2.7. Round intro ("Important Links and Changes")

Important Links and Changes

Welcome back! This is our eighth round as an alliance, seventh as Fury. It’s my every intent to make this our best round yet.

2.7 is a 'retro' round with many 1.0 mechanics. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the following to get a grasp of how things work now and update your bookmarks.

[url=http://www.tdzk.com/help/topic.php?topic=2.7+Changes]2.7 changes[/url]
[url=http://omgwtfzomg.net/calc2.7/]2.7 shipcalc[/url]
[url=http://tdzk.agadak.net/shopping/2.7.stationList.php]2.7 stationlist[/url] (note that as of the time I'm writing this, station sectors are not correct but their names, alignments and contents are)

Important practical changes to take note of:

[u]Alignment issues[/u]
To have a 100% chance of docking in a station, you must be within 50 alignment of docking in it. Each alignment point beyond 50 reduces your chance of docking by 2%. As always, you can always dock in neutral stations.

Align shifting is different. Align shifts towards the align of the port/station every time you dock in it.

Shipspeeds have been halved, as have turncosts. Main Engine upgrades give you +1 speed instead of two.

Movement = 1 turn
Docking = 1 turn
Undocking = 1 turns
Traveling through a jump node = 5 turns
Initiating combat = 4 turns

As a result, trading is slightly less efficient due to undocking being the same as before.

[u]Rep all button[/u]
You no longer have to go through repair --> repair all damage to rep. There is a rep all damage button right under the ‘rep 1 turn’ button to the right of the movement arrows. It’s faster (only one click), but still authcoded, so spamming it will still result in illegal repair attempts.

No longer possible. EMP will still disable their chances of moving/firing but podding is the only option.

There are tons of other change details to nearly every aspect of the game, so make sure you look through the new helpfiles and changelist if you haven’t done so yet.