2.6. 8002 defense instructions

There are esentially two situations that could occur in a serious attempt on the planet. Ideally a leader or subcom will be around to direct the restocking efforts, but if not, here's what you need to know:

[b]Scenerio One[/b]: Raiders suicide to take the drones down, then try to raid/powerdrain the planet.

All you need to do here is restock drones and their raid attempt will be stopped dead. You will need a carrier, drone hangers, a SSJD, and a SRG (spatial rift generator).

*All alignments can buy carriers, drone hangers, a SSJD, and restock drones in 9859 and 9711.
*SRGs can be bought at -200 align in 17186, -400 in 14025, +200 in 5144, and +400 in 1041.
*Buy drone hangers instead of engine upgrades. You want to be able to drop drones in huge chunks.

When you have the carrier, simply restock the drones as quickly as you can. If you die, reship and continue. If you can get the drones back up to 1500, there is almost no chance of them continuing the raid. As such, there is a not a huge chance of this happening, More likely...

[u][b]Scenerio Two:[/b][/u] The raiders attack, do a bit of damage, but no raiders are lost to the planet (even with full drones up).

This means they probably are going for a straight powerdrain attempt and you will need to stock power and some shields.

What we need here are two ships: a RC and a bubble to stock shields and power.

RCs to attempt to contact:
Blah: (highlight is !blahwench, don't abuse!) - usually on IRC
Ashanthalas (highlight is Ash, Ashanthalas, etc) - usually on IRC
Mardak (highlight is Mardak)
WurmD: (highlight is WurmD)

If you can't wake up any of those up, the person who has the highest turn count will need to ship into a RC. You will need a carrier, SSJD, ERM (external repair module), and ETM (energy transfer module).

If by some chance you are the ONLY person active, and no one can be highlighted,

*Roughly every 3000 power you stock means an extra salvo they have to fire..
*Repair rates are x4 on rocks, so a RC in any form is FAR preferable to self repping.

[b]Misc. Notes[/b]

*There is a highlight thread stickied in the main Fury forum, with emergency highlights. Use it when needed.
*The planet is on a node and thus cannot be aggied, which will make it easier to land to it.
*However, you must still be VERY FAST.

We currentlly have 64 people docked on 8002. This is a GOOD thing because it means that we have all the benefits of an essentially completely safe docking point and are not going to lose much to incidental raid deaths or target raids. However, it does mean that if 8002 does get raided, we're completely screwed. :P

Luckily, 8002 can't get raided so long as three things happen:

1) We recognize it's under attack.
2) We get some people online.
3) We stock drones/power.

We're active enough from 8:00-23:59 EST that an alliance would have to be remarkably stupid to try to raid the planet any time in that period. However, from 0:00 to 8:00, there are some gaps in our coverage. Sometimes there might be a few people online on IRC, but not a single person online ingame who could alert about a planet raid happening.
We need at least one person online and paying attention every hour of every day for the rest of the round. Last round we lost Asgard because Arcani got lucky enough to hit at a time when we happened to have no one online. Sky's Edge has no designed weakness and won't fall nearly as quickly, but we can't risk getting hammered by the chance that they happen to hit the planet while no ones watching.

So, a few things:

1) Who can/will be online during these hours? Not the whole eight hours, obviously, but any time within it.
2) If you're online/at your computer during this period, make sure you check ingame regularily. Just refresh every 5 minutes, look for a red combat light, check the OPL, etc.
3) If you're online during this period, check for other Fury members activity before you log off. If there are other Fury members online ingame, you're good to go. However, if you're the only one, prod someone on IRC to log on and keep an eye open before you leave.