2.5. Solace = Squee #fury logs

<Solace> well, everyone...
<Solace> a very fine op. :)
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<Solace> just what I've come to expect from this alliance.
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* ChanServ sets mode: +o [Fury]Nightmyre
* [Fury]Ashanthalas cries
* Rodin hugz ash
<Solace> and, well...
<Zippy> Cyas and G'night all
<Valen> nn
<Rodin> night zip
* Zippy has quit IRC (Quit: <Krys> i ate zippy.. sorry myre|<Krys> absolutely yummy :))
<Solace> I wish you all the best. This is a fine way to end my stint as your leader.
<Iccyh> :/
<BT|Hidden> ?
<DarthFoamy> WHAT?
<BT|Hidden> what?
<Rodin> yaya sols leaving!
<Goofy> Bubblegum Defense...     Freighter     L: 230     5/6
<Goofy> Cloaked
<Goofy>     Ignite [Online]     Sniv     L: 36
<DarthFoamy> Wait wait wait
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<DarthFoamy> WTF IS THIS SOL?
<DarthFoamy> Oh wait
<DarthFoamy> April 1st
<Solace> I'll point you to my thread in the forums.
<Ghost> wtf?
<Goofy> 14096
<DarthDan> lol
<Goofy> Bubblegum Defense...     Freighter     L: 230     5/6
<Goofy> Cloaked
<Goofy>     Ignite [Online]     Sniv     L: 36
<Goofy> he gone now
<Solace> best of luck to you all.
<Ghost> ?
<DeadCanDance> April 1st... nice try Solace ;p
<AKULA-J-> fine
<DarthFoamy> Wait
<Rodin> i am soo glad sol leaving :)
<DarthFoamy> Wait.
<AKULA-J-> rodin runs the show
<DeadCanDance> yeah me too Rodin :)
<Valen> you are an hour too soon :P
<Iccyh> Sol...
<Rodin> muhehe
<DarthFoamy> Yeah
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<maz> It's been a pleasure...
<DarthFoamy> Silly Sol
<DarthDan> by server time, you're too soon :P
<Solace> 'night. :) and good luck.
<DarthFoamy> By my time, he's three hours early. :p
<DarthDan> laterz
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<Ghost> WTF?
<maz> Sol
<maz> ?!??!!!!!
<Dazzle> you guys are kicking ass
<Rodin> he cant leave till jeral gets back no?
<Ghost> WTF?
<[Fury]Nightmyre> i own you all now~
<[Fury]Nightmyre> fear me, slaves
<DarthDan> lol
<zer0das> ...
* Goofy retires again
<zer0das> wtf?
<DeadCanDance> omg...
<zer0das> he left myre in charge
<zer0das> ....
<zer0das> we're doomed
<DarthDan> DOOMED
<DarthFoamy> I really
<DarthFoamy> Really
<DarthFoamy> Hope this is an April 1st thing
<DeadCanDance> this is the end... [Fury]Nightmyre is leader...
<Rodin> lol sols sqee
<Iccyh> afk a bit
<Ghost> :/
<DeadCanDance> we are doomed ;p
<Ghost> i guess it fits tho...
<Ghost> mal/cir played with us...
<DarthFoamy> I whoised them both
<Ghost> X.x
<DarthFoamy> They're both comcast users
<DarthDan> heh
<Rodin> that is so gay 0.0
<BT|Hidden> Proteus Spores anyone?
* BT|Hidden is now known as BaronTroskey
<DarthFoamy> It DOES make a weird kind of sense
<zer0das> turns are too low
<DarthFoamy> But...
<DarthFoamy> I mean...
<DarthFoamy> ksdkghksebhgrk
<Goofy> and he detagged both accounts now too  :-p
<Rodin> i thought katie was squee 0.0
<zer0das> well
<Mardak> squeeeeee whereeeee
<zer0das> he disappeared you know
<DarthFoamy> Apparently
<zer0das> ever wonder why?
<DarthFoamy> Squee was Solace
<maz> yes
<DarthFoamy> No, I wasn't around then
<maz> 0.0
<Initiate> first i suspected him
<Initiate> than z0r
<Initiate> but i was right the first time
<maz> Sol = Squee 0.0
<Rodin> thats gay
<Initiate> yes
<Rodin> i want solace back
<Initiate> thinking about it ..
<[Fury]Nightmyre> at least you have me
<Initiate> yes we have you 8472 ;D
* Rodin cries and rocks back and forth
<DarthFoamy> [email protected]
<[Fury]Nightmyre> lol
<Initiate> don't laugh GNU
<[Fury]Nightmyre> i'd be hard pressed to speak german :P
<Initiate> :D
<DarthFoamy> Hah
<DarthFoamy> Me, GNU?
-MasterSword.VJTD3.com:@#fury- [Fury]Nightmyre invited crazy into channel #fury
<maz> lol
* crazy has joined #fury
<Ghost> i claim crazy's soul
<Initiate> i`m Korvan :D
<Valen> Maybe myre is Icy...
<Ghost> ggnore
<Rodin> bah
<DarthFoamy> I'm StormCrow!
<DarthFoamy> MWAHA
<maz> shut up aelanna :p
<Ghost> i'm darthdan!
<zer0das> pfft
<Initiate> btw
<crazy> i don't have a soul
<DarthDan> O_O
<zer0das> stormcrow joined under a different name
<zer0das> so
<AKULA-J-> holy shit....it's crazy
<Initiate> haven't you thinked about this...
<zer0das> meh :p
<crazy> i think i sold it to akula one round for like 30b
<AKULA-J-> the pod test pilot
<Initiate> Mal is leader of F1
<Ghost> :/
<Initiate> and Solace is leader of F2 back in 2.0
<Goofy> I waited for an hour last night to do that Ghost
<Initiate> while Aelanna isn't in the leadership
<crazy> indeed
<zer0das> you mean 2.1?
