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The Shark

Doctor Swordopolis (209)

The Shark

FuryDoctor Swordopolis

Hey everybody out there in FURY!

I have a lot of things to say to you all today, so I figured I would make a nice thread about it, and speak my mind. First, lets take a little jog down memory lane, and examine the past of the alliance we all love.


Originally sent by FURY

Distant Past

FURY was started by Malhavoc, the player identity of Jerle, the primary admin. It also contained the player identities of both Aelanna and Squee.

FURY wasn't actually the name Malhavoc wanted, it was Solace who championed the name. (We were almost named Happy Kitten Squad Neo X 2)

FURY started out small, but managed to fight guerilla wars against several larger opponents (including Lords of Fear), and win conditional victories.

The Buildup & Rise to Power

FURY allied with one of the best core groups of hunters the game has ever seen, in IGF.

FURY defended their planet Asgard, against several gigantic raid ops by Silver Horde, one of the largest battles to date in the game.

FURY seperated from IGF, and stood on their own two feet as a successful and prosperous alliance in the top tier of the game.

Recent Times

FURY dominated raiding and performed extremely well in group hunting for several recent rounds.

FURY caused the largest battle in the history of the game, with the defense of their planet in sector 8002 (Source of Juffo-Wup). Over nine of the biggest alliances in the game (which entailed every major alliance except Warriors) worked together for three solid days before finally winning a war of attrition. The count had FURY outnumbered by over five to one in pure membercount.

FURY comes out of the Battle of 8002 stronger than ever, having killed twice as many as they lost during the 3 day battle, and retaliated for the rest of the round. The rest of the community heaved a collective yawn at FURY's superior play, and rolled over to go back to quietly sucking in comparison.

FURY reorganizes it's leadership, and begins to think of the future.

What is my point?

This is an alliance of distinction. Few alliances have existed as long as FURY. None of them have been as consistently active, none of them have been as consistent of a threat to other alliances, none of them are FURY.

No, really, what is my point?

FURY is approaching a turning point.

You've heard Solace talk about it.

You've seen evidence of it with the reorganization of the leadership.

You've seen the game talk about FURY's "decline" since last round.

You've seen it in our roster, with recruiting drives starting to quietly stoke the fires, preparing for a boom of new players with 3.0 approaching on the horizon.

Now the question is, who is right? Are the people that say FURY is on the decline correct? Have we passed our "golden years", after the Siege of 8002?

This is what it's all about, the figurative 'Jumping the Shark' of our lives as a team. Are we going to let FURY start to quietly slide towards inactivity and prove everyone right?

I'm wearing out my "?" key here, people. The reason is, because this alliance has always been founded on it's members. I can't answer that question alone. Solace can't answer that question alone. It's not his alliance to answer for! It never was!

This burden of proof falls upon the shoulders of each and every member, from the newest of the new in players like z0da and Runeward, to the oldest of the veterans in people like zer0das, Kinetika, and the rest. This is your home, your alliance. And that's why I'm talking to you right now.

2.7 has been a dissapointing and boring round so far, beset with shitty game mechanics and lackluster play by the rest of the alliances in the game. The wars have been crap, even to watch from the outside. People have quit and stopped playing left and right. The promise of 3.0 has left a lot of people caring less and less about what happens now.

Few of our hunters are out moving around. Rarely do they work together. Rarely do they pull together to hunt together in packs in systems that are important to one another. A new set of orders for capturing everything north of 12k, kicking alliances asses out of their complacent systems left and right, and the promise of dozens of raids and group activity, and maybe even a war as we evict an alliance like Warriors, has yielded very little in the way of activity from our group. We're short on raiders sometimes. We're short on RC's so badly sometimes that Solace has to RC.

But this is never what I've seen from FURY. This alliance has never just hung up it's hat and gone to lunch for a round! If it did, it wouldn't be FURY!

This is why I'm here. This is why I am talking to you.

This is why I remained in this alliance, to become a subcommander, instead of following my fiance and life-partner, as I have done for 2 years before this.

You guys have made me a home, you've made this a place I don't want to leave. You've made me put my clothes in the closet, fold my socks neatly in the drawers, and put the key on my keyring.

As alarming as it may sound, this is me laying down in front of the figurative bulldozer for our home. Because this is the reckoning, this is the turning point, this is the question mark at the end of the first sentence that is our history so far.

This is the shark.

It's time to answer all the questions, every single one put forth by me, and by them, and by us.

Can FURY keep being a force at the top of the game?

By god I tell you yes.

05/21/06 16:08:17 EDT




Doctor Swordopolis (209)

Re: The Shark

FuryDoctor Swordopolis

So now we come to part two of our topic.

What should everyone be doing differently?

First of all, we need to generate excitement and get everyone moving.

It's the equivalent of a classroom full of alliances. FURY is dozing at it's desk half asleep right now, and we need to step outside ourselves for a moment and tap him on the shoulder until he wakes up.

