiations start with ACME. IGF fund most of ACME raiders and we start raiding other planets simply for kills, even having KAOS trying to jump us in Meras. Retake other 24k planet. Ownership is to Bpen.

Eventually Steel Paladins disband. 3 of their few active members join IGF (Gridflay, Saenz and Freashy). AoC eventually disband as they all go back home and loose their college internet connections. Wolfi, Titan, Shadow Lurker and Paladin leave due to Bpens "multying" tactics and form IGF Renegades.

We recruit 3 dutchies into the fold. Kenshin, Ace Lee and Koumkout. The 3 fly in a wing and start taking down KAOS warships that camp 9k (including xChaosx's lvl 260). KAOS responds by taking our 8k planet.

All is quiet, we expand into 2 more wings. IGF-Ops (lead by Thanatos) and IGF-Front Line. Everyone wishing to be a warbird leaves to FL and causes a mass drought of activity in IGF main. Bpen goes inactive after a number of problems. IGF FL and IGF R form full alliances.

Eventually Thanatos gets disenchanted with the game and wants to leave. AzzA and myself head to main to Ops to take over. During this time IGF join with ID and xWW in their war against terror...sorry, KAOS. Most alliances keep to themselves, seeking escorts, etc for ops when required and help each other out now and then.

Move to IGF-R

KAOS gathers HOLY, TPx and The Black Company (another Fansite origon) to help even the numbers. TPx holds 13k and Cryptos, Holy in 11k. KAOS and co take down Scoobyville, ID's biggest rock and losses are high on both sides as Madox triggers offline allies on Kaos. IGF provide a small protection fleet for the offline ID so Madox and the other online IDs can go to the toilet.

Bpen goes inactive, without giving anyone subcom or treasurer access. People leave IGF-main, many going to ACME. Alliance kicking exploit found, and people kicked from alliances. Bpen included. Bpen's planet becomes unalliened and is useless. Plans set in motion to retake it eventually get a turn for the worse when 2 days before scheduled op, LS take it. Takes 2 attempts to retake the planet, using power drainers, or "Star Darts" named after Rhal's ship for testing them. Money cheats start to flow, IGF change focus on GTG (who're obsessive with manuever ships) and GDF in 8k area. GDF soon enough form some wierd alliance with KAOS via HOLY, but it eventually breaks down due to Kaos refusing to take notice of it.

Scourge become human controlled, although we don't know it yet. Massive jump fleet of Maruader 500 series start killing everyone and everything. No raid/jump fleet is safe unless they have huge numbers. KAOS/ID war called to a cease fire and information traded to eliminate the new threat (with certain alliances firing at certain periods of killing offline Maruaders :p ). Admins admit that scourge are human controlled. People are pissed. Cease fire disolves, war starts up again. Another cease fire is called eventually to deal with influx of money exploits flooding the game and finding their way into the hands of smaller alliances who use said exploit (Vampires of the West, etc). CF lasts a week and war resumes.

to be continued....

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Zippy (1255) Re: People who have been members for 1+ rounds....
FuryZippy started playing starwars galactic battlegrounds and fell in with the GSR clan for training. They came here.

2.0 started with GSR, moved to Iron-Ring when LoF crushed GSR

2.1 started with IR and came to Fury when IR reformed. Been here ever since.
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Initiate (455) Re: People who have been members for 1+ rounds....
FuryInitiate I haven't been in Fury for a whole round yet.
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vips (1406) Re: People who have been members for 1+ rounds....
Fury.vips First Joined in the prelim round (before 1.0..?) Don't remember exactly. Maybe in 1.0, I remember the first alliance I joined was Indiscriminate Justice (at least they had a good tag :p). We got rocked by ID in 15k (Ithkara). So IJ fell a apart and I left.

After that I was lost for a while before we joined Holy. At that point my story links up the Master Chief. I went straight to Holy Guardian Angels. My primary base of operations was 11k I with Sirah (HGA alliance leader) and several friends from school: Tarien, Sicilianforce, Burgess, NG147, and Hasaki. Tarien at that point was like level 50+ (2nd in the game for a long time) I believe and was how we join HOLY in the first place having been recruited by 8472. Anyway, we started out raiding a few ports I think. I also remember we group hunted a little. We had a few fire fights with IGF (Stainless remembers) during which we mostly got schooled but occasionally came out all right. I do remember we were camping one of the 12k stations (my first time camping) and I triggered on Hotaru since I was so nervous :p. Needless to say we all died. Subsequently every newb in the game had to go find Hotaru and suicide as well.

