Old IRC quotes

<Malhavoc> 14k appears to be the only place to get heavy morts this time around
<zer0das> the lack of a station list is annoying >_<
<Malhavoc> So tell ZmZ to get online when there's an admin around.
<ZZTRaider> so is 14k the only place for even REGULAR Mortars?
<ZZTRaider> I'm not picky, I just want to be able to consistently reload
<Malhavoc> Looks like it.
<ZZTRaider> joy.
* Malhavoc thinks that having all the mortars confined to one station may not be healty though, so may chat with someone who can do something about it. :)
* ZZTRaider heartily agrees, and thinks that 23194 would be a good place to add Heavy Mortars.
* Malhavoc thinks ZZT might be pushing his luck a little, but will see what the powers that be deide on.

<[Fury]Nexus> 09/21/03 18:52:57 EDT from T2_komodo_ (3424) 
<[Fury]Nexus> listen in the past IR and you were friends. i was a member of IR and since its reformation i created my own allience
<[Fury]Nexus> i would like a uNAP with Fury and safe passege through their territory. my allience is small and harmless to you, full of low lvl ppl
<[Fury]Nexus> plz repond with your answer
<[Fury]Nexus> Reply | Delete
<Solace> 1) Don't send us globals. 2) Yes we were. 3) So you did. 4) So you do. 5) It is. 6) No.