We already have a plan, so lets get more proactive about getting it done.

1. Hunters need to be in decent speed ships, possibly ones capable of laying scouts, so we can track movement in our systems. If you're not, double check with Makaveli or NightGod, to either get a new design, or talk about the one you have and it's effectiveness.

2. Hunters need to stay local, don't chase down notices five systems away on a whim. This is a pretty basic thing to do. If you're looking for something to kill, our area is right near 12k for a reason. Popping into 12k to kill a few shipping people or aligners because our systems are a bit slow at that time is absolutely fine. If you're not interested and engaged, you're not going to get it done in our systems when there is activity, so this is important.

3. Hunters need to read op signups, and report to as many as possible. (Obvious)

4. Hunters should share pings and coordinate in #fury-hunt. If you get a relevant ping, paste it. If you don't get it, someone else might. If there's a hunter around you don't think you can take yourself, paste it for someone else, and let them. Or even better, coordinate backup to take him out with numbers.

5. Raiders need to sign up for ops, obviously, and use excess turns to maintenence raid 13181 on request, to help our powerlevelers.

Why should I care about 2.7? This round fucking sucks.

2.7 has shitty mechanics. Get used to it for a little while. But what really matters is the future.

1. Nomad 3.0 is coming up, guys. We need to make sure we're going to be ready for it, because it's going to be the biggest round of TDZK history. Massive recruitment drives, tons of excitement, new things to learn, new players and alliances to get to know, and tons of things to look forward to. But if we're not here now, we're not going to be ready to show up for that either.

2. If you don't like how your chosen profession is working in 2.7, then try a new one. Switch from hunter to raider, or become an RC. If you're active, and contributing, then you're on the ball, regardless.

3. If you hate the round so badly you absolutely refuse to do anything normal, and don't like doing anything else, and just want to be pigheaded, then just get the hell on IRC and talk to people. While you're at it, spend your turns for something useful. Become a maint raider for 13181, even if your race is wrong. Lay drones all over our systems and report pings, and bash traders. Clear drones out of all our systems as well. As long as it's something that spends your turns, helps out, and keeps you involved, it's positive.

What about us new/less experienced people?

You guys are the developing future of FURY. Everybody was new sometime, and you can benefit from our experience.

1. The CARDINAL rule: Get on IRC and talk to people. You will not go anywhere in this game without doing it. You will not improve your play to the level where it could be, you won't fit into an alliance, and you won't make friends.

2. We're going to be implementing a system here shortly that makes it easy to get ahold of people to ask questions. This will make it much easier to learn.

3. Latch onto a personal goal, and fucking go for it. If you want to be a hunter, figure out what the level is you should be for that. Then learn more about how to hunt. Then learn about what kind of designs are good for your race. Then figure out how to trade effectively without dying. If you don't know how to figure these out, then you can ask for lots and lots of help from other members. Possibly even posting a thread in our forums here asking for tips, and describing problems you have.

4. ASK THE QUESTIONS. IF YOU DON'T, YOU WILL NOT LEARN. This is a very dumb thing to say, and I hate to repeat it, but I see this happening too often. New players just don't ask enough questions!

5. If you don't know what you want to do, ask people what roles there are, and what they require, what they're like, etc. You can always change later if you don't like it.

05/21/06 16:08:24 EDT




Linkin Park (183)

Re: The Shark

Fury.Linkin Park

(since Ash isn't here anymore)


05/21/06 19:21:42 EDT




The Rolling Stones (395)

Re: The Shark

Fury.The Rolling Stones


05/21/06 19:27:13 EDT




Minion (360)

Re: The Shark


[19:03] <DarthFoamy> VT decided to channel bloody Patton.

05/21/06 19:28:52 EDT




Pussycat Dolls (71)

Re: The Shark

Fury.Pussycat Dolls

GREAT post, VT

and thanks for sticking with this bunch, we do appreciate it :)

05/21/06 19:29:00 EDT




z0da (4608)

Re: The Shark


I'll help in anyway that I can to move this clan forward. So far, everyone has been veryfriendly, and I thank you all for that. I hope to repay that someday!

As for v3.0, will there be some sort of organization so that we are balanced in every aspect required?

..:: The newbie has spoken ::..


05/21/06 19:43:57 EDT




Ashlee Simpson (21)

Re: The Shark

Fury.Ashlee Simpson

I'm honored to fly next to you VT, and everyone else in this alliance should be as well.

He's given up his past and present to build the future of FURY.

Activity is key here people, get moving and do something, it's time to take our game back!

05/21/06 20:40:43 EDT




Matrim Cauthon (8)

Re: The Shark

FuryMatrim Cauthon

A shark? [http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f203/goldencream/Random/1148182301539.jpg]

05/22/06 20:58:26 EDT




Runeward (4257)

Re: The Shark


*keeps waiting for the "we'll go through them, like shit through a goose!" qoute, waves his fury flags and all.*

05/29/06 11:07:31 EDT





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