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<Initiate> yes
<Rodin> damn admins being our leaders..
<zer0das> she was
<Initiate> 2.1
<zer0das> just never around
<crazy> even now the aggie drones are drawn to my location
<[Fury]Nightmyre> ael was a subcom yeah
<DarthDan> she was a subcom, if I remember
<crazy> they anser my call
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* Looking up Iccyh user info...
<Initiate> i mean the leadership of the wing
<[Fury]Nightmyre> in one particularly amusing situation
<DarthFoamy> Okay, new plan
<DarthFoamy> Step 1
<[Fury]Nightmyre> someone killed ciralin by multiing
<DarthDan> lol
<[Fury]Nightmyre> so she logged hotaru and banned him
<DarthFoamy> We pretend this is all an April Fool's joke
<DarthFoamy> Step 2
<[Fury]Nightmyre> and gave herself back her ship and turns
<DarthFoamy> We never speak of it again
<DarthDan> agreed, foamy
<DarthFoamy> Actually,  that's Step 3
<DarthFoamy> Step 2 is get Solace back
<Initiate> btw it might be an fools day joke
<zer0das> once an admin has revealed himself
<zer0das> or herself
<[Fury]Nightmyre> step 0 is to accept me as your new master
<zer0das> they can never go back
<zer0das> not the same way
<[Fury]Nightmyre> oh
<Initiate> but still i think Solace is Squee
<[Fury]Nightmyre> next op i think will be on sunday
<[Fury]Nightmyre> i think ill post abotu that now
<DarthDan> whee
<DarthFoamy> ...
<DarthFoamy> khfkshdgfih
<DarthFoamy> dfhskh
<drcool> we don't op on sunday though...
<[Fury]Nightmyre> while everyone is here
<[Fury]Nightmyre> shrug
<[Fury]Nightmyre> sunday sounds as good as any to me
<DarthFoamy> We're gonna attack SH again aren't we
<[Fury]Nightmyre> i'll make an option for monday though
<zer0das> well
<zer0das> if anyone listens to me
<Initiate> no no myew
<DarthFoamy> You know
* zer0das coughs
* Looking up Iccyh user info...
<Initiate> make an option for next sunday
<DeadCanDance> almost got Ignite
<DarthFoamy> Was I the only one who had no idea?
<Goofy> I didn't have any idea Foams
<Rodin> he always acted weird but i dint think he was squee 0.0
<[Fury]Nightmyre> well i knew
<[Fury]Nightmyre> but thats to be expected
<DarthFoamy> I am gonna KILL Iccyh if him finding out is what caused this
* blooberr has joined #fury
<Mardak> an el oso :p
<blooberr> yeah :p
<DarthFoamy> Question here.
<blooberr> now that's freaky :p
<Goofy> either Sol is squee, or squee is in on this joke
<zer0das> no one suspected mal to be jerle
<zer0das> well
<zer0das> the cult did
<DeadCanDance> night all
<DarthFoamy> Yar, Goofs
<zer0das> but no one in the alliance
* DeadCanDance has quit IRC (Quit: )
<DarthDan> 'night dcd
<DarthFoamy> Anyways
<Rodin> i did z0r ;p
<blooberr> wait
<Goofy> damn you Iccyh
<blooberr> its april fool's day
<zer0das> right
<drcool> not yet blooberr
<DarthFoamy> Assume for the moment that Sol was Squee, and this isn't some horrible practical joke
<Goofy> bloober, look at the second post, that is squee's account
<blooberr> but time zones
<[Fury]Nightmyre> haha
<blooberr> it could be 4/1
<drcool> atleast not in america/weird myre parts of canada
<DarthFoamy> What do we do about Squee's stuff?
<[Fury]Nightmyre> the cult was cool
<[Fury]Nightmyre> i was part of that!
<DarthFoamy> I mean
<Goofy> <Goofy> either Sol is squee, or squee is in on this joke
<DarthFoamy> The news is gonna get out
<Dazzle> who is crazy?
<DarthFoamy> So do we post about it, or what?
<[Fury]Nightmyre> im crazy
<[Fury]Nightmyre> and now i rule you!
<[Fury]Nightmyre> mwahaha.
<Goofy> crazy is another old Sigma
<Goofy> he just walked into all this
<Mardak> sooo! when did myre know? ;)
<[Fury]Nightmyre> the news wil get out eventually
<[Fury]Nightmyre> but don't post about it
<crazy> oh so now im old eh?
<Goofy> old sigma, yes
<[Fury]Nightmyre> afk for now
<crazy> :P
<AKULA-J-> no point in posting it
<[Fury]Nightmyre> ill be back in a bit
<Rodin> man foam you gotta post about everything eh 0.0
* [Fury]Nightmyre sets mode: +p
<DarthFoamy> crazy, you're almost as old as I am.
<crazy> i must be ancient then :P
<Goofy> wonder when W is gonna say something about leadership change
<DarthFoamy> He ain't just old sigma
<DarthFoamy> He's old SoF
<Goofy> yep
<Goofy> and before that, he old LCN
<DarthFoamy> I think we ought to announce this, rather than having this leak out
<DarthFoamy> Someone sticky Solace's thread
<AKULA-J-> baz was playing in fury last round
<zer0das> okay, will do
<Jay> Solace = april fools joke!
* BaronTroskey shakes his head
<Jay> ip's dont lie -______-
<Jay> baz had back surgury
<DarthFoamy> I hope... but I mean... Iccyh says he knew
<DarthFoamy> And 'myre says he knew
<DarthFoamy> And Squee's in on it
<Jay> elaborate april fools joke -___-
<zer0das> myre's full of crap
<zer0das> seriously
<DarthFoamy> It's a damn elaborate one.
