2.6. Welcome to ex-ES

A few things to keep in mind now that you're in Fury. We don't have much in the way of rules or stuff, but we have a few general things about how we operate and what we expect from members that you'll want to make sure you're aware of.

1. Donations - We have no "you must donate so much per week" sort of rule. However, in general we expect you to donate whatever you can spare. A strong cashflow through the AA benefits everyone. DONATEFURY

2. IRC - Be on IRC, in #fury, whenever you're online. Also, have a highlight so that when we say your name and you're not looking at the window, you'll know we're looking for you.

3. Docking - Dock on 8002 if you can. It's massdocked intentionally, because it's about as safe as you can get. If you don't, make sure you don't stack with other Fury ships in your logoff port.

4. Shipping help / pod recovery - Depending on the state of the AA, we can help you fund some or all of your warbird, within reason. However, if you have enough for a L210-220 already and then you want money from the AA so you can get, say, speed upgrades, it's not going to happen. We discourage spending too much on ships - 230 is about the max limit we want to see. L20 or better is highly recommended before shipping.

If you get podded and need cash, we'll can send you 450 mil for a freighter. Opped people in #fury are all subcoms and can send you cash.

5. Forums - Read this forum (announcements). The announcements forum will have all current op information and signups, along with other stuff it's important you know. We try to keep it clean and to the point, so there's no excuse for not being aware of anything posted in here.

The main Fury form is also important and most general TDZK related stuff goes there.

6. Conflicts / issues - Hopefully, you'll be happy in Fury and with how everything is going. However, if something is bothering you, talk to me or Iccyh about it instead of just keeping quiet and getting angrier about it. I can't promise we'll be able to solve your issue, but it's better that we know something is bothering you.

7. General conduct - Be friendly and use common sense on IRC. The goal here is to provide an active, competitive alliance where it's enjoyable to be a member and where everyone feels comfortable and has fun. Have fun, joke around, make fun of people, etc. Just be conscious of if you're offending anyone, and of not being too easily offended yourself. Being overly sensitive is no fun for anyone.

Show class in your dealings with the community. Don't gloat after podding someone, or send hatemail after being podded yourself, or make an ass of yourself on the webboards, etc. Keep your agreements and play honestly.

8. Keep Solace's blood pressure down and type like normal people. I'm not saying you need to have perfect spelling, capitalization and full sentences, but avoid the "omg lol wuts up XD hai2u! how r u doing 2day!? r u bsuy l8er!? bix nood!1" nonsense, or I may just kick you from the alliance. Seriously. :P

Should be all. Again, welcome to Fury. :) We hope this is a good fit for you and that you'll want to stay for a long, long time.

This post will be deleted after a week or so.