2.7. UF war declaration

We've declared war on Unbroken Fellowship after, unprovoked, they targetted us for several raid ops in a row.

This is admittedly annoying, since warring UF wasn't on our list of things we particularily wanted to do. However, they will continue to be a nuisance until we deal with them. UF has a decent raid fleet, and with ports being weak as they are these days, they can continue to do damage and cost us levels as long as they are not stopped. Last night we lost 10 ships to raids. UF cannot be allowed to repeatedly target us and go unpunished.

I want to destroy them as quickly and thoroughly as possible. UF is doing this because they think they can't lose; they know public opinion favors them and that they're the underdogs in this fight. They think, mistakenly, that any ways it ends they can emerge satisfied and high and morale, either having "beaten Fury" or "put up a good fight against a great alliance." Removing any conception they have that this will be a fun or even war is the quickest way we can end this and move on.

As such, we will ochestrate a massacre of UF that's as complete and brutal as we can make it. I want to burn down any planets they own and raid them out of the ports they run to. I want them to be harassed as they level and jumped every time they try to raid. I don't want them to be able to move without smashing into a blanket of aggies. If they want war, we'll give them more war than they can possible handle.

However, this is all dependant on you guys. For us to fight the war we're capable of, we need to play up to our standards. This means consistant activity. It means signing up for and showing up to ops. It means every member contributing to the war effort, the alliane. It means playing intelligently and going the extra mile for the alliance. So far this round we've been sloppy and less active than usual. We are better than we've shown so far; it's time to shape up give 'em hell. We'll make UF regret ever thinking this was a good idea.


Our aim for this war with UF is to end it as quickly as possible with a UF surrender. As such, we hope to hit them as hard as possible until they come to the conclusion that they can't win and it wouldn't be worth trying. There are a few fronts we need to dominate for this to happen, and everyone in the alliance should be able to contribute to the war effort in one of several ways. What I would like to see is a smoothly executed war, with all elements of the alliance working together to grind UF into the dirt.

Here's what we need people doing:

[b]Raid jumping[/b]
UF raids around 02:00 raid time, which is an inconvenient time for most of us and one of the prime reasons we need to take them out quickly. We need everyone that can be around those hours to jump them.  See [url=http://www.tdzk.com/alliance_forum.php?forum=5&topic=127]Mak's thread[/url] for more information.

Raiding is how we're going to be able to do most of our damage. Aside from killing them/demoralizing them/hopefully making them reconsider attacking us, frequent raiding will knock down their levels even furthur, making it easier for us to jump them. For the extent of this war, we want to increase our raiding effectiveness as much as is possible. We've recently kicked some inactives and merged Fury Construction Crew back into F1/F2, so it'll be much easier to sub people in as temporary raiders (no wing switching involved). Any currently nonraiding Zalluns and high level Kitarans that can make 21:00 ops that are willing to become raiders for this war would be great. Kitarans would need to be L54 or higher for these purposes. The more raiders we get, the more damage we can do and the quicker we can end this and move on.

With several people turning from cover into raiders for the war, getting enough escorts for our ops is critical. Please, please make the effort to show up to cover our raids if possible. Aside from escorting, hunters should be working at killing UF warbirds if they're moving or camping aside from their raid times and tracking down and picking off any traders they might have.

[b]War Droning[/b]
This is the option for people that want to help but don't have limited time available. If you're less active than you could be and can't help in other ways, this is how you can make a difference. We'll aim to cover the map with a thick blankets of strategically placed neutral stacks, picking off their careless traders and preventing them from leveling. Droning doesn't take much time, and it's a hassle and possible demoralizer for UF to have to deal with.

We have a huge AA and can easily afford to ship anyone needing cash. There is [i]no reason[/i] any active player should be trading or unshipped during this war unless they are very low level and plan on being a jumper/hunter. Having people online but not shipped when we need them for an op or a jump is not something we want to deal with. If you're L40, you're high enough. If not, unless you've talked to me, get up to L40 (only 60 mil EXP) as quickly as possible and get shipped. If you've got any questions about how you can help or what you should be doing, ask a leader/subcom on IRC.