<zer0das> he just wants to look smart and in charge
<Goofy> <Goofy> either Sol is squee, or squee is in on this joke
<[Fury]Ashanthalas> the internet never lies
<[Fury]Ashanthalas> oh wait
<DarthDan> lol
<DarthFoamy> But I mean
<DarthFoamy> Sol gave 'myre Leader
<DarthFoamy> Even as a joke that's going too far!
<Mardak> :p
<[Fury]Nightmyre> hey
<crazy> so myre would have to be in on it to
<[Fury]Nightmyre> i'm not that bad =/
<Rodin> lol hes done it before ;p
<crazy> :P
<[Fury]Ashanthalas> quick Myre, pull an UF
<DarthFoamy> Yeah, hitlist Squee!
<DarthDan> lol
<Rodin> LOL
<Goofy> ROFL
<[Fury]Ashanthalas> heh
<maz> lol
<blooberr> oh yeah.. how about the planet in 11k ...
<[Fury]Nightmyre> rofl
<blooberr> :p
<[Fury]Nightmyre> damn solace..
<Rodin> lol oopsa
<[Fury]Nightmyre> grr
<blooberr> MISTAKE
<[Fury]Nightmyre> i'll have to bug ael or something
<[Fury]Nightmyre> to transfer it to me
<[Fury]Nightmyre> =/
<DarthFoamy> Haha
<Rodin> myres an admin!!
<Valen> lol
<Initiate> doooooh
<DarthFoamy> THE HORRROR
<blooberr> damn at this rate everyone's an admin
<Initiate> we all know that already Rodin !
<zer0das> 03/31/05 23:25:09 EST
<zer0das> Port 15000 (15000) is under attack by members of Dynasty Raiders (18).
<Rodin> lol
<DarthFoamy> You know, this sucks
* Looking up Iccyh user info...
<DarthFoamy> I've come to a conclusion that I can't talk about here
<DarthFoamy> And I can't talk about in test
<Rodin> lol
<DarthFoamy> Can't talk about it here 'cause it contains test stuff
<Rodin> glad you found that out your self faoms ;p
<DarthFoamy> Can't talk about it in test 'cause it's about Squee
<blooberr> make a top secret room :p
<AKULA-J-> arn't you the fucked one
<DarthFoamy> I know
<DarthFoamy> And I can't talk about it with 'myre either
<[Fury]Nightmyre> :O
<[Fury]Nightmyre> what can't you talk about with me?
<DarthFoamy> 'cause it's about you
<DarthDan> obviously, he's not going to say
<[Fury]Nightmyre> :O
<DarthFoamy> And I don't wanna make YOU retire too. :p
<DarthDan> if he can't talk about it with you
<[Fury]Nightmyre> foamy's plotting my doom
<[Fury]Nightmyre> ...
<[Fury]Nightmyre> see!
<crazy> lies!
<[Fury]Nightmyre> ill have to hire more henchmen..
<DarthFoamy> Hah!
<DarthDan> we're ALL plotting your doom, myre
<DarthFoamy> Theory: CONFIRMED
<DarthDan> you just never noticed
<crazy> indeed err
<maz> lol
<crazy> no conspiracy here
<[Fury]Nightmyre> so
<Rodin> 03/31/05 23:27:00 EST
<Rodin> Ens. Vanessa Harman (620) [FN] piloting Navy Recruit destroyed -][-podreamer on the uber express, owned by serial (2869) DU, in Sector 6001.
<[Fury]Nightmyre> who wants to sign up?
<Rodin> hehehe
<[Fury]Nightmyre> i need more henchmen
<DarthFoamy> I'll hench for you!
<Mardak> so when did people know? pkoe poke myre poke poke iccyh :p
<[Fury]Nightmyre> you're plotting my demise
<[Fury]Nightmyre> you can't hench for me
<Goofy> Sol from Minnasota
<drcool> myre what time do you awake tomorrow?
<[Fury]Nightmyre> who knows
<DarthFoamy> What do those have to do with each other, 'myre?
<[Fury]Nightmyre> im so damn tired
<crazy> thats right myre
<crazy> go to sleep
<drcool> well you are teh conscribed atleast tomorrow night
<crazy> be trapped in the emrald dream
<drcool> candy sean and teh sy have all agreed
<crazy> for eternity... :)
<drcool> and during the day we'll start "operation we have more money than j00"
* HolyEmpire has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<crazy> i wonder if you got that WoW referance :P
<[Fury]Nightmyre> lol
<[Fury]Nightmyre> of course i did
<DarthFoamy> I really think we should announce this publically if we're sure that this is NOT an April Fool's joke.
<DarthFoamy> However
<DarthFoamy> I'm not sure about that
<AKULA-J-> screw the public
<Jay> it is a joke -___-
<Jay> huzzah
<zer0das> someone else will
* DarthDan seconds A's opinion
<Initiate> should be a joke
<zer0das> we need to do nothing
* HolyEmpire has joined #fury
<zer0das> im sure there's another cult, or something
<AKULA-J-> wait till AtM makes an ass out of himself when he finds out
<DarthFoamy> See, thats why I think we should get a head start on spin control
<Initiate> i wonder what SH reaction will be to that
* Rodin has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<DarthDan> ooh
<DarthFoamy> But eh
<DarthFoamy> And yeah, Init
<DarthFoamy> Me tto
<DarthFoamy> *too
<crazy> no need really, when people ask, our buisness is our own
<crazy> they're input is neither wanted nor required
<Initiate> simple
<[Fury]Nightmyre> you know
<[Fury]Nightmyre> i'd be tempted to let you
<Initiate> myre made a bloody revolution >.<
<Goofy> just say that Sol had to leave for personal reasons
<[Fury]Nightmyre> just for SH's reaction
<[Fury]Nightmyre> but no, don't do it
<Goofy> difference between Squee and Jerle is that Jerle was gone basicly when it came out, Squee is still around
<Initiate> another reason this to be a joke
<Initiate> Sol asked LotD to transfer #fury-hunt to him
<DarthFoamy> Hmn
<Goofy> thing is when squee posted on our boards, he was wearing the Fury tag
<Initiate> why if he knows he`ll leave the alliance the next day ?
