2.7. Leadership changes

Greetings all,

After much thought and evaluation, we are going to be rather significantly shaking up the command structure of Fury.

We're doing this for a few reasons. First, though our current crop of subcoms have done an excellent job at keeping the alliance running smoothly for a long time, many of our leadership have other commitments these days and some fresh blood would go a long way to ensuring that our leaders stay active and involved with the alliance. Though Fury is now one of the two oldest and most established alliances in the game, complacency has never been an option. We’ll continue to strive to better ourselves; the intent is and has always been to keep Fury vital, fresh and active, and for that we need leaders who are active, engaged, and dedicated to the continued success and growth of Fury as an alliance.

The changes we are implementing differ from our current system in two significant ways. First, rather than general, all purpose subcoms as we have always had, leadership roles will be specialized. All subcoms will have designated areas of authority within the alliance and clear, specific expectations and duties. Second, the selection process for these subcoms will be different than it has been. Rather than our standard method of appointment, these jobs will be open to anyone in the alliance who would like to apply. We will be starting from a blank slate; current subcoms will need to apply just as anyone else.


My expectations for the next generation of Fury leaders are high. First and foremost, we’re looking for leaders with both the ability and the will/desire/drive to be active. Activity encompasses three areas: ingame activity, involvement with the alliance and members, and involvement and contribution into leadership matters. All three are equally important. Proactivity is key – leaders who both want to and actually make things happen.

Just as important is your ability to interact with the rest of alliance. The position of subcom is, on top of the various other responsibilities, a very social role. We’re looking for leaders who are personable, professional and friendly. Involvement and interaction on IRC and the forums are essential. The ability to command the respect of your alliance mates is an fundamental part of the position, but it doesn’t come with the job. Respect must be earned, and your ability to conduct yourself professionally and deal with situations maturely is a huge part of that.

Subcoms are also expected to have ingame knowledge covering all aspects of TDZK, experience in the running of raid ops and hunt groups, and an understanding of the nuances involved in ship design and combat.

Finally, and this probably goes without saying, as a Fury subcom your one and only loyalty in TDZK is to Fury. Leadership is a dedicated commitment to the future of Fury and its members. Anyone who sees themselves leaving this alliance for another in the future is not what we’re looking for.

In addition to the specific ingame duties that I cover below, the position of subcom is also an advisory role. As a subcom, you are involved in the the planning and strategy of the alliance over the rounds, and expected to anticipate potential problems and solutions to fix current ones, and generally influence the path the alliance takes and the things that we do. I take the advice of subcoms very seriously, and it’s a chance to make a very real difference on the direction of the alliance. You’ll be expected to help deal with problems, offer your advice and insight on the best ways to handle tricky situations, assist in planning and brainstorming of alliance activities, interact with members, and all the other fun things leaders do.

In general, subcoms are expected to make things happen; to help get people organized, motivated and moving. They’ll be expected to contribute proactively, thoughtfully and creatively to addressing the short and long-term issues Fury will face as an alliance, and they’ll help bring Fury to the state of organization, activity and smooth operation we’d all like to achieve.

Positions Available
I’m looking to appoint/reappoint five subcoms with a distributed range of authority. Open positions are for two raid leaders, two hunting coordinators, and one recruitment head. The duties and description of the positions are listed below.

Raid leaders (two needed)
The raid leaders will handle nearly everything on the raiding side of things. Raiding has always been one of Fury’s strongest points and a raid leader’s responsibility will be to keep the raid team running smoothly, efficiently and competently.

-Run the raiders during raid ops
-Plan op times and dates
-Organize scouting and target selection for raid ops.
-Design the raiders for ports/planets.
-Train new raiders in what they need to be doing

Hunting coordinators (two needed)
The hunting coordinators will handle the majority of the organization on the hunting and jumping side of things. Their primary duties will revolve around keeping the hunters organized, active and killing stuff, as well as getting new hunters trained and involved.

-Design ships and get hunters shipped
-Plan jump ops and other organized hunting activities
-Train and include newer hunters
-Run cover lead during raid ops.
-Organize and execute spontaneous jumps and other hunting

Recruitment head (one needed)
In many ways, this is the most important position available here. The recruitment head will oversee nearly everything involved with the recruitment and training of new members. The design of a long term, integrated recruitment and training program will be among the first major issues the new group of subcoms will tackle, and the recruitment head will obviously have a significant role in the design process. Once a system is decided on, his role will be to make it happen.

-Interview prospective recruits and recommend or weed them out
-Assist in the planning and creation of a long term Fury recruitment/training program
-Implement and oversee the operation of said program, when designed
-Help new players and keep recruits on track

Additionally, I’m looking for people to handle some minor things that would be a huge help, but not up to the full scale of subcom responsibility. The following positions would be a little bit of responsibility that would NOT include the general advisory role that the above would.

Forum moderator

-Archive and save, then delete older threads to reduce clutter in the forums
-Update op signup threads and such when needed
-Generally, keep the forums organized and easy to read

Op Summary Writer

-Write a recap of each raid op and jump explaining what happened, who we killed, who was involved, etc. for recordkeeping purposes and for people who weren’t able to make it.

If you're thinking you’d be interested in being a subcom, please make sure you’ve read over this post thoroughly and consider if you have the time that will be needed to accommodate the increased authority and responsibility. If you think you do, please send me an ingame message of no more than a few paragraphs explaining a) which position you’d be interested in filling, b) why you’re interested in being a subcom and c) your concept of the future of Fury and what it should hold.  Each applicant will be interviewed in depth, and decisions will be made from that.

No joke applications, please.