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We're going for the mothership.
Iccyh (725) We're going for the mothership.
FuryIccyh After some pretty extensive designing and checking, I've got a plan which I think gives us about as good a chance to kill the mothership as anyone can possibly hope for.

Much like the Williamson op, this will be a three stage op. The first stage is clearing escorts, the second is clearing shields, the third is doing the actual killing. The team we'll be using for the first two stages will be zals rather than snivs, but the last team will remain very similar to what we had for Williamson, but with a few very important changes.

Now, there are a few positions that are absolutely critical in order to pull this off. First, we need 5+ pos aligned Zalluns. Based on the signups for the op and talking to people, the squad I have pencilled in for this is Dan, Kinetika, Darchon, MrMeyham and myself. We all have high turns and are able to reship fairly easily. If you are a pos aligned Zallun with over 2k turns and you're able to make this op, get in contact with me ASAP. If you're a pos align Zal with *under* 2k turns and can make the op, you're one of our backups (we'll try not to use you, but in the event people have to leave you may end up drafted).

We need a Kitaran. While we've currently got one signed up for the op Wile's time is a bit limited. So, if you're able to make the op, please get in touch with me, Nova. <3

We need RC, preferably one with lots of experience (hi Blah!). If we can't get Blah (or someone else with solid RC skills), this op is going to get a lot more difficult as we have a limited time window to kill the mothership.

We need a shitload of auras. We need basically every remotely useful aura possible. We need 3 acc, 3 rep, 3 power, a damage aura and probably 3 drone auras as well.

If we have these things, we can do this. Here's how the op will go, assuming we get these things and it all comes together.

First, the escorts will get IS, with all of their auras etc. If we've got carriers, we'll need the sector aggied to hell and back. Then, the zal squad will get IS. The zals will kill the escorts with the mothership, while being repped by RC. This should go considerably faster than vs. Williamson as RC is faster than having to reload drones etc.

Once the escorts are cleared, the zals will re-arm and return to have a run at the mothership's shields. Once we've cleared the shields, we'll fire one more shot to test what the mothership's regen is and we'll hold up to check a few numbers and finalize the designs on our last squad.

Now, at this point, depending on how fast things have gone with the clearing of escorts and shields, we'll either make a decision to wait until the next NPC refresh or to continue immediately. If we wait, we re-arm the zals, clear escorts and shields again then immediately follow with the anti-armour squad (same setup as for Williamson, plus tweaks) or we'll risk going over the refresh, assuming we've got the time.

Now, depending on how things go, this op could be a bit of a mess. We're time limited in a bunch of ways, as the mothership moves every hour. More than that, we've got some key people who are time limited as well. There's death chances on the zals, depending on how things go with the mothership we could lose a bunch of ships in trying to do this.

That said, this is going to be the last chance anyone has to pull this off and I think we've got a really good chance of doing it, if we can get people showing up for this. Even if you can't make it on time, so long as we can keep the zal squad full and we've got the key people we need to make the anti-armour squad work, we can do this, we can kill the mothership.

Here's who I've got down for each squad at the moment:

Zalluns - Darchon, MrMeyham, Kinetika, DarthDan, Iccyh
Backup Zals - VT, Matrim
EMP/Armour - Wile E. Coyote, Goofy, Solace, foamy, Detmer

I need the zals shipped in advance if at all possible, I'll be sending out designs and cash. Escorts need to show up early if at all possible so we can arrange auras. If anyone is unshipped or whatever, we may end up having to use aura rangers to cover some of our auras needs for this op.

If you show up, I can guarantee we'll have *something* for people to do, so long as you show up between 21:00 and when we finally get the damn kill (which may be awhile after that).

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DreamSpyre (956) Re: We're going for the mothership.
FuryDreamSpyre My subpar RC'ing will be there =p

In any case, I'm useful because I'm the best candidate to find the damned thing! =p
08/16/06 04:11:01 EDT Quote Delete Edit
Iccyh (725) Re: We're going for the mothership.
FuryIccyh A couple things:
1. We'll need 6 zals rather than 5, I want one as a backup available at all times incase we lose one. We won't have time to spend waiting for people to reship.

2. I need to know when the NPC movement and spawn refreshes are. This is extremely important, I need to know the times that we're working around for doing this. If we don't know for sure, I need someone to find this out before the op tomorrow.

Thank you.
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Wile E. Coyote (71) Re: We're going for the mothership.
FuryWile E. Coyote Is it worth having a freighter standing by to pick up the weapons from the Scourge Escorts and Mother ship?
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Saturos (1055) Re: We're going for the mothership.
No AllianceSaturos Carriers have holds.
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DeadCanDance (190) Re: We're going for the mothership.
FuryDeadCanDance Eh, 22k is too far and I couldn`t sleep last night, so I guess I`ll miss this one ;p
08/16/06 12:23:34 EDT Quote Delete Edit
Paradigm (548) Re: We're going for the mothership.
FuryParadigm I can be there, as cover with 1 acc aura, can get more if needed by droping off eq.
08/16/06 14:19:04 EDT Quote Delete Edit
V.T. (149) Re: We're going for the mothership.
FuryV.T. Cover, both auras.
08/16/06 14:20:32 EDT Quote Delete Edit
Blah (167) Re: We're going for the mothership.
FuryBlah i officially WILL BE THERE.
08/16/06 15:22:13 EDT Quote Delete Edit
Raynian (449) Re: We're going for the mothership.
FuryRaynian Cover, and I can nab a pos-align aura if you need it.
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Iccyh (725) Re: We're going for the mothership.
FuryIccyh 12350 - Destroyer, PHP x 6, DDFC x 14
12376 - Targetting Computer x 9, Damage Amplifier x 9
12379 - Shield Battery x 18, Subspace Jump Drive
15040 - Ablative Armour, Particle Accelerator
15213 - Shaped Charges, Plasma Halo Bomb x 80

15084 - Wave Intensifier
19176 - Harmonic Amplifiers, Flux Disruptor Cannon x 14
12379 - Focused Flux Battery x 112

That should be the build route for the Zalluns, as well as the locations for what's needed when we weapon switch. Particle Accelerator and Shaped Charges get dropped for Wave Intensifier and Harmonic Amps, guns are swapped for pure flux.
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Minion (31) Re: We're going for the mothership.
FuryMinion Turns: 1257

Whomever tells me that isnt enough turns can go fuck themselves. [/blatant]

I can sell my siggies for an aura. Give me a ring.
08/16/06 17:33:42 EDT Quote Delete Edit
Iccyh (725) Re: We're going for the mothership.
FuryIccyh 184 dead scourge, including...

08/16/06 23:37:07 EDT
Detmer (66) piloting [Fury] Masamune destroyed Scourge Mothership, owned by Scourge Mothership (582), in Sector 22054.

That one.
08/17/06 02:12:24 EDT Quote Delete Edit
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