3.0. Welcome to Nomad

Hi all,

Welcome back! It's great to see so many of you already tagged up after a long and boring beta. Though the game still suffers from some obvious deficincies and inconveniences right now, those will hopefully get corrected in the near future. Nomad has a lot of interesting changes and the potential to be, in time, the best version of TDZK yet.

It's been a hellish beta for a number of reasons, but we're finally here, we're in decent shape, and we have our destiny in our own hands. The near future may be difficult. Gamewide, TDZK has lost many people to inactivity and apathy, and it may be some time before the advertising campaign succeeds in genuinely revitalizing the community with fresh players. Whether or not Nomad floats or sinks is the next several months has serious implications on the long term future of this game we have enjoyed for so long.

As such, our performance as an alliance this round is not only important for Fury, it's important for the game as a whole. We can help the community recover. We can help ensure that TDZK will be a thriving, vibrant, worthwhile and enjoyable game for a long time to come. All we need to do is continue to do what we've always done: show up, play hard and raise hell.  Activity creates activity; performance leads to competition. We can give the game raids to jump, traders to hunt, hunters to elude, jumps to try to defend against. We can give our enemies a reason to try to outdo us and show new alliances something to aspire to.  We can write the first pages of a new history.

Will it be enough? I don't know. But the most we can do is try.