[20:38] <Ugofoxx> solace you there
[20:38] * Solace nods
[20:38] <Ugofoxx> k
[20:38] <Ugofoxx> Solace (14) piloting [Fury] Mirage destroyed [Fury] The One an..., owned by dave3 (3341), in Sector 23088.
[20:38] <Ugofoxx> i was wondering about thi
[20:38] <Ugofoxx> s
[20:39] <Solace> He uttered an evil word in our channel.
[20:39] <Ugofoxx> not that it is ne of my business i was just curious
[20:39] <Solace> I had to dispense punishment.
[20:39] <Ugofoxx> an evil word...
[20:39] <Solace> Yes.
[20:39] <Solace> He said "Satan"
[20:39] <Ugofoxx> Like disrespect .
[20:39] <Solace> He needed punishment.
[20:40] <Ugofoxx> ok, did he willingly let you kill him
[20:40] <Solace> Discipline was neccessary.
[20:40] <Ugofoxx> i c
[20:40] <Ugofoxx> i don't question that
[20:40] <Ugofoxx> he did something...he isn't even fury ne more
[20:41] <Solace> He uttered the evil word and did not repent.
[20:41] <Ugofoxx> Are you being sarcastic or serious about and evil word and repenting...b/c i don't like being toyed with
[20:42] <Ugofoxx> If you don't want to say that is cool too
[20:42] <Ugofoxx> and if this is the tru ok
[20:42] <Solace> It was necessary that he should leave.
[20:43] <Ugofoxx> OK well, I am happy that it was taken care up. If you would like I can make sure he doesn't come to HOLY as well
[20:43] <Solace> He is fine.
[20:44] <Ugofoxx> Ok.
[20:44] <Ugofoxx> Thanks for the clear up.
[20:44] <Solace> It depends on HOLY's feeling on evil words.
[20:44] <Ugofoxx> what do you mean of evil word
[20:44] <Ugofoxx> s
[20:44] <Solace> What do you mean?
[20:45] <Ugofoxx> What evil words do you speak of
[20:45] <Solace> I don't speak evil words.
[20:46] <Ugofoxx> ok then spell them out L  I  K  E  that
[20:46] <Ugofoxx> b/c you are confusing the hell out of me
[20:48] <Solace> One moment
[20:48] <Ugofoxx> k
[20:53] * Solace returns.
[20:53] * Ugofoxx listens
[20:53] <Solace> What did you ask again? I got disconnected.
[20:54] <Ugofoxx> you said evil words...you confuse me with the type of words...
[20:54] <Solace> Indeed. Dave3 would commonly use evil words in our private channel.
[20:54] <Solace> This could not be tolerated.
[20:54] <Ugofoxx> evil as in
[20:55] <Ugofoxx> The devil will take over the world
[20:55] <Ugofoxx> or evil as in cussing
[20:56] <Solace> Both are evil.
[20:56] <Solace> I am referring to the more evil of the two.
[20:59] <Solace> Are you thinking of recruiting Dave3?
[21:00] <Ugofoxx> no
[21:00] <Ugofoxx> More evil
[21:00] <Ugofoxx> ?
[21:00] <Ugofoxx> my god
[21:01] <Ugofoxx> did he say like he was going to chop ppl up into little pieces
[21:02] <Solace> No.
[21:02] <Ugofoxx> ok
[21:02] <Solace> That would merely be cannibalism.
[21:02] <Ugofoxx> lol
[21:02] <Ugofoxx> ok so not cussing but no canibalisim
[21:02] <Ugofoxx> ....
[21:03] <Ugofoxx> ok thanks
[21:04] <Solace> what?
[21:04] <Ugofoxx> what what?
[21:04] <Solace> Are you a believer?
[21:05] <Ugofoxx> Am I a beliver in?
[21:05] <Solace> Light?
[21:05] <Ugofoxx> What kind of light.
[21:06] <Solace> Divine light.
[21:06] <Solace> Is your soul saved?
[21:07] <Ugofoxx> What religion are you speaking of  Solace.
[21:08] <Solace> It is too pure to be classified.
[21:08] <Solace> But enough of this.
[21:08] <Ugofoxx> K.
[21:08] <Ugofoxx> Good.
[21:08] <Solace> I am making you uncomfortable.
[21:09] <Ugofoxx> Uncomfortable no
[21:09] <Ugofoxx> I love talking about this stuff...but i am little confused
[21:09] <Ugofoxx> You talk about things...but not in detail...you talk around them...
[21:09] <Ugofoxx> so if you would like to talk to me about this then talk me in detail.
[21:10] <Solace> When He talks through me, we do not always fathom His meanings.
[21:10] <Ugofoxx> True
[21:10] <Ugofoxx> WE do not fathom, but we can Expand.
[21:11] <Ugofoxx> I feel his presence, I feel his love, I feel his mercy, B.c I belive in his word.
[21:11] <Solace> You are making no sense.
[21:11] <Ugofoxx> I am making no sense b/c you wish not to see.
[21:12] <Solace> You are mocking the Way.
[21:12] <Ugofoxx> I am not mocking
[21:12] <Ugofoxx> I will not do that
[21:12] <Ugofoxx> I speak what i feel.
[21:13] <Ugofoxx> I feel him with me, I feel His Love.
[21:13] <Solace> You have the devil in you.
[21:13] <Ugofoxx> Do you not understand what I say?
[21:13] <Solace> You require cleansing.
[21:13] <Ugofoxx> No I feel The God, Jesus Christ.
[21:14] <Ugofoxx> I think maybe you are mocking me and I should of never came and talked to you.
[21:14] <Ugofoxx> You lose my respect when you do these things.
[21:14] <Ugofoxx> I had respect when you said you gave out punishment...but when I try to talk to you you lead me around in Circles you lose my respect.
[21:15] <Solace> The punishment was for evil words.
[21:15] <Solace> We should not have gone down this path.
[21:15] <Solace> I apologise.
[21:15] <Ugofoxx> I understand this...
[21:15] <Ugofoxx> No I try to understand what you say but what you say is twisted
[21:16] <Ugofoxx> If you would like to talk to me you may about religion. I am a Christan. YOu ask if I belive in the light, Ey, I do belive.
[21:16] <Ugofoxx> No what are you.
[21:17] <Solace> Maybe religion is not an appropriate topic of discussion.
[21:17] <Solace> In such an artifical setting.
[21:17] <Ugofoxx> I agree
[21:17] <Ugofoxx> We will speak of it again...some where else. i do n0t like to speak of it in this this PM.
[21:17] <Ugofoxx> You may pick the next place to talk of it.
[21:18] <Ugofoxx> But I will be leaving Now.
[21:18] <Ugofoxx> SO pick the place and another time we will talk
[21:18] <Solace> I think it would have to be in persson.
[21:18] <Solace> But that can't be arranged.
[21:19] <Ugofoxx> No.
[21:19] <Ugofoxx> OK.
[21:19] <Ugofoxx> Well. I will tlak to you later. I am off.
[21:19] <Ugofoxx> Thank you for what you have said.