Of course our happy bubble was obliterated when ID swept in and seized our 11k main planet (Kudzu of Kuru was the owner). At that point I also got seriously involved in the game. We whipped Holy into shape and I thought we did quite well. 8472 negotiated an alliance with KAOS (back when they were good :p). Using the power drain ships I'd designed with Master Chief, Silver Fox, drd, and the others we raided planets across half the galaxy. We even seized 22k (ID's home system) And tried to build some fortress planets there. Of course with their far superior pilot levels ID would eventually retake those planets. It was a fun time. We would often raid the planets with only 3 raiders (NG147, Hasaki, and myself) only lvl 30ish zalluns and 1 tamaran RC. Luckily we lived in the same suite at school so Tarien would call reps to me shouting down the hall while I called back fired. We were crazy fast. And for 1.0 our ships were cheap, never above lvl 300. We usually did the ops with little or no cover, we'd just wait for ID or xWW to go to sleep. We did ally with GDF/GTG and even Phoenix and others in that war since ID after all attacked everyone. We had several ops with Kaos flying cover but as with everything dealing with KAOS those were a huge headache to arrange. The one person I remember as my key mentor in 1.0 along with Chief, Silver Fox, Sirah, and 8 was Admiral Volkov (founder of Fleet XBlake?). He answered many of my newb questions when I first came to Holy and he introduced me to Iyre and the rest of the GTG/GDF folks. As Chief said it was a good round, Holy ended well.

The next round we just didn't have the same fire I guess. I wasn't as involved. Chief went back real life work. Silver Fox and the others had similar issues and Sirah, HGA leader, had to stop playing TDZK.

So we left Holy and TDZK in general. I returned at the end of 2.1. I went looking for Master Chief since I'd kept in limited touch with him. Tarien and I joined him and Dolmaniac in 2.2 with Exclusive. I didn't want to go back to Holy where I figured we would be expected to live up to the things we'd accomplished in 1.0. Eventually, MC, Tarien and I joined Fury having decided they were the only alliance that showed the ambition and aggressiveness we were looking for not to mention strong active leadership. I have to say MasterChief could not have steared us better.

Unfortunately I never again achieved the level of activity or knowledge of the game I like to think I had at the end of 1.0. But its been great fun in Fury since.
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Glive (1723) Re: People who have been members for 1+ rounds....
Fury.Glive ...2.0 started with GSR, moved to Iron-Ring when LoF crushed GSR

2.1 started with IR and came to Fury when IR reformed. Been here ever since.

...what Zippy said pretty much applies to me also :)
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MrMeyham (417) Re: People who have been members for 1+ rounds....
Fury.MrMeyham 1.0
I came in with a bunch of guys and gals from another game called earth2025 and more specifically an alliance called "Paradigm" which I am still a member of. Those members who played earth formed an alliance called... guess what... Paradigm. Woo hoo... go creative juices. Anyway, it was led by the same guy who leads us (and still does) on earth - Comwood (who conveniently owns the server this game is on). I got podded a bunch and left about 100 million in my bank. Ah the days of interest... a few months later and I had about 10 trillion credits :P

Let's see... I joined an alliance led by .F.r.e.s.h. called Flying Circus as a wraith (I thought the picture in the help files looked cool). There I was taught by some guys in HOLY how to properly raid a port and went on to become the top solo raider in 2.0 back when 1:50 raids were doable on 56k. After a while, FC fell apart and I looked for a new home. I joined Iron Ring and finished the round group raiding.

Still IR - now a zally - still raiding ports. Most memorable thing? We had a port/planet combo. We raided the port, only to find that the planet ejected everyone on it too :P IR would crumble too and reformed as Platinum - which I remained in.

