2.5. War end chat with Wolfi

[16:34] <Wolfi> hail solace you around?
[16:36] <Solace> I am
[16:36] <Wolfi> as you probably know by now we are out of this war with you
[16:37] <Solace> Sparky just told me he was removing the declaration, yeah
[16:37] <Wolfi> seems a few people dont like my judgement
[16:37] <Wolfi> suprise suprise
[16:37] <Wolfi> you want anything to make a declaration of victory?
[16:38] <Solace> err.. what do you mean?
[16:39] <Wolfi> well i know tdzk has no "real" victors in war, war in game is more of a...i dont even know what it is exactly
[16:40] <Wolfi> anyways, a token
[16:40] <Wolfi> something that says, yeah we kicked their arses
[16:42] <Wolfi> hmm, how do i explain this?
[16:42] <Wolfi> you play chess?
[16:43] <Solace> at times
[16:43] <Wolfi> you know how when it is obvious to both players one is going to loose, so they topple the king?
[16:43] * Solace nods
[16:44] <Solace> so, you're saying you've toppled your king
[16:44] <Wolfi> no, not if i had my choice
[16:44] <Wolfi> rephrase: personally, not if i had a choice
[16:45] <Wolfi> arcani can not handle furys raid teams
[16:45] <Wolfi> most of the people in this alliance just dont care enough to even show up for ops, etc
[16:46] <Wolfi> sad really
[16:46] <Wolfi> just shows how the game numbers really dont reflect the reality in game
[16:47] * Solace nods
[16:49] <Wolfi> well if you dont want a victory pod or something? I suppose I have the honor of saying, as usual, good fight
[16:49] <Wolfi> short...*sniff*
[16:49] <Solace> heh
[16:50] <Solace> I don't want to rub it in
[16:50] <Wolfi> nah, i dont take this game that serious
[16:51] * Solace shrugs
[16:51] <Solace> works for me
[16:52] <Solace> a simple "Arcani surrenders" would be enough for my guys too, I think
[16:52] <Wolfi> ill name my ship that
[16:52] <Wolfi> we will make it news
[16:52] <Wolfi> sec guys are jumping someone
[16:53] <Wolfi> ok wpns off, gimme a sector
[16:54] <Solace> one sec
[16:55] <Solace> nah, don't name your ship that
[16:55] <Solace> "Good fight" or whatever is fine
[16:56] <Solace> and this really isn't necessary :P
[16:56] <Wolfi> your call man, i did it with ender at the end of our ID war
[16:56] <Wolfi> i believe there should be something in this game thats pure
[16:57] <Wolfi> or it just isnt a game, its just a waste of time really
[16:57] <Wolfi> raid and pod hunt and pod, get podded, do it again
[16:58] * Solace nods
[16:58] <Solace> alright, 9267
[16:58] <Wolfi> omw
[16:58] <Wolfi> is
[16:59] <Wolfi> 3 shots!
[16:59] <Solace> :P
[16:59] <Solace> it's a cheap ship
[16:59] <Wolfi> we need to get you some guns man!
[16:59] <Wolfi> hehe
[16:59] <Solace> :P
[16:59] <Solace> well, only fired a few on the third shot
[17:00] <Wolfi> get clear guy is around
[17:00] <Wolfi> he didnt know about this
[17:00] <Solace> yeah, I'm safe long ago
[17:00] <Solace> anyway, wish this had turned out better... we were geared up for a fight
[17:00] <Wolfi> k
[17:01] <Solace> maybe later :)
[17:01] <Wolfi> oh, ill be back
[17:01] <Wolfi> i want a fight with you guys
[17:03] <Solace> just so we're clear..
[17:03] <Solace> this doesn't mean we still might not raid your rocks
[17:03] <Solace> at some later date :P
[17:03] <Wolfi> thats fine
[17:03] <Wolfi> rocks arent that big of a deal
[17:04] * Solace nods
[17:04] <Wolfi> id just ask you avoid target raiding us for a bit if you would
[17:04] <Solace> war's over, we won't
[17:05] <Wolfi> im going to be kicking, mmm, prolly 20 people out of this alliance
[17:05] <Solace> 20?
[17:05] <Solace> jesus
[17:06] <Wolfi> yeah, im not quitting a war with anyone this soon without a reason solace
[17:06] <Wolfi> arcani is right on the edge of falling apart as far as people participating
[17:07] <Wolfi> and its really sad, because some of them are old rens from way back
[17:08] * Solace nods
[17:09] <Wolfi> man you pick a sector far enough from station?
[17:09] <Wolfi> geeze
[17:09] <Solace> heh, sorry
[17:09] <Solace> wasn't thinking about that
[17:09] <Wolfi> :)