<[Fury]Nightmyre> can i say rawr?
<zer0das> you mean this morning?
<Seggybop> no, you must first say 'waffles' before you can say 'rawr'

[16:19] <Rodin> africa3-by-faiina.jpg - 153K View Download
[16:19] <Rodin> shuld i look?
[16:20] <Stormwind> go for it
[16:20] <Solace> lol
[16:20] <Rodin> nudity i say nudity!!!
[16:20] <Rodin> pretty...... but still nudity!!

[19:21] <vips> I need a new ship :p
[19:21] <LotD|gone> hmm
[19:21] <LotD|gone> me too
[19:21] <LotD|gone> i just got one-shotted :-P

[23:08] <MrMeyham> I am not a cleptomaniac <_<

[13:01] <[Fury]Nightmyre> fu ;p
[13:02] <DarthDan> it's foo, not fu
[13:02] <DarthDan> foo!
[13:02] <Solace> lol
[13:02] <[Fury]Nightmyre> ...
[13:02] <[Fury]Nightmyre> no
[13:02] <[Fury]Nightmyre> :P
[13:02] <Agito> they mean different things dan -_-

[12:08] <Solace> Hello Darke:
[12:08] <Solace> I'd like to open up talks with HH in regards to a possible end of the war between HH/Fury. It's been a good fight, but my feeling is that it's more or less been decided, and I'm sure that you, like us, would enjoy some time without the stress of active hostilities.
[12:08] <Solace> Message me when you're on IRC and we can talk more about it.
[12:08] <Solace> Solace
[12:08] * Solace thinks that's ok.
[12:08] <Ghost> lol
[12:09] <Ghost> "It's been a good fight"
[12:09] <zer0das> it should say something more along the lines of
[12:09] <Ghost> we pwnz0r j00 faec?
[12:10] <Ghost> all your base are belong to us, give up now make your time.
[12:10] <Solace> "P.S. WE PWN J00 NWEBS!!1"
[12:10] <Solace> No, don't think so. :P
[12:10] <Ghost> aww ;)
[12:10] <zer0das> "Sup Darke. Yeah, we noticed you didn't have any more 260 raiders so we figured, what the hell, there's no point to keep bashing your face on the barstool. So, if you could get in touch with me asap, we'll get back to doing whatever the heck it was before this bar fight. PS. All your planets are belong to us."
[12:10] <Solace> lol
[12:10] <Ghost> lmao
[12:12] <[Fury]Nightmyre> lol
[12:12] <[Fury]Nightmyre> i like z0r's msg more
[12:12] <Solace> I do too.
[12:12] * Solace will stick with his though. :P
[12:12] <[Fury]Nightmyre> :p
[12:13] <Solace> Maybe I'll save that one for Greven. :P

[16:09] <Solace> We jumped a K/GTG jump on a SH escorted EPD raid on a UF rock. :P
[16:09] <vips> lol
[16:10] <DarthDan> lol
[16:10] <DarthDan> now we declare on all of them!

[22:39] * Saltiness is going to camp outside 9311 on 4x manuever
[22:41] <Saltiness> ok, maybe I won't camp 9311 on 3x manuever :'(
[22:41] * Saltiness only has 18 turns left

[19:56] <Master_Chief> there will always be one raving looney in a pack
[19:56] <Dazzle> um
[19:57] <Dazzle> and who is it in Fury?
[19:57] <Dazzle> :P
[19:57] <Master_Chief> could very well be me ;P

[20:08] <[Fury]Nightmyre> i have no jokes
[20:08] <[Fury]Nightmyre> my jokes suck

[09:47] * [Fury]Nightmyre slaps Stainless around a bit with a large trout
[09:47] <[Fury]Nightmyre> live one
[09:47] <[Fury]Nightmyre> mine doesnt id
[09:47] <[Fury]Nightmyre> die
[09:47] <Solace> it's been genetically altered?
[09:47] * Stainless steals myre's trout and shoots it in the head with a 12 gauge

[11:13] <Stainless> People dive heroically infront of port 9364 if it gets raided for me.
[11:14] <Stainless> *9264
[11:14] <Solace> mmhmm
[11:15] <Stainless> because unless we're going to jump something and die in a spectacular fashion, I'm going to bed in 10min
[11:16] * Solace nods
[11:16] <Stainless> 10min because my dl finishes in 4 and I want to watch it :p
[11:17] <Stainless> 1.71kb/sec dl rate