Gave up on PT and joined Fury under the recommendation of Zippy. Still zally - still raiding :P

Still zally - still raiding :P

Still zally - oh well... you get it...
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Rodin (346) Re: People who have been members for 1+ rounds....
FuryRodin 2.0-2.1 (lil foggy :P ) some dude named drakon gave me the site and my tdzk career began!
first alliance Fedaykin joined up pure newb style, was kill when a tradior took our planet and booted us leaveing lof to slaughter us offline is. then asked to join sg was given the run around and murdered again. was asked to join da stayed with them till i went off to a friends alliance that lasted a month, then off to ir who turned into platnium, didnt like those guys too much so i headed in 23k and asked to join fury was given the run around again and killed by nightmyre(damn you!) finally figured out irc and was interviewed and allowed in fury.

2.1-2.4 been with fury these last rounds always wraith
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Prophet (3365) Re: People who have been members for 1+ rounds....
No AllianceProphet 2.0 - A few friends (Helen and ShadowFang) from another game found tdzk and introduced me to the trading aspect of the game play. It was just before havoc when i joined. So not much time to join any allaince, but just enough to learn some basics.

2.1 - Join Fury since a few of my friends had made it into the ranks. I spent this round learning about port and planet raiding.

2.2 - Focused on Drone raiding. Was a fun activity but was jumped a few times in my travels.

2.3 - Spent the round as a Item Finder, supplying the alliance with its much needed cash for ops.

2.4 - Got busy in real life and didn't sign up til late in round. became a planet biulder.
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AdmiralDanny (1677) Re: People who have been members for 1+ rounds....
Fury.AdmiralDanny early 2.1- asked to check out TDZK by a friend from school (ZZTraider). I read the help files, and decided to join up in the alliance ZZT was in- Fury. He basically gave me the option of going tammy and RCing or going zally and raiding... raiding sounded more interesting, so I went Zal. Never changed since. Solace sent me full funding for my first sourcer, and I managed to level fairly quickly and got through my newbie phase without a single death, thanks to our coccoon in 23k. After our first raid team got pasted by a traitor (Niek) I shipped up with the next team- our glorious /92 level 50 port radiers, with TPPWs and swarms :P Somehow, me managed to take down our first level 50 in about 15 minutes with no losses. I've been a raider ever since. Went to basically every raid op for the rest of the round (I think I missed 2) against the Rens, then SH. I leveled up very high for our planned init raiders that never really got off the ground, ended up at level 62. For a short time, I was the highest leveled player in F1, though Ghost and Zor in F2 were slightly higher than me. Took my first pod late in the round when a port got too many criticals against my init raider, shortly afterward, the raid team was disbanded and I jumped in a little cruiser. I spent the last month of the round or so buzzing around 16 and 17k, podding traders and sparring with KAOS and MacBane, somehow managed to not die. Went on a short vacation and missed the chaos round, then came back to Fury for 2.1.
-pirates: 1- came just as I finished building my huge 12 bil init raider. I was sitting in Crimson and gave myre the word that I was done, he then told Moose (who was in STS, an ally) that he could soloraid the port. I lagged while depositing my spare cash, and Moose raided so fast that he raided me out. LoTD must have been waiting to jump soloraiders, because he pirated me about 10 seconds after I was ejected :P.
-pods: 1- during a level 50 raid late in the round.. got too many criticals on me while trying to use my init raider with standard armor bubbles.

2.2- Rejoined Fury and started leveling, right during the phase where Dolmaniac had decided to aggy Fury to death. I took a pod from Dol's aggies while visiting the station to deposit- I left, moved, hit aggys, frantically moved again since Dol had only been aggying for one sector around the station, hit another stack, and died. I went back to leveling, topping out at 32 (due to the equation change), and shipped up with the first big planet busters. Went on to pwn SH and Co. for the rest of the round, triggering on some ports and a few planets when Ghost and ZZT weren't available. I can't remember any other deaths, but I might have died to a port or something at one point.
-pods: 1- to Dol's aggys
-pirates: none

2.3- Rejoined Fury, leveled up to raid again, only getting to 30, maybe 31.. I can't really remeber. Pwned IA, then joined the operation to raid every planet in the galaxy with zest, but I had to go on a 4-week vacation shortly into it, and slept on Asgard for that time. I was kicked off by that traitor/cheater/hacker or whoever, and took my only pod of the round when the online furies couldn't pirate me fast enough. Shortly after I got back, the raid team was disbanded, and I hopped into another cruiser, going on a lot of IGF jumps, and somehow managed to not die.
-pods: 1- kicked off Asgard while on vacation
-pirates: none

