2.5. The Plan - Finishing Thoughts  (a look ahead to 2.6)

The Plan - Finishing Thoughts

So: Why? Why all the meticulous planning, the preparation, the directions, expenses and sacrifices? Why the focus in our approach to the new round?

The reality is that in many ways, this round has been a huge dissapointment. When 2.5 began, the Fury core was active and intact. Talented players were joining in droves; the roster seemed to be in better shape than it has ever been. The raid team was fielding two squads alone, and we'd picked up good, experienced hunters from all over the game. It was my every expectation that we would dominate easily and immediately.

Instead, what happened? Some players who'd joined found they had loyalties elsewhere and left. Some cited real life issues and slowly faded away. Others simply disappeared without a word. And activity problems rolled through the core group of longtime Fury members. So we moved along, showed some grit, made ends meet, and in general did what we needed to do. And we did decently.

I have a one huge motivation for playing TDZK, and it's this: to make Fury the best damn alliance the game has ever seen. I want to own every round we play in and 'decently' doesn't cut it for me. I feel that this is the finest squad currently playing and you all deserve better than an "okay" round.

So this is why we're doing things differently in 2.6. The idea behind The Plan is simple: to do more with less. We don't have a huge base of players to draw on, but instead of trying to remedy that again like we did this round simply by bringing in players from all over the place, we're going to make sure that we get the very maximum we can out of every player and every ship. We're going to have a mindblowing planet to protect our assets. We're going to have a raid team which can carry the alliance even without huge numbers of raiders. And we're going to have warbirds as lethal as we can design them, starting from the initial race selection.

It's a lot to ask of an alliance. For us to be effective, we're going to need teamwork on a scale which is almost unprecedented for a TDZK alliance, and raising 600 billion isn't going to be easy. But it will be worth it. The fact is, I wouldn't ask this of you if I didn't have total faith in your ability to do this. You have no idea thow much respect and gratitude I have for those of you who are reading this; you're the ones who have proven you can be the counted on; you're the ones who've shown the ability to survive through thick and thin. You're the ones who've shown the loyalty to rejoin for yet another round.

So, stick with it. You'll be glad you did, and it's going to be a hell of a lot of fun.