<DarthFoamy> Was he, Goofs?
<DarthFoamy> Hmmmmmmmm
<maz> squee is a admin Goofy
<Initiate> hold on !
<drcool> myre
<drcool> i have a question
<Mardak> squee doesnt have to be in fury to post :p
<maz> he can fly your account if he wants 0.0
<drcool> why are we having a raid op in 6 years?
<Goofy> When Sol first mentiond the post, I went to check and both Sol and Squee had the fury tag.
<maz> yes i noticed that too
<DarthFoamy> He tagged up to post, I guess
<drcool> where is this post?
<Goofy> didn't need to, admins can come into any alliance's boards, Jerle posted without the tag after we killed Willy
<AKULA-J-> nice thing about fury...it all doesn't ride on one person holding the entire alliance together
<Goofy> our boards dr.
<[Fury]Nightmyre> 6 years?
<[Fury]Nightmyre> ...
<drcool> april the second
<[Fury]Nightmyre> well i probably messed up the date =/
<[Fury]Nightmyre> 3rd
<drcool> first sunday on april the second is in 6 years
<[Fury]Nightmyre> bah
<drcool> :D
<Goofy> I am trying to figure that out too, I thought we were going back in history to raid
<BaronTroskey> omnipotent NPC bashing in 9k
<Mardak> so myre.. what should i do with http://tdzk.agadak.net/tmp/w.php?w=1 :p
<DarthFoamy> Squee Squee c-24-2-73-14.client.comcast.net * Squee
<[Fury]Nightmyre> make it load faster? :P
* Dazzle is now known as Dazzle[something]
<DarthFoamy> Solace Solace c-66-41-167-176.hsd1.mn.comcast.net * Solace
<Goofy> lol
<zer0das> stick on your refrigarator door...
* AKULA-J- is now known as AKULA
* Rodin has joined #fury
<Initiate> * Dns resolving c-66-41-167-176.hsd1.mn.comcast.net
<Initiate> -
<Initiate> * Dns resolved c-66-41-167-176.hsd1.mn.comcast.net to
<Initiate> -
<Initiate> * Dns resolving c-24-2-73-14.client.comcast.net
<Initiate> -
<Initiate> * Dns resolved c-24-2-73-14.client.comcast.net to
* Dazzle[something] is now known as Dazzle[DoingSomething]AfK
<Initiate> -
<Initiate> they might know each other in person
<crazy> or mnerely use the same isp
<Valen> comcast is a large cable company in the US, in several states
<Goofy> comcast redid their IPs recently, went from 24s to 66s
<Initiate> but i don't think they are the same person
<crazy> yea
<crazy> thats 2 seperate connections
<Goofy> Valen, each state has their own one now
* Dazzle[DoingSomething]AfK is now known as Dazzle[busy]
<Iccyh> anyone know the windows process for that taskbar?
* drcool begins to leak info about solace^_~
<[Fury]Nightmyre> if they logged on IRC on the same IP
<Iccyh> my taskbar just bit it
<Goofy> Goofy is [email protected]
<Iccyh> it's frozen
<[Fury]Nightmyre> wouldn't people have found out earlier?
<Valen> explorer
<crazy> if they were the same person
<Iccyh> eh
<crazy> he could run 2 comps
<Iccyh> I can't really go try and kill explorer.exe
<crazy> which to get diff ips would have to be 2 seperate connections
<crazy> or 2 instances of mirc
<Valen> sure you can, just make sure you have task manager open to start a new one :P
<Iccyh> hitting "End Process" on that wouldn't be a hot idea
<DarthFoamy> He'd have to proxy in, methinks
<crazy> iccyh
<Initiate> i think i checked their Ips before
<Goofy> who does a whois on someone, unless you are specificly looking for someone
<Mardak> i can get 2 ips on my comcast modem :p
<Initiate> Squee and Solace
<crazy> as long as task managers open
<Initiate> and they weren't the same
<Iccyh> it's not explorer :/
<crazy> you can end it
<Goofy> I have 2 IPs here
<DarthFoamy> Simultaneously, 'dak?
<Initiate> it's systray Iccyh
<Mardak> yeah foamy
<crazy> so foamy
<Iccyh> thank you initate
<crazy> err
<crazy> you can be on mirc twice
<Initiate> or was it z0r and Squee
<Mardak> the usb port gave 1 ip while the ethernet port gave another ip
* Initiate shrugs
<crazy> off the same comp
<zer0das> o_o
<crazy> just need a different name
<zer0das> z0r is not squee
<zer0das> <_<
<DarthFoamy> But that different across all the octets?
<Mardak> yeah
<DarthFoamy> Hm
<crazy> they are 2 seperate people
<Mardak> i was quite suprised when i noticed it :p
<crazy> the connection info wonl;t change
<crazy> it will show both of you from same connect
<Initiate> if
<Goofy> mine will now because I am running a router
<Initiate> you use a proxy it will
<BaronTroskey> got em :)
<Iccyh> ugh finally it sorted itself
<Goofy> but before, I had 2 connections on 2 comps with 2 slightly different IPs
<crazy> goofy
<Iccyh> ok, now I can actually *read*
<crazy> those 2 ips are not near each other really
<Rodin> some one hack those ips and look on their comps ;p
<crazy> its same isp yes
<crazy> but 2 totally diff computers
<zer0das> heh
<zer0das> nice kill bt
<crazy> they aren't even networked
<Goofy> 24 is the old comcast IPs, not in use anymore for comcast users
<Initiate> gj BT
<Initiate> Squee is currently using it  Goofy
<drcool> ooo i wanna sell this to #inn
<drcool> can i!