2.4- Considered leaving with ZZT to Ragnarok, but decided to rejoin Fury. Got a late start due to starting college, and only made it to level 15 by the first raid op. Took my first pod when my number finally came up while roulette raiding the KAOS rock, reshipped & helped take it down. Podded again last week by IA camping Crimson, when MrM, Myre and I tried to take them down. We realized there were 2 instead of 1, and tried to run. I repped all twice before I remembered that I didn't get an IRM, and didn't make it out since I had so much emp damage.
-pods so far: 2- roulette raiding & IA campers
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Aurora (237) Re: People who have been members for 1+ rounds....
Fury.Aurora 1.0: Started off in SoF, joined JWW due to fact I figured a way to raid planets.
2.0 JWW, was picked to succeed euclid as command, but declined out of respect. JWW shut down.
2.1:ASx, experiement on how to run an alliance with dolm and helios, sucessful.
2.2: Did not play.
2.3: Did not play.
2.4: Went to LoF due to close friends, didn't care for it, friends left, I left. Came to Fury to play with more friends.

I'm Jay~ by the way. :D
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Daddoo (373) Re: People who have been members for 1+ rounds....
FuryDaddoo 2.0 Approximately mid-round, my son found out about TDZK for a buddy. He came over for dinner, about a week later, raving about this game. Pretty soon he had me and my oldest son playing as well. We formed a noob alliance called the Knights of Zion. We based ourselves in 8k and died a lot. Eventually Radius and Raktiz Nemix joined LoF and Thorn, cyan and myself joined Shadow Knights which consisted of Malhavoc, Solace, Nightmyre, and others.

2.1 Played as a Zallun on the raid team. Shadow Knights are renamed Fury.

2.2 Played as a Kitaren hunter. Promoted to sub-commander.

2.3 Played as a Derivian hunter and planet owner for awhile.

2.4 Playing as a Queelar hunter.
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Jan Kulozik (5485) Re: People who have been members for 1+ rounds....
Fury.Jan Kulozik adding more to mine (because I can't edit it :p ) Warning. I'm slightly enebriated.


New time, and everyone from IGF was talking about Telos. I decided to give it a go, but kept in touch with Wolfi, NG and the rest of the crew who didn't come over. After a couple of days, I didn't really enjoy TD that much and Wolfi invited me over to Dogs of War.

I came over, and joined him, and started raiding along with Kodex and some other guy who's name i can't remember. I was the 2nd person to raid a port that round. SoF felt like being pricks and raided our planets. Podding all 8 or so members of DoW, except me.

I tried to harress SoF traders, but BT enjoyed jumping my raider with his warbird and taking pot shots at me. Even coming to a mexican stand off with an SoF raider (I think it was Foamy :p ) where we were both just pelting each other with CFCs and repping. Later that evening our 3 man raid team lured BT into a trap by me pinging his drones, and Kodex and the other dude jumping in. BT deployed, and kept repping. After a time he undeployed and we podded him. Much laughter ensued. SoF then raided me out :p


BT got his warbird back. I got my raider back :p

Our 3-man raid team hit back (as the other Kodex and the other guy were in another alliance). We went on a raiding spree raiding out silly SoF that slept in lvl 5 ports. Unfortently I was still new to squads, and when it was my turn to trigger I suicided on a port. Much laughter ensued. Kodex's alliance was offered to join LoF. Again, more laughter (those were funny times).

Eventually Kodex's alliance merged with Dogs of War. We helped out Telos in their fight against the xWW, with us practically telling Kova what to do. And when people started leaving TD, we picked up some more members like Rhal and a couple of others.

When Rhal joined he brought along his planet, we knew xWW/IS were going to take it. A information leak told us the exact time/date the op was taking place. We organised 5 ships, although Wolfi had told NG to let the planet fall. We managed to pod 1 ship before we got jumped by 7 or so IS ships.

My memory isn't too flash at this point. ACME merged with DoW, forming Renegades. But after a spat with Wolfi all of the ACME soon left, most into retirement. Only two stayed behind, Pinky/Stone Rain/Deridgan and his friend whos name I forgot :p .

We had planned to take on HOLY and their allies around this time, working with IGF. But were sold out to them by Nemuro/Another Human who was IGF. Nemuro also took the time to eject our members from IGF planets. War plans against HOLY were canceled and we focused our attention on IGF.

