2.5. War with Arcani, take 2

As you can see, we are now allied with Warriors and at war again with Arcani/DSP.

Why? Because this is going to be the war of the round and could easily spiral into something very, very big. It was our original intent to go through 2.5 alone, but with the opportunity to be a major part in a spectacular war, plans can change quickly. Warriors are highly compatable with in many ways and will make great allies, and hopefully this will be a lot of fun.

As it stands right now, it's us and Warriors versus Arcani and DSP. KAOS will almost certainly be involved on the enemy side, in time. SH/XF are currently at war with Warriors and can probably be counted on the opposing side too.

These are not the same Arcani that surrendered in two days when we last warred them. They've cleaned the inactives from their roster, brought up activity, gotten allies, and now regularily put 40 ships in a sector. We could easily see all the top alliances in the game involved soon, and it's safe to say we will have our hands full.

So, what does this mean?

We are once again on a full war footing:

-Smart docking is essential. NO STACKING, either with Fury ships or Warriors ships.
-BE ON IRC as much as possible. Make a serious effort to attend ops.
-WATCH FOR NEUTRALS. Use scanners!
-Be ACTIVE and get shipped as quickly as possible.
-KEEP A TURN RESERVE and don't risk your ship unecessarily.
-BE ON IRC! (repeat! :P) The more people we have hanging around, the better chances we have to defend our planets and have massive jumps.

This will be the war 2.5 is remembered for. Let's make it a good one, and let's make sure we win. :)