2.6. Change of plans

Hi all,

First off, apologies for this period of disorganization. It's been finals time for most of us, and we've had a security issue recently that made me reluctant to post up plans. Hopefully that's all sorted out.

After carefully considering the options, we've decided temporarily stop raiding/jumping/hunting and focus on all out cashmaking in order to rebuild Juffo-Wup.

This decision is based on a few factors:

1. KAOS/KPG, Ronin, and SD/XF/GoD are not raiding enough for a pure-jump mentality to work.
2. L265 raiders are no longer feasible to field without a safe place to dock them and I'm not going to stoop low enough to pirate them.
3. Their replacement raiders, L210 armors with 4 def equipments, are slow, ugly, frustrating, and generally ineffective.
4. These armor raiders would also have difficulty retaking some of our planets. They also take huge amounts of RC turns.
4. We're fighting too many alliances too effectively wage a war of attrition.

Essentially, I see no way of *winning* this war without a fortress. We could fight it to a standstill, sure, and cause more pods than we take, but we'd be unable to cause any *real* damage to the alliances we're fighting simply due to all their numbers. That's not at all satisfying to me, and I doubt it would be for you. Furthermore, rebuilding 8002 would be a slap in the face of all the alliances that put so much time, effort and money into taking the first one down. They've done their best to wreck our plans for the round and rebuilding the planet would defy everything that they've hoped to accomplish.

Now, I realize that this may not be a popular decision. Lots of us don't like trading much, myself included.

There are a few concerns you'll likely have which I'll try to address.
1. This isn't "giving up" or "not fighting." This is simply setting ourselves up to fight more effectively.
2. We're not going to "trade for the rest of the round and then it will be over." I anticipate having the needed money by the end of the month at most. I also expect this round will go on quite a bit longer than some of the others since it will be the last before 3.0.
3. "Juffo-Wup was raided before! It'll be raided again." It won't. Last time the planet was incomplete because we didn't expect so many alliances to go after it. We won't make that mistake again.

We're looking for around 600-700 bil in donations. I realize this seems like a hell of a lot at first glance. It is; I'm not pretending this is going to be easy. However, I'd also point out that money flows in FAR quicker than you'll realize. Following the 8002 raid, the AA was at 0. Right now, it's already at 130 billion -- and this is without any emphasis at all being put on cash trading or AA donations, getting absolutely no cash from any of the raiding we've been doing and the AA shipping numerous raiders and warbirds. If everyone's contributing a little bit, I promise you it's going to skyrocket.

Following the completion of the planet, we'll reship everyone and take our revenge. It'll be swift, merciless and brutal. We'll take no prisoners, spare no alliances, and make them regret ever attempting to gangbang us. We'll complete the planet and then some this time, and they won't begin to be able to touch us.

Depending on your approach to this, this could either be a spectacular triumph or a total disaster. What I'm asking for is selflessness on a completely unpredecented scale. No alliance has ever tried to do this before, as far as I know. But the fact is, I wouldn't ask you to make this effort if I didn't think so highly of all of you or have complete faith in our ability to pull this off. As long as we approach this with a good attitude, trade smartly, and everyone contributes, we'll be fine.

Now, for those of you who are eading this post with abject horror, there's another option. If you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT TRADE EFFECTIVELY, we're also in need of drone clearers and drone layers. We need at least a half dozen of each, with the drone layers being available throughout the day so we can get rid of enemy stacks when needed. If you have no time to be active, then we'll want to be dropping stacks of our own to make droning more difficult for them and get some more kills.

This is NOT an invitation for 50 people who don't want to trade to hop into drone clearers.

A couple things to mention:

[b]Everything you can put in the AA is needed.[/b] If you can only manage to make 400 mil in a day, donate it! It makes a difference, trust me. More is obviously better. Even a Zallun trader should be able to make at least 600-700 mil a day, but if the refreshes just aren't cooperating, even 250 mil is 250 more than we'd have had otherwise.