2.7. Message for new subcoms


You can read this because we're finalizing the most significant change in Fury leadership to date. I'm doing this because I can see the future if we continue on the path we were going and I don't like it. It's a future of gradual decline, in which old core members retire and are not replaced by motivated newer players. It's a future in which leadership doesn't have the time or interest to be involved, in which I and Iccyh no longer have the time we do now and we have no one ready to take our places. It's not a future that suits me. I am not willing for Fury to turn into a KAOS, decadent and disinterested.

As such, we make these changes. Fury needs leaders with activity, class, loyalty, maturity, and honor to take it into the future. We need leaders with the drive to make this alliance succeed and the skill to make it happen. We need leaders who represent the best this alliance has to offer.

You guys were selected because we think you have the character, drive and experience to do the job well. In this process you are replacing some of the people who have been my closest friends and confidants in TDZK, people I trust greatly and care about deeply, and people who have been the heart of the alliance for years. This is not easy for me. I am doing this because I think it's best for the alliance in the long run and believe you guys have what it takes to help get us back on the right path. [i]Do not let me down.[/i]


Welcome, folks.

While this is about the future and while this needed to be done (and make no mistake, I fully supported and had a fair part in instigating this), I already miss the old subs. I've found that a large part of why Fury's leadership works is that not only are we simply people working together to make the alliance together, but we're also friends who we can trust. I am going to miss them as subs sooooooo much, I'd go to hell and back (in TDZK terms, anyway) for any of them.

Please, keep in mind that much of what makes the leadership here special is that level of friendship and trust. You're not just here because you're talented, experience and intelligent but also because we actually like and trust you. Don't let us down on that, either.