2.6. Welcome to ex-ES

Welcome to Fury 2.6. :) It's good as always to see some new faces among the old familiar ones. This is our seventh round as an alliance, sixth under the Fury name, and this will be by far our best round yet.

A few points to mention as we get stuff underway:

1. You should have read The Plan last round, and you should be one of these races, accordingly:

Zallun - hunters, raiders
Sniv - hunters
Tamaran - pure cash traders only
Wraith - RCs only

If you're not one of these few races for the role they are intended to be, use your exploratory turns and restart. :P A good deal of our plans are dependant on having the right people as the right races. Polloid, Kit, Deriv, and Quelaar are not needed or wanted.

2. Regarding AP on the boards:

New to our policies this round is a ban on any posting on the Alliance Politics forum (on the TDZK webboards), period. Admittedly, this is only relavent to a half dozen of you or so who do post on the boards (including myself), but this is something we are taking fairly seriously.

By no posting, I mean NO POSTING at all. Not even to respond to cheating accusations, blatant insults, or threads which involve us. The reasons for this are fairly self explantory and mostly stem from the fact that AP is a cesspool of ignorant, self-promoting idiots and that I want to end any percieved association of us to it completely.

AP has been consistantly used as rival alliance's petty way of fighting on their own terms and we're not going to play that game anymore.

3. Reminder on cash needed

In accordance with The Plan, we are going to need to raise 700 billion credits this round, and you are going to be a big part of it. Aside from our dedicated cash traders and our money from raiding, we're going to need contributions from everyone else.

Every little bit helps, and it's no surprise that the AA skyrockets when everyone is contributing even relatively small amounts.

4. Loyalty, teamwork, activity

I say this every round, but with the goals we've laid out this round and considering the situation we were in last round, this is truer and more important than ever.

This is a team. Entirely individual play has no place here. Not being able to look past old feuds, conflicts of ego, rudeness and selfishness are the most destructive things that can befall an alliance and are the only things which can seriously hurt us an an alliance; we can't be beaten unless we rot from the inside.

Activity stems from activity. Attitude stems from attitude. If you want to be in a successful, active, friendly alliance, it starts with you. Rush to pick up any slack instead of waiting for someone else to do it, and we will have a better round than you can possibly imagine.

Should be it for now. Get doing what you need to be doing and have fun. :)