2.5. Round intro

Good to see everyone here again. :) Due to the long downtime and rather abrupt (and unannounced) starting date, it will probably be a few days before our roster is in any form of order. We'll be missing a few good members from last round, but hopefully we will fill their places with new victims.

A few things to go over, briefly.

1. The roster needs rebuilding. Due to retirements, leavings, and the fact that we've never really had a solid 60 players in the first place, we have plenty of room that needs to be filled. If and when we start adding new players to the roster, be sure to make them feel welcome. Hazing is not only permitted, but is required. :P

2. Goals for the round:

-Top five in kill rankings -- Our roots are as a hunting alliance, and we will return to them. Kill anyone and anything. This will need a dramatic leap up from our stats in previous rounds, but I'm confident we can do it. If it moves, shoot it. :) If you are having trouble finding stuff to kill and/or killing it, we will help you.
-Top five in raid rankings -- should be easily achievable with our active and spontaneous raid team I outlined last round. Raiders will need to be L20 before they can be shipped and raiding can begin.
-Stay active, competitive, and fun -- this is our fourth round as Fury, fifth as an alliance. We've shown we can play with the best of them and established ourselves as a serious force in the game. Our challenge now is to silence any critics and prove that we can stand the test of time.

3. We will be allying with IGF again this round and will have official relations up soon. Until then, don't shoot them. If you accidently DO shoot one, blame it on Myre.

4. Item finding as we knew it has been basically removed, which means that we will have to *gasp* get back in the habit of trading/resourcing for our levels and money. This also means that trading donations will be vitally important to our ability to do stuff once again. Hopefully we'll have a supplemental income coming in once the raiders are leveled and shipped up, but regular donations will be needed regardless.

On the plus side, we will no longer see our enemies flying L300 ships around because their newbies spamclicked for them.

5. Forum posts should be divided roughly along the lines of F1 = important TDZK/alliance information, and F2 = misc/everything else. To minimize clutter, all the guides/tutorials/resources will be moved offsite and will be heavily added to, hopefully soon.

6. We will not be building another stronghold planet like last round. Also, the planet name Asgard, in use since 2.1, will be discontinued and left to TDZK legend. We will take and hold our traditional home of 23k, and IGF will be raiding 11k.

I'm sure there's more, but that's all that comes to mind at the moment.

Looking forward to another fun round with you all!