2.5. War end chat with Velox Nex

[13:52] <VeloxNex> Hi
[13:52] <VeloxNex> you still here?
[13:53] <VeloxNex> my IRC is kinda clunky... so its hard to me to tell who is on and things like that.
[13:54] <Solace> yep, I'm still here
[13:54] <VeloxNex> ah, hi!
[13:54] <VeloxNex> how goes it?
[13:55] <VeloxNex> I wanted to have drunken duo with me when we spoke but getting all 3 of us on line at the same time is difficult
[13:55] <Solace> yeah, it is
[13:55] <Solace> although that guy is online at some insane times, sometimes :P
[13:56] <VeloxNex> DD was going to talk with you at my request as he said you two were friends and had played together
[13:56] <VeloxNex> but since he is unavailable ill get to the point myself.
[13:56] * Solace nods
[13:56] <VeloxNex> this unofficial war we have going on....
[13:56] <VeloxNex> what do you think about ending it
[13:56] <VeloxNex> ?
[13:57] <Solace> I'd be fine with that
[13:57] <VeloxNex> hang on 1 second , im at work while typing this...
[13:57] <VeloxNex> ok...
[13:58] <VeloxNex> yea, our teams our on at different time so it is something of a riading war
[13:58] <VeloxNex> Boredom is starting to set in on the team
[13:58] * Solace nods
[13:58] <Solace> I think Fury could use a change, too
[13:59] <VeloxNex> And DD mentioned that he didnt think you guys would be too opposed to a cease of hostilities
[13:59] <VeloxNex> somehow I didnt think we were suppliying you with the fun you wanted.
[13:59] <VeloxNex> as for terms of this end of war I am open to suggestions.
[14:00] <VeloxNex> I know we would still like jumping after you guys and vice versa 
[14:00] <Solace> as you said, online times don't match up as well as they could
[14:00] <Solace> definately
[14:00] <VeloxNex> but the dedicated war on each other is limiting the fun.
[14:00] <Solace> as for terms... targetted raiding and such is the only thing that comes for mind
[14:01] <VeloxNex> ok... do we want to define targetted raiding ?
[14:01] <VeloxNex> just too keep things clear?
[14:01] <VeloxNex> or is a loose understanding good enough?
[14:02] <Solace> eh... well, I've got no problem if you happen to tag a Fury ship in random raids
[14:02] <Solace> and imagine you'd feel the same
[14:02] <VeloxNex> correct.
[14:02] <Solace> I'd just trust you you wouldn't specifically go after a port BECAUSE the Fury was inside
[14:02] <Solace> and I'd give you my word we'd do the same
[14:02] <VeloxNex> this sounds great.
[14:03] <VeloxNex> that should be sufficient.
[14:03] <Solace> unless it was like a L5 port and you had a bird docked there, or something
[14:03] <Solace> since those deserve a pod anyway
[14:03] <VeloxNex> well... stupidity gets what it deserves :)
[14:04] <VeloxNex> I going to post this to the team leaders for their ok, which I am sure that they are as this was pretty much what we wanted to ask for
[14:04] <Solace> alright
[14:04] <VeloxNex> one last thing
[14:04] <Solace> I mean, this was a pretty friendly war and such... not much to haggle about
[14:05] <VeloxNex> Fury has been one of the top rated teams for the past few rounds... so for us, a new team ( although full of vets ) to go against a well oiled machine like Fury was a challenge
[14:06] <VeloxNex> play times of all our "vets" was wall over the clock so it was difficult sometimes for us to get things organized. You guys did, and always seem to do an amazing job on these kind of things
[14:06] <VeloxNex> you guys were a really great challenge and were really nice sports during the fights.
[14:07] <VeloxNex> I hope we didnt bore you too much with our inability to bring the fight to you sometimes.
[14:07] <VeloxNex> Fury is a tough team, you should be really proud of what you guys have put together there. Please pass that on to your team for me.
[14:07] <Solace> thanks for the kind words
[14:07] <VeloxNex> Maybe in the furture , or if we move to another time zone we could have a better war for ya.
[14:08] <Solace> you guys were a good opponent... we wouldn't have tried for you if we didn't respect you
[14:08] <Solace> time zone difference and such were tough, but... I'd say it was still worth fighting
[14:08] <Solace> certainly no hard feelings or anything from our side
[14:09] <VeloxNex> Oh, and one last thing... we feel this wouldnt work , again because of the time.. but to let you know that our players had expressed interest in a FA with Fury .. to team up against other teams... but again we are on at different times. But I thought I would tell you that for future considerations and so you know how highly we thought of you.
[14:10] <VeloxNex> If you have anthing else concerning this, let me know. Its going to be nice to have a ship last longer than a week finally :D
[14:10] <Solace> hehe, KT suggested to that me too
[14:10] <VeloxNex> well, keep it in mind.
[14:10] <Solace> sure, I won't rule that out for the future
[14:12] <VeloxNex> Thanks. let me go inform the team.
[14:12] <VeloxNex> Thanks for your time Solace.
[14:12] <Solace> alright
[14:12] <Solace> good luck to you guys :)
[14:12] <VeloxNex> Thanks !
[14:13] <Solace> if you keep up what you've been doing recently, you'll be damn scary :P
[14:13] <VeloxNex> yea.. we have some things to work out.. but we are a new team even though we have alot of old players.