[21:07] <Zippy> 09/03/04 22:08:48 EDT  from amazon (8000)
[21:07] <Zippy>     you u just6 boarded me and i was hunting ioannis
[21:07] <Zippy> Reply | Delete
[21:07] <Zippy> he's in a lev 2 cruiser

[21:12] <Zippy> BabyRat
[21:12] <Zippy> Fires a Focused Plasma Cannon at the [FURY] Why they a..., denting the mopbucket on his head and blinding him
[21:13] * Zippy runs from the rat

<Daddoo> Masochist: Hit me! Hurt me! Abuse me!
<Daddoo> Sadist: NO!

[21:16] <Daddoo> how did the twins make out?
[21:16] <Ghost> mmm...
[21:16] <Ghost> twins...making out...
[21:16] <Ghost> mmm...
[21:16] <Daddoo> 4 year  old twin boys on their first camping trip, you perv
[21:17] <Ghost> oh
[21:17] <Ghost> uh
[21:17] <Ghost> oops...
[21:17] <Seth> the twins were ok, micheal was very cranky
[21:17] <Seth> :(
[21:17] <Ghost> i was thinking more in line with 18-19 year old budweiser girls...

[00:11] * Daddoo changes topic to 'Happy Day if Solace would let me change the topic, all!'
[00:11] * ChanServ changes topic to 'Happy Skyscraper Day, all!'
[00:11] * Daddoo changes topic to 'Chanserv blows dead goats'
[00:11] * ChanServ changes topic to 'Happy Skyscraper Day, all!'
[00:12] * Daddoo changes topic to 'Chanserv is hung up on phallic construction items'
[00:12] * ChanServ changes topic to 'Happy Skyscraper Day, all!'
[00:12] <Daddoo> we had this discussion several times, chanserv and I

[22:09] <Solace> oh neat, I killed him.
[22:09] <Solace> cool. :P
[22:10] <Solace> ack
[22:10] <Solace> and now oneshooted..
[22:10] <Rodin> lol
[22:10] * Blah applaudes
[22:11] <Blah> i mean your effort before dying... yes...

[17:48] <Agito> Sending single credits should not be funny anymore :P
[17:48] <Rodin> LOL
[17:48] <Rodin> from the guy who sent me 1 cred on my bday :P
[17:49] <Agito> ...
[17:49] <Ellendil> LOL
[17:49] <Agito> that was totally different :P

[21:13] * Kinetika|away has taken a significant liking to Rodin|tv this round
[21:13] <Rodin|tv> \:|
[21:13] <Kinetika|away> IM NOT GAY!
[21:14] <Rodin|tv> god id have to murder you otherwise :P
[21:14] <Kinetika|away> as a member of Fury lol
[21:14] <Rodin|tv> lol it took 3 rounds for that??
[21:14] <Solace> if you were, Kinetika, we'd understand.

[22:40] <Solace> [22:08] <Iccyh> favour to ask?
[22:41] <Ghost> yeah
[22:41] <Ghost> he wants you to provide a midget in the night
[22:41] <Ghost> for "special favours"
[22:41] <Solace> Rodin! You know what you have to do.
[22:41] <Iccyh> :)
[22:41] <Rodin> ok iccyh bend over
[22:41] <Ghost> come on bud.
[22:41] <Ghost> take one for the team :)
[22:43] <Rodin> iccyh man you gotta lossen up alil ;)
[22:44] <Iccyh> O.o

[23:44] <Solace> no, a real newbie name :P
[23:44] <Solace> "U.S.S STARDESTROYEER"
[23:44] <Iccyh> hmm real newbie name
[23:44] <Solace> or something. :P
[23:44] <Iccyh> KSv Fire Your Guns
[23:44] <Solace> how're his turns?
[23:44] <LotD|gone> more than enough
[23:45] <Iccyh> oh come on, not even a single laugh for that one?
[23:45] <LotD|gone> jai would kill you :-P
[23:45] <Iccyh> :)
[23:45] <Iccyh> Jai knows I love him