<DarthFoamy> No
<DarthFoamy> =(
<drcool> :P
<drcool> please
<DarthFoamy> I want to post it to AP
<DarthFoamy> And I got told no
<drcool> k
<drcool> but inn is better
<drcool> teh fearless leader myre!
<Initiate> 3 reasons Sol isn't Squee
<DarthFoamy> So... How long before 'myre has use building statues to him?
<Initiate> 1.about the #fury-hunt thing
<Initiate> 2.the difference in the Ips
<Valen> How long before we have to raid his planet back? ;)
<Initiate> 3.z0r is the real Squee >.>
<drcool> i vote drc gets to right the article about it on inn
<Rodin> can we raid sol out?
<drcool> i am still an editor or some crap
<Valen> he's docked with me!
<DarthFoamy> 4. Nobody would give 'myre leadership intentionally
<Initiate> not even counting it's Fool`s day
<Initiate> or however it should be spelt in english
<Rodin> lol
<zer0das> well
<zer0das> mal didn't transfer #fury-command to us
<zer0das> when he left
<zer0das> we moved to bunker
<zer0das> and command has been closed ever since
<Initiate> cause he was in a hurry for his mission.
<Rodin> ya why did sol want ownership on hunt if he was leaving 0.0
<zer0das> well, it's emotional thing
<zer0das> you forget stuff
<Initiate> or may be ....
<Initiate> because the real Squee is still around !
<Rodin> but he went thro alot to get it 0.0
<Initiate> gotcha
* Initiate demands admin hunt in Fury !
<Rodin> lol
<Mardak> heheh http://forums.tdzk.net/showthread.php?t=2948 http://forums.tdzk.com/showthread.php?t=2948
<Rodin> yea weer full of em 0.0
<BaronTroskey> so a wraith cloak with 2 -vis fields is -145 right?
<Ghost> sounds right
<Mardak> http://forums.tdzk.net/showthread.php?t=2423 http://forums.tdzk.com/showthread.php?t=2423
<Initiate> yea BT
<DarthFoamy> Hmn
<Initiate> also
<Initiate> if Sol=Squee
<Initiate> shouldn't the mods see this on the web boards ?
<Valen> Solace said that he was going to be gone this weekend. I guess we'll find out Monday if he rejoins and posts "lol prank't" :P
<Mardak> he could just make sure to always remember use a certain computer for solace stuff and squee stuff
<DarthFoamy> Not if he's separating the IPs like 'dak said is possible
<Initiate> Mardak
<Mardak> that's why ips of solace from #fury and ips of squee from $tdzk-test are all different
<Initiate> that doesn't work out
<Mardak> i just searched through my chat logs :p
<Initiate> i was trying to do this in irc to fool some poeple
<Initiate> you forget at least once ;p
<Valen> You could use different color schemes in mIRC to differentiate, I suppose
<Initiate> i`m off anyway
<Mardak> big postit on the screen.. "THIS IS SQUEE COMPUTER.. SQUEE SQUEE SQUEEEEEE"
<Initiate> 7:55 am
<Rodin> night init
<AKULA> go sleep
<DarthFoamy> Different computers, perhaps
<Initiate> bah sleep
<Iccyh> night initiate
<Valen> nn
<Initiate> tjust logging off,what sleep ?
<Rodin> sleep ya monkey ;p
<Initiate> never !
<Goofy> night all
<drcool> nn
<Rodin> night goof
* Goofy has quit IRC (Quit: Happy hunting but lets be careful out there)
<DarthFoamy> I bet you there's an AP thread about this by tomorrow morning. =/
<Initiate> bye everyone
<Rodin> tata
* Initiate has quit IRC (Quit: Sol isn't Squee.period.)
<Iccyh> BT, nice kill
<DarthFoamy> Hmn
<DarthFoamy> Squee's on the WBs
<DarthFoamy> Wonder if he'll post there
<Ghost> hum
<Ghost> well we had jermal
<DarthFoamy> And there go the goods
<Ghost> squlace?
<Rodin> lol
<Ghost> solee?
<Ghost> X.x
<BaronTroskey> thanks icc
<Ghost> twinkies, mountain dew, poprocks, toxic green ooze, rings of power, lawnmowers, ipods, magnifying lenses and swiss watches
<BaronTroskey> timed it right after he hit all 4 NPCs.. most of his drones were gone..
<Ghost> what are the illegals?
<DarthFoamy> Stormtroopers, Magic Wands, and Computer Games
* Daddoo has joined #fury
* ChanServ sets mode: +o Daddoo
<Daddoo> hi rodin
<DarthFoamy> Hey Daddoo
<DarthFoamy> Check ingame forums
* Daddoo awards himself a point
<Rodin> dady!
<Iccyh> hey daddoo
<Daddoo> wazzup?
<Valen> heya Daddoo
<Daddoo> sec
<DarthFoamy> Hey
<maz> i refuse to believe in such Solace = Squee nonsense
<DarthFoamy> Squee dies.
<DarthFoamy> DIES
<DarthFoamy> DIES I TELL YOU
<BaronTroskey> well I have news too...
<BaronTroskey> I'm really Comwood
<Iccyh> ahaha
<BaronTroskey> and now that you know
<maz> lol
<BaronTroskey> I must depart
<DarthFoamy> [email protected]
<crazy> that would be...scary :P
<Iccyh> oh tell me about it :P
<Daddoo> holy fuck!
<HolyEmpire> :O
<DarthFoamy> I see Daddoo read the forums?
