2.6. 8002 alliance globals

Day 1:

Early this morning, XF/GoD/SD attempted to raid 8002. They shipped up a team of L290 raiders and fired over 400 shots into the planet. After the raid failed, they pirated their raid team, ensuring it will be safe until the next attempt. Following that, KAOS/KPG decided to take advantage of the low population of the planet and took another 300 shots at it. We jumped them four times over the course of the day, heavily outnumbered on each attempt, until they gave up for a bit. Both KAOS/KPG and SD/XF/GoD will be back.

The first time, versus K/KPG, we won 17-5.
The third time, versus a combined force of K/KPG/SD/XF/GoD, we won 27-4
The fourth time, versus K/KPG/GTG, we tied at 16-16
The fifth time, versus K/KPG/GTG, we won 16-2.

Everyone involved in today's events was spectacular. You did a damn fine job against harsh odds. Suffice to say, this is the finest team in the game and you guys went above and beyond what anyone could have expected of you. What happened today exemplifies everything I'm proud to see in Fury.

We're now at war with SD, XF, GoD, KAOS, KPG and GTG. Following the events today, we're heavily outnumbered, low on turns and cash and fighting to survive. After 700 shots, 8002's population is dangerously low, opening us up to not only furthur attempts by SD/XF/GoD and KAOS, but to any other alliances who would like to take try to a shot at us while our hands are tied. The majority of the community is solidly against us and would love to see us gangbanged by as many alliances as possible. We are on our own.

The next week is a matter of survival. We'll could be under seige every day, at any hour, and most likely will be. We are going to be outnumbered in every fight we'll need to fight. We need to find some way to shut down every raid attempt as quickly as possible to enable the planet to regenerate population. Another beating anything like it took today and 8002 will be effectively lost. But if we can manage to hold on for a few more days, we'll be in much better shape. If we can get the equivilent of six days worth of unimpeded regeneration, the rock will be as good as new and we'll be set to go on the offensive. Every hour that passes without shots being fired at the planet is an hour in our favor.

It's imperative that we have as many people online for as long as possible at all hours during the upcoming days. It's imperative we have as much money in the AA in as possible to fund the reships we are going to need. It's imperative that every single player in the alliance is involved in defending the planet. The fact that we are outnumbered badly means that every single Fury member is critical in this process. We have a difficult task ahead of us, but I have faith in all of you.

This is not KAOS of 2.1 or IA of 2.3. This is Fury. We are not going to fold.

Day 2:

Update on our situation:

Both SD/XF/GoD and KAOS/GTG made additional attempts at the rock today. Athough SD/XF/GoD initially went at it alone, eventually they started working with KAOS/GTG again, with Ronin warbirds camping the reload stations we were shutting down. By the end of the second marathon raid session in as many days, there were Ronin RCs and Pheonix raiders assisting in the raid attempts, sitting in sector with SD, XF, GoD, KAOS, and GTG ships. The raids lasted for seven hours, from 14:00 to 21:00.

Thanks to everyone who was incredible for a second day in a row.  Badly outnumbered at all times, through restocking, jumps, and even a raid spree after it was over, we destroyed and pirated dozens of enemy ships and made their raids as difficult as we could. Unfortunely, despite our best efforts, the planet's population is near critical levels. We took heavy casualties due to extreme lag during restocking and jumping and it's not looking like we're going to be able to hold off so many alliances for long enough for the planet's population to recover.

Because of this, we're preparing for the worst. [b]I want everyone on 8002 to move off the planet ASAP[/b]. Spread out, find high level ports close by to sit in, but [b]DO NOT STACK ON THE OTHER PLANETS[/b] and do not massdock in general. I do not want to see any of our active players offline at 8002 tomorrow.

We are not giving up. We will continue to defend the planet for as long as we can. However, barring some miracle, odds are that with enough bombardment, eventually the planet population will reach the level where it is incapable of sustaining itself. Once it's there, there will be nothing we can do.

So, while it is likely we will lose our stronghold, remember this: it's taken the total draining of several raid teams from multiple alliances to get us to the point. It's taken nearly every single active alliance in the game ganged up on us, hundreds of billions of credits spent, hundreds of casualties, piracy abuse to protect their raiders, and extreme number advantages to push us to the edge, and even then, they've just BARELY managed to do so. They may well be able to raid 8002, but not a single one of these opportunistic gangbanger alliances will ever even begin to approach the character this alliance has shown these last few days. Not even close.

If/when they do finally take the rock, it will only be a matter of time before we recover, and then there will be hell for them to pay. Keep active and stay proud; this is not over by a long shot.