2.7. The Final Objective

Imagine an alliance in which every member gives 100% to the team – and does so without reservation, because they can see all their teammates doing the same and knew that their effort is not in vain. Imagine an alliance in which each member is an absolute and uninhibited teamplayer; an alliance in which each person contributes the best they can not out of necessity or obligation, but because he or she genuinely cares about the team.

Imagine an alliance in which everyone has a defined purpose and a role they enjoy; an alliance that operates like a well oiled machine: efficient, disciplined and precise. Imagine an alliance with peerless organization; an alliance that runs smoothly and powerfully, all parts working as a cohesive whole.

Imagine an alliance which is sometimes feared, sometimes hated, but always respected: an alliance which holds itself to the highest ethical and moral standards and which does not deviate from the essential principles of honor, class and fair play. Imagine an alliance which receives respect even from its bitterest enemies for the excellence of their play and the quality of their character. Imagine an alliance that represents nothing less than the best the community has to offer.

Imagine an alliance in which IRC is always busy and friendly, in which there are always people to chat with and interesting discussions to partake it, and in which humor, friendship and goodwill flourish. Imagine an alliance in which there is nothing contrived; an alliance in which relationships are based on trust and mutual respect. Imagine an alliance in which people are friends instead of merely teammates; an alliance which is like a family that supports, looks out for and protects its own.

Imagine an alliance where good people can come together and play the game without dealing with all the nonsense other alliances have to: no stupid drama, no simmering grudges, no stubborn and difficult teammates, no breaches of integrity. Imagine an alliance that exists without drama; an alliance where members don’t have to worry if the alliance will be there the next day, or if the leaders will abandon them. Imagine an alliance in which members don’t have to deal with power struggles, corruption, secret agendas or incompetent leaders. Imagine an alliance in which all no members are selfish, petty or disruptive; an alliance in which people go out of their way to build bridges, not burn them. 

Imagine an alliance in which you can always count on your teammates. Imagine an alliance in which there are no sheep: an alliance in which everyone is competent, capable, and understands the game; an alliance in which no one needs their hand held or constant supervision, and in which everyone can be counted on to do their job well. Imagine an alliance in which each and every member makes the effort to be the sort of teammate they themselves desire: active, competent, reliable and enjoyable.

Imagine an alliance which is the premier power of the game: an alliance with an active, reliable, competent raid team and hunters that are enthusiastic, active and talented. Think of how easily they would be able to avoid frustrating delays, canceled ops, and last minute improvisation if everyone signed up, showed up on time, and paid attention. Think of how easily they would come together and how impossible they would be to break.

Imagine an alliance which is fit, vital and adaptive; an alliance which has both the vision and the courage to embrace change, look ahead and take charge of its destiny. Imagine an alliance that both cherishes the past and looks forwards to the future; an alliance which realizes that time brings changes and adapts as needed.

Imagine an alliance that never fails to think big; an alliance where no challenge is too daunting, no obstacle insurmountable, no goal too grand. Imagine an alliance in which every member approaches the game with enthusiasm, not apathy; an alliance in which each members approach problems with effort and creativity, not cynicism. Imagine an alliance that never lacks ambition or the drive to succeed and improve; an alliance that always has the goal, drive, and means to be without equal.

Imagine an alliance which is all about the members – and in which every member is all about the alliance.

The culmination of every goal I have ever had for Fury can be summed up one sentence: I want this alliance to attract, retain, and be the ideal home for intelligent, talented, friendly, driven, and unselfish people. In other words, I want Fury to epitomize the sort of alliance that both [i]I[/i] want to be a member of and [i]you[/i] want to be a member of.

Fury has a long and proud history. We have already beaten the odds for survival and success. We’ve tried and done things no other alliance has. We’ve fought some of the largest wars and battles the game has to offer. We have set records, won marvelous victories, and I’m very proud of all we’ve done together. But what I’m even more proud of is the quality of people we have had and have now who consider themselves Fury members. We have no NEEOs or Neils, no Gocas or todds or Pacstars. We don’t have to deal with their attitudes or incompetence. We have the means and the people to make great things happen.

Take a long, hard look at your role in this alliance, what you are expecting to get, and what you are willing to give. In the end, it all comes down to you. [b]You are not powerless.[/b] You have in your hands the ability to help make this alliance into something spectacular, to make Fury into a place the rest of the community can only dream of. You, your attitude, and your activity have a profound effect on the character, substance, atmosphere and success of this alliance. And even when the game sucks, even when the mechanics are broken, even when the other alliances are lame, there is a reason to log in. Some things transcend bad mechanics, round resets, or lame duck rounds. Turning Fury into the alliance we have always sought to be is one of them. And that is, has always been, and will always be what we strive for.