<Daddoo> aye
<HolyEmpire> and posted :p
<DarthFoamy> I told ya to. :p
<Rodin> damnit i always gt gayed against ghost
<Daddoo> I'm a little shocked atm
<Ghost> please dinro
<Ghost> you're amateur
<Ghost> i'm pro
<Ghost> that's all there is to it
<Rodin> its fin land..
* Daddoo slaps Ghost around a bit with a large trout
<Rodin> i cant help that
<Ghost> sugarbuns?
<AKULA> btw
<Daddoo> Rodin abuse was Sol's specialty
<Daddoo> a little respect please
<Rodin> lol ;p
<AKULA> someone remind squee to transfer his planet back to us. :)
<Daddoo> Indeed
* Daddoo goes off to find the purple banana loving admin
<Rodin> lol
<Rodin> sol cant gey squee he wasnt ever that gay
<Rodin> gey= be 0.0
<Daddoo> kk, settling down now
<Daddoo> how did the op go?
<drcool> excellent
<drcool> rc's got dizzy
<DarthFoamy> The op went fine
<drcool> myre forgot how to count days
<Daddoo> did Sol fly it?
<DarthFoamy> The Solace left
<drcool> a success if you ask me
<DarthFoamy> And yes, I think he did
<Rodin> oh ya lots of love to z0r!! thanks for the reps dude ;p
<Iccyh> op was damn good, heh
<Iccyh> and yeah
<BaronTroskey> we even started with a jump
<Iccyh> Sol ran cover...
<drcool> ...
<BaronTroskey> so it was a bonus op night
<Ghost> then sol ran :(
<Daddoo> aye
<drcool> you know some of us were there too rodin
<drcool> -_-
<Rodin> lol you didnt rep me tho ;p
<DarthFoamy> Hmn
<drcool> i teh saved bt
<maz> HA the ip static addresses don't lie
<DarthFoamy> On the side of April Fools:
<Daddoo> with all due respect to nightm yre, its not going to be the same
<drcool> who was at like /3
<Daddoo> april fools isn't til tomorrow
<DarthFoamy> I just messaged Squee on the forums
<maz> Solace ip range: c-66-41-167-176.hsd1.mn.comcast.net
<DarthFoamy> About the planet
<BaronTroskey>  00:20:08 EST
<DarthFoamy> I got a 'Eh?' in reply
<Valen> I harassed solace about that planet too :P
<Rodin> lol
<Stone_Rain> hmm it is april first isnt it...
<drcool> now it is
<maz> Solace is not Squee
<Valen> it was posted an hour before, server time
<drcool> solace is squee just accept it guys
<maz> they are on two totaly different networks
<drcool> life shall go on
<Jay> yeah
<Jay> solace and squee are probably buddies though :)
<maz> yep
<Jay> which is cool, i like'em both!
<drcool> lol
<maz> i will kill him when he comes back
<Jay> ill kill them both
<Jay> or one of them
<Jay> either way somethings dying
<maz> lol
<Daddoo> lol
<Daddoo> do velox and call it even
<Rodin> ew
<Daddoo> viet nam terminology - kill him = do him
<Valen> we kill him tonight already :(
<DarthFoamy> I ain't gonna do Velox.
<Rodin> i know dad ;p
<crazy> whoa
<crazy> the truth comes out
<crazy> rodin is foamys lovechild
<crazy> :)
<Rodin> 0.0
<maz> Solace NetRange: -
<maz> Squee's: Comcast Cable Communications UTAH-9 (NET-24-2-64-0-1)
<maz> -
<DarthFoamy> GASP
* Rodin didnt realize foams was a chick
<maz> see
<DarthFoamy> Dude
<DarthFoamy> Haven't you seen my gender ingame?
<zer0das> eww
<Daddoo> maz, I don't understand what that means
<Rodin> cant say as i have 0.0
<maz> means two different networks
<Daddoo> yeah
<Daddoo> I do that my self
<DarthFoamy> Eh, 'dak said that's possible
<Jay> me and valen have something to say
<Daddoo> ahh
<Jay> Ive gone by another name in tdzk
<Ghost> you love me deeply?
* Jay = bab
<AKULA> you in a cruiser right?
<Jay> baba*
<Daddoo> your really vinz
<Jay> valen is dazzle
* Ghost = laffing
<snuffy> i am really Valen
<Daddoo> you're Vinz and DD?
<Valen> <3
<AKULA> pick'em up and hand them off to z0r at the next op
<Jay> snuffy is valen
* Daddoo is now known as Dirty-Old
<Jay> master chief is hotaru
<Jay> why he left
<Dirty-Old> and now you know the truth
<AKULA> try bathing
* Dirty-Old is now known as Dirty-oldman
<Dirty-oldman> :-P
* Dirty-oldman is now known as Daddoo
* Daddoo is now known as ToMa
<AKULA> I was wondering if you where going to add "bastard" on the end. :)
<ToMa> lol
<ToMa> still looking for the aliens
<Ghost> rofl
* ToMa is now known as Daddoo
<Daddoo> and now you know the rest of the story
<Ghost>  "it would of been nice to see a FAT BANKROLL as a gift to his troops..."
<Ghost> rofl
<Ghost> i lurve you snuff
<AKULA> hell we earned it
<Ghost> yeah...
<Ghost> ugh...
* BaronTroskey is now known as BT|Away
<BT|Away> nn
<Ghost> more fucking accusations of "omg t3h admins cheat for fury"...
<Ghost> nn bt
<Ghost> those won't be long in coming [again]
<AKULA> yeah
<DarthFoamy> Let them come
<DarthFoamy> Squee's an honourable guy. :p
<Rodin> dads a harlet!
<DarthFoamy> Harlot
<Rodin> did i say i was french??
<Ghost> no, but you lose like a frenchman.
