2.5. Round intro

Dear Fury, old and new:

We are at the beginning of our sixth round as an alliance, and thus this is the time where I am forced to stop making fun of Rodin and pretend to do something serious and leaderly. With the random mishmash of players we've gotten (ex K, STS, LoF, GTG, IA, etc) for 2.5, I feel there's a few things I need to say, so bear with me.

2.5 is going to be a round unlike any other. Game activity is likely going to skyrocket. Competition across all boards is going to be fierce. We are going to see fast rising new alliances with high aspirations and we are going to see revitalized older alliances trying to regain some of their former glory. You have all these things...and then you have us.

We've been rising to this point for the last four rounds. I've always felt this alliance was destined to be something great, and you all continue to surpass all expectations. Currently we have a roster unparalleled in depth and activity; a solid core that has held together almost completely for the better part of four rounds; active leadership; motivated players. We are at the top of our game.

But who knows how long it will last? How many chances will we have to break through to another level? How many shots to play a truely special round? Real life is unpredictable - You never know what will happen to who. We have the chance to dominate in an unprecedented way - take it before we lose it.

So I would like to end this by flooding you all with a string of cliches which I think might express what I am trying to say to you all. Continue to do the things that have gotten to this point, or if you are new to the alliance and don't know how we operate, start to do them:

Be the best you can be. Continue to make the extra effort, to go the extra mile. Treat your alliance mates well, even those you might not get along with. Be reliable. Play unselfishly; it's the Fury way. And don't forget to enjoy the moment: 2.5 is OUR round. Seize the day. Make it great!