2.5. War with Arcani, take 1

As you'll see a message or two below this one, Arcani just declared war on us.

It's been a while since we've gone full out on a war, particularily a declared one. But right now, before a shot has even been fired, I am going to promise this:

We are NOT going to pull our punches. We are going to fight them on all fronts, and we are going to be efficient, smart, and deadly. We're going to meet them in space and we're going to burn them out of their ports and planets.

Do not underestimate Arcani. They're active, talented, and ballsy. We've worked with them before, so we know what they're capable of: they have a great jump team that knows what it is doing and is willing to take risks. And, they've worked with us before, so they know us well enough that they are not going to go easy on us.

This has been a long time coming, so give them hell. But keep it classy and keep the clowning off the webboards. We have a point to prove ingame and I don't want forum antics to distract from what we are going to accomplish over the next weeks.

Organizational details and furthur info regarding the war will be posted in the forums tomorrow.