<Ghost> <zing>
<Mardak> what state does solace live in?
<DarthDan-class> minnesota
<Mardak> for sure?
<DarthDan-class> he's talked about it multiple times
<Mardak> and squee is in utah :p
<Mardak> unless solace made up being from minnesota ;)
* Iccyh has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
* Fudgerucker thinks it is time to go beat da fook uot of a new alliance
<Mardak> because squee has logged in from a university in utah computer :p
<DarthDan-class> and I don't know why anyone would pick minnesota if they were going to lie about why they were from
<Ingen> 04/01/05 13:18:16 EST  to Velox Nex (508)
<Ingen> I live in French Guyana, work at a small company shipping agricultural products.
<Ingen> Delete
<DarthDan-class> lol
<Fudgerucker> Velox is so dirty
<Mardak> hrmm.. [03/31/2005 22:29:36] <Goofy> Sol from Minnasota :p
* Sy has joined #fury
* Sy has left #fury
<Mardak> thats the only occurence of minnesota in my fury logs :p
<Ingen> mardak: do you have logs from last night?
<Blah> if you're loking for 'hints' from sol
<Blah> there aren't any
* Blah is now known as Blah|away
<Ingen> well.. he did say something in todays post 'bout it..
<Blah|away> sol didn't make a post today
<Blah|away> hell
<Blah|away> technically
<Blah|away> that thread isn't an april fools joke
<Blah|away> cause it was posted on the 31st
<Mardak> most of the world was april 1st already :p
<Blah|away> not here :D
<Ingen> actually no he didn't.
<Ingen> as for..
<Ingen> he didn't write in his post about yesterday..
<Ingen> strange.
<Blah|away> ash
* maz has joined #fury
<Brightheart_Racoon> hmm damn
<Brightheart_Racoon> where's war kill tracker?
* Brightheart_Racoon is now known as Iccyh
<Blah|away> ask sol
<Blah|away> :p
<Iccyh> ...
<maz> battlereports/users/elated
<Iccyh> yeah
<maz> battlereports/users/elated.html
<Iccyh> nah
<Iccyh> that's the folder it's in
<maz> oh
<Iccyh> no idea about the filename though :/
<Fudgerucker> Rex Mortis Destroyer L: 210 185/35
<Fudgerucker>  Coast [Online]  Wraith L: 20
<Fudgerucker> 16031
* Blah|away pokes ash again
<Fudgerucker> Arcani
* Blah|away demands that when Solace returns that he be interviewed prior to rejoining
<Fudgerucker> And bitch slapped  :-P
<Blah|away> naa
<Blah|away> hold the bitch slapping
<Blah|away> we'll bounce him off a port
<Ingen> Blah: "So.. do you have any merits in tdzk?" <-- good interview questions :P
<Ingen> -s
<Blah|away> naa
<Blah|away> "Tell me, do you like banana's?"
<Blah|away> yes? sorry we can't accept you
<Blah|away> :)
<maz> lol
<Ingen> lol
<Blah|away> "Would you agree that Squee is the worst admin of all time, and deserves a gruesome death?"
<Blah|away> i'm sure we could come up with some other entertaining questions...
<Blah|away> "have you ever been the leader of an alliance?"
<Blah|away> "Would you ever make Nightmyre the leader of an alliance, given his psychotic nature?"
<Blah|away> "Have you ever pulled a prank on your alliance mates?"
<maz> lol
<Blah|away> "Is z0r a wench?"
<Iccyh> $ltimer
<Iccyh> hmm
<Blah|away> $pwned
<Ingen> lol
<maz> 04/01/05 00:43:53 EST  to Solace (155)
<maz> Hmm I was just looking at your network
<maz> NetRange: - (Solace)
<maz> and ugh your?
<maz> NetRange: - (Squee)
<maz> now confess you are friends with Squee or i will kill you :)
<maz> or you are using another computer or dial-up (pppoe) account?
<maz> Squee at work, Solace at home that it? -.-
<maz> certainly hope not :(
<maz> now.. back to plotting myre's demise..horrible, horrible, horrible stabbity death
<Blah|away> quiet!
<Ingen> maz: Actually
<Blah|away> the overload will hear your treason!
<Blah|away> and smite thee down!
<maz> lol
<Ingen> solace said he and squee often signed on at similar times
<Ingen> so can't be home and work
<Ingen> well
<Ingen> he could work from home, but two different connections?
<Blah|away> wanna bet?
<Blah|away> it can be done
<Ingen> (or using proxy?)
<Blah|away> naa
<Blah|away> something like vnc viewer
<crazy> using a proxy theyd both have the proxy addy
<Blah|away> can remotly control a compo
<Blah|away> from wherever you are
<Ingen> sounds like so much hassle, sounds like he'd have to cock that up eventually :P
<Ingen> I think the only interview question for solace ought to be "can you eat orange and banana fruit salad?" :P
<Iccyh> hm k
<Blah|away> orange?
<Iccyh> I think I got this working
<Ingen> as in the fruit
<Ingen> squee apparantly isn't keen on oranges
<Blah|away> lol
<Ingen> squeeself is.. assuming squeeself can't deal with bananas in return...
<Ingen> neither squee nor squeeself could have that dish
<Ingen> blah: I figured out another good interview question: "Please translate the following to so called 'leet-speak' or 'haxxor-language" (and then any text will do :P)
* Kinetika has joined #fury
<Kinetika> so it was all an april fools joke?
* Kinetika pokes myre
<Kinetika> yup, all a joke
<Ingen> kin: The majority assumes so.
<Kinetika> ingen, its true
<Kinetika> squee just told me
<Ingen> how did you figure?
<Ingen> oh
* Ingen has never spoken to squee :( Tried messaging him ingame asking if it was a april fools joke..