Micheal Meijers (a long time IGF member who Wolfi and I both flew with) wished to defect. We allowed him on the condition we got Nemuro. He couldn't do it, so we settled on podding all non-original IGF that we could get ejected from planets.

IGF fade out of the picture.

I start RCing. Doing RCing for my alliance and merc work for GTG and TPx and whoever else needed an RC and were willig to put up with my 56k. With no charge I got a lot of customers, and more often then not other alliances paid for new RCs whenever I got podded.


Renegades reformed. We took Cameron and Magmus (19k and 16k). Most of us still dispised LoF for one reason or another, and I resumed my work as an RC. Taking solo raids into LoF territory to take out LoF that were stupid enough not to dock on their planets.

War with SG comes about, and we start fighting one another. We ally ourselves with KAOS, granting them ownership of the 16k system and using them as a buffer for our home 19k system.

KAOS piss everyone off.

We attempt to assist KAOS in anyway we can, usually flying supplying escorts/raiders for their ops, and they do vice versa. We take SG's system. Highlight of the war was drone killing Mr Mago in AL's home system (with their permission :p ). I then somehow managed to kill ANOTHER highleveled SG member in the same system by accident a few hours later.

Kitchen Sink Coalition (called KSC from here on in) come after KAOS. Kaos loose 16k, leaving us wide open without any allies. Eventually SG falls back, after raiding most of our guys out. Dragonheart's alliance (don't remember what it's called) seeks help with dealing with Fury. We agree and start calling ops against Fury. We successfully raid Fury's system podding lots of the buggers and having a good time about it :p

myre quote "These guys are insane! They raid at 2am!"

A week or so goes by with no response from Fury. We figure they're beat. Fury starts making solo raids into 19k, managing to catch Wolfi while he's taking a breather. Fury retake their system, podding people and having a good time about it.

LoF start to invade our system. They offer an ultimatium of surrender or loose our system. We tell them to go and get F***ed :p

LoF droning begins. Renegade traders are stupid and don't scan and start dieing en masse to drones, and LoF eventually captures 19k rocks. Wolfi steps down and retires, handing leadership over to me. I'm too busy and have no desire to lead. I hand leadership and leave Renegades for personal reasons over to Sparky, and he also eventually de-tags. Renegades slowly looses most of it's core members to varying alliances.

I drift around for a bit. Eventually joining Lost Bastion (suckered in by VT). I'm in LB for a little under a week trading and re-leveling to ship up, when LB gets a threat to drop their allies HO or get slaughtered by ASx. LB back down, drop relations with HO. War between LB and HO break out. I leave in disgust, along with several other members.

I'm un-tagged for a few more days, bitter about my LB experiance when I get a recruitment message from Agito. Figure why not, because I remember fighting against them as a Renegade and them not being arsehats. Sol double checks with me to make sure I'm serious about joining and just not taking the piss :p

To Be Continued.....
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Aurora (237) Re: People who have been members for 1+ rounds....
Fury.Aurora Kitchen Sink vs Kaos? I only thought it was ASx SH and SG GTG.

Which was funny..seeing 2 fleets run into each other that weren't planning to.

ASx SH planned on hitting AL, but Baba warned them and tried to take an ASx rock..big mistake ;p
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Jirnoa (217) Re: People who have been members for 1+ rounds....
FuryJirnoa 2.0 - Found the game, joined Kights of Zion with a few other people(Daddoo) and played for the last month or so, learned how to trade/ressy.

2.1 - Joined SG(I have no idea how I got in :P), raided for about a month. Went to live with my dad for that august, when I came home I had computer problems so I stoped playing.

2.2 - Joined Phoenix, learned how to hunt(got over 80 kills). I left when the leadership/relations pissed me off. Went solo/joined a small alliance of aussies.

2.3 - Leveled and newb bashed/killed other bashers, didnt play actively for the most part. Stopped playing for a month, then remade my account and joined SH. NPC bashed with Greven for a while.

2.4 - Joined Fury, leveled to 30, got into a WB and got podded 3 days later. leveled to 40 and got into another WB, I hunted and escorted till I got killed in a bad jump, got into a RC and repped raids for 2 weeks or so, traded for 2 days and got back into a WB and thats where I am now.
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