[21:39] <Rodin> god i have brain damage
[21:39] <Djinn> yeah we know
[21:39] <Rodin> i think i need to see adoctor
[21:40] <Kinetika> why whats up
[21:40] <Rodin> lots of head truma anever looked at
[21:40] <Kinetika> head trauma?
[21:40] <Rodin> think its getting to me
[21:41] <Kinetika> dropped as a child?
[21:41] <LotD|gone> hmm
[21:41] <Rodin> i was a lonely depressed kid so i hit me head all the time

[18:51] <Agito> 'lo rowhore
[18:51] <Rodin> lol hi assqueen
[18:52] <Agito> you know what
[18:52] <silentkiller> hi Rodin
[18:52] <Rodin> hey sk
[18:52] <Agito> That would make an awesome rank for you!
[18:52] <Rodin> ....
[18:52] <Solace> rofl
[18:52] <Rodin> ill have my revenge!
[18:53] <Agito> :p
[18:53] <Agito> I've had Drag Queen for too long :P
[18:53] <Agito> You don't see my whining! publically anyway...
[18:53] <Rodin> :P
[18:53] <Solace> every day: "OMG SOLACE CHANGE MY RANK PLEASE"
[18:53] <Agito> Lies!
[18:53] <Rodin> lol
[18:53] <Agito> I don't use capitals! -.-
[18:54] <Rodin> LOL

[20:44] <[Fury]Nightmyre> on 3 jump to 32072
[20:44] <[Fury]Nightmyre> 3
[20:44] <[Fury]Nightmyre> 2
[20:44] <[Fury]Nightmyre> 1
[20:44] <[Fury]Nightmyre> GO
[20:45] <Rodin> ...|:\
[20:45] <Stainless> dead
[20:45] <LotD|gone> dead
[20:45] <DarthFoamy> dead
[20:45] <Ghost> !GO TEAM GO!

[21:51] <Stainless> I should make a topic in I&S called "allow multiple accounts" :p
[21:52] <DarthFoamy> Heh
[21:52] <Solace> aye, a "family" of pilots.
[21:52] <Solace> you start out with two, but then you can interbreed.
[21:52] <DarthFoamy> Don't forget pets!
[21:52] <Stainless> and put my reasons as "because it'd make more people in the game"
[21:52] <DarthFoamy> And you can have affairs!
[21:52] <DarthFoamy> And like, decorate your ship
[21:52] <DarthFoamy> *s

[17:19] <Initiate> Attacker   
[17:19] <Initiate>  [Fury] Average Nobody (Initiate)   
[17:19] <Initiate> Level 220 Cruiser   
[17:19] <Initiate> Launches 20 Class-10 Combat drones at the Sector Forces, destroying 3 Scout drones.
[17:19] <Initiate> Fires a Cyclone Flak Cannon at the Sector Forces, destroying 3 Scout drones.
[17:19] <Initiate>    
[17:19] <Initiate> The sector forces have been destroyed.
[17:19] * Initiate is the winner ... for now
[17:20] <Rodin> LOL
[17:20] <Rodin> 1 point init!
[17:20] <Solace> a hardfought fight
[17:20] * Solace appluads Ini for his heroic triumph

[17:36] <TDE> You guys dont talk too much do you? :P
[17:36] <Iccyh> sometimes more than others, yes :)
[17:36] <Rodin> nope just me
[17:37] <Solace> oh, we have long, awkward silences
[17:37] <Solace> usually when I try to make a joke. :/
[17:37] <Agito> [tumeble weed]
[17:37] <Rodin> LOL too true :P

[17:09] * Christopher has joined #fury
[17:09] <Christopher> hello
[17:09] <Bardi|MasteringBaiting> oi chris
[17:09] * Bardi|MasteringBaiting latches onto Christopher's leg and goes to town!
[17:09] <Bardi|MasteringBaiting> Oh oh oh oh oh OHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh.....
[17:09] * Bardi|MasteringBaiting smokes a cowboy killer.
[17:09] <Bardi|MasteringBaiting> Was it as good for you, as it was for me Christopher?
[17:09] * Bardi|MasteringBaiting is now known as Bardicer
[17:09] <Christopher> I don't smoke
[17:09] <Solace> rofl
[17:09] <Bardicer> nono that was me that smoked
[17:10] <Bardicer> look two lines above that
[17:10] * Christopher rips Bardicer's head off

[17:16] * Solace pokes Darchon
[17:16] <Solace> what're you doing these days?
[17:16] <Christopher> so what's the status on the raid
[17:16] <Darchon> hehe, flirting with my ex
[17:16] <Darchon> u?
[17:16] <Rodin> lol
[17:17] <Solace> flirting with your ex, too
[17:17] <Ellendil> lol
[17:17] <Kinetika> are we talking about Myre?