<Ingen> but no reply. Squee doesn't like me :( Probably because I cheer for squeeself..
<Kinetika> lol
<Kinetika> i posted the conversation on the forums
<Fudgerucker> lol, im out, taker easy
<Fudgerucker> Smack Sol for me too  :-P
<Ingen> kin: blah suggested that solace goes through an interview, as is usual for people who are joining fury.. I think that one of the 'tests' in interview should be to type a bit in 'leet-speak' :P Never laughed as hard as when solace did that for a joke once.
<Kinetika> see ya fudge
<Fudgerucker> I ddint beleive, but he needs a smack
* Fudgerucker has quit IRC (Quit: [13:39] <Dreams> just thought I'd point out I'm only half of you)
<Kinetika> ingen/blah, he has to, if he wants to rejoin he must go through the same process everyone does
<Kinetika> and earn his leadership back
<Kinetika> myre stays leader until sol can prove he wants it back bad enough
<Ingen> kin: I fear myre will be too busy with wow to pay much attention
<Kinetika> lol
<Ingen> "Wha.. course you're leader solace.. Bwaha, my uber-gnome will own you! You've been leader for rounds without interruptions, no? oooh, kill, gnome, kill! Bwahaha, die, sucky orc"
<Kinetika> ol
<Kinetika> lol
<Kinetika> mutiny
<Ingen> kin: I can't see your post on our forums?
* Mardak_ has joined #fury
<Kinetika> ingen, under welcome back sol
* Initiate has joined #fury
<Initiate> like hi
<Kinetika> hey init
<Initiate> hi Kine
* Ghost has joined #fury
* ChanServ sets mode: +o Ghost
<Initiate> hey Ghostie
<Ingen> Gah.. I want to shout a little but gently at squee too :(

*Next Day*

* Solace has joined #fury
* ChanServ sets mode: +o Solace
<Initiate> Solace
<Solace> 'lo all.
<Initiate> i knew that's a sick joke
<Initiate> >.>
<Solace> rofl :)
<Initiate> hi btw
<Ingen> Solace: You're back in without interview? I had the perfect interview question lined up :P
<Solace> hey :P
<Initiate> lol
<Solace> 04/01/05 14:08:55 EST from Velox Nex (508)    
<Solace> Hello Solace,
<Solace> I see that you are with out an alliance and if the rumors are true that you had a falling out with the team. ( maybe you just couldnt take some of the fury personalities ? )
<Ingen> [20:35] <Ingen> blah: I figured out another good interview question: "Please translate the following to so called 'leet-speak' or 'haxxor-language" (and then any text will do )
<Solace> Consider this an offer to join up with The Space Guppies. We could use talent like ours in our skirmish against Fury. Contact me in game or Via IRC for an interview.
<Solace> Think about it.. you can finally pod some of the guys who have been annoying you from fury for rounds !
<Solace> I look forward to hearing from you,
<Solace> Velox Nex
<Ingen> hehe
<Ingen> I told him to write to you
<Ingen> he wrote to me and asked about you..
* Daddoo has joined #fury
* ChanServ sets mode: +o Daddoo
<Ingen> 04/01/05 14:25:16 EST  from Velox Nex (508)
<Ingen> why did Solace leave?
<Ingen> Reply | Delete | Quote | Ignore | Add to Address Book
<Daddoo> hello all
<Ingen> 04/01/05 14:28:03 EST  from Velox Nex (508)
<Ingen> Quote:
<Ingen> Originally sent by Dr. Seuss
<Ingen> Personal reasons, or something like that. I expect him to return though. Perhaps you should ask him?
<Ingen> I try to talk to Solace all the time... most of the time he just ignores me.
<Ingen> so the rumor that Nightmyre staged a coup and threw him out are all wrong?
<[Fury]Nightmyre> im still your overlord
<Ingen> Reply | Delete | Quote | Ignore | Add to Address Book
<[Fury]Nightmyre> solace hasn't overthrown me yet
<Daddoo> I see he sent that to a few of us
<Daddoo> 04/01/05 14:23:58 EST from Velox Nex (508) 
<Daddoo> why did Solace leave? 
<Daddoo> Reply
<Solace> lol
<Ingen> the obvious reply..
<Ingen>        04/01/05 14:34:01 EST  to Velox Nex (508)
<Ingen> NM doing something? :P Amusing thought.
<Ingen> Delete
<Ingen> oh darned, NM is not playing WoW.. *hides*
<[Fury]Nightmyre> corpse running :p
<HolyEmpire> :O
<Daddoo> Velox does not have a sense of humor that we are aware of
<Ingen> he asked what country I was from before...
* Kinetika SMACKS solace
<Kinetika> you ass!
<Ingen> 04/01/05 13:18:16 EST  to Velox Nex (508)
<Ingen> I live in French Guyana, work at a small company shipping agricultural products.
<Ingen> Delete
<Daddoo> You told him you were a black eskimo working in French Guyana?
* DarthDan-class is now known as DarthDan
<DarthDan> lol
<Ingen> I do my best to instill humour in him when he asks stuff, but..
<Ingen> nothing about eskimo :P
<Ingen> considered something about origins in gibraltar as son of a british lieutenant and a local prostitute.. but decided not to.
<Solace> 'lo Dan :P
<DarthDan> 'lo sol
<Ingen> [Fury] Some kind of joke?
<Ingen> Level 190 Freighter
<Ingen> Rating: 0/6
<Ingen> :P I'm the clever one! :P
* NotValen is now known as Valen
<Kinetika> well i got to be going
<Kinetika> bye all
<Ingen> cya kin
<Valen> see ya later
* Solace grins
<Solace> some people fell for it?
<Ingen> remember to check back to see who else is squee
<Solace> heheheh
<Ingen> sol: yes, a number of people
<DarthDan> foamy was about to have kitens