[16:55] <Firestorm> does anyone need cash before i go?
[16:56] <Agito> me!
[16:56] <Agito> me!
[16:56] <Agito> choose me!
[16:56] <Firestorm> i mean for something useful :P
[16:56] <Firestorm> not porn
[16:56] <Agito> hmm..
[16:56] <Rodin> me me
[16:56] <Firestorm> lol
[16:56] <Agito> Could do with a new pear of pants..
[16:56] <Agito> (underwear, not trousers, stupid amercians -.-)
[16:56] <Firestorm> or underwear, since you just admitted in pm that you change them, what, --once a year?
[16:56] <Rodin> i could use a pair of pants
[16:56] <Firestorm> that is just no way to flirt :/

[15:00] <Djinn> ghost i think you need to take some time off of TDZK.... its not good when you start dreaming about it
[15:01] <Djinn> sorta like when i dreamed i was in a pod, and i logged in and i was in a pod......
[15:01] <Djinn> yeah i took a month off

[20:02] <Solace> How jumps usually work with us:
[20:02] <Solace> Myre: Let's jump them!
[20:02] <Solace> Droneships: We'll die!
[20:02] <Solace> Myre: No you won't! C'mon! Let's go!
[20:02] <Solace> Jump, die.
[20:02] <Solace> Myre blames deaths on too many droneships.
[20:02] <Solace> Everyone else blames on Myre.

[17:25] <Bardicer> okay that's bad
[17:25] <Bardicer> trying to find socks...and i come across a pair of thong panties...
[17:25] <AKULA> ?
[17:25] * Bardicer ughs.
[17:25] <Rodin> LOL
[17:25] <AKULA> this could be a good story
[17:25] <AKULA> please do tell
[17:25] <Bardicer> they're my mom's...i'm assuming
[17:25] <Solace> uh oh
[17:25] <AKULA> on that case
[17:26] <AKULA> I'll put you on ignore for 10 min

[23:07] <Valen> hmm merge with LoF. Next time someone raids, we can practice arguing over who is in charge of what for 20 minutes, then half of us not jump because our feelings were hurt that we weren't in charge of something

[18:51] <[Fury]Nightmyre> so
[18:51] <[Fury]Nightmyre> hmm
[18:51] <[Fury]Nightmyre> lets see if anyone can name the song
[18:51] <[Fury]Nightmyre> since
[18:51] <[Fury]Nightmyre> i want the name!
[18:51] <[Fury]Nightmyre> ok, so i dont know most of the lyrics
[18:51] <[Fury]Nightmyre> err.. i dont know any of them really
[18:51] <[Fury]Nightmyre> just one part!
[18:51] <[Fury]Nightmyre> it goes like this
[18:51] <[Fury]Nightmyre> hmm..
[18:52] <[Fury]Nightmyre> "just like the one we know, sings the song sounds like shes singing, ...."
[18:52] <[Fury]Nightmyre> then it sounds like
[18:52] <Ghost> rofl.
[18:52] <[Fury]Nightmyre> "ooh baby ooh baby ooh"
[18:52] <[Fury]Nightmyre> ...
[18:52] <[Fury]Nightmyre> sorta
[18:52] <[Fury]Nightmyre> kinda.

[20:39] * DarthDan has joined #fury
[20:39] <DarthDan> 'lo all
[20:39] <DarthDan> finally got my comp working again
[20:39] <DarthDan> kinda
[20:39] <AKULA> kinda?
[20:39] <DarthDan> this keyboard is pretty hairy..
[20:40] <DarthDan> some of the keys don't work
[20:40] <DarthDan> namely both shifts, caps lock, and about half the numbers
[20:40] <AKULA> that could be a problem
[20:40] <DarthDan> on the other hand, i got two mice to work simultaneously..

[21:41] <Iccyh> 12/19/04 22:38:02 EST from *Vyper* (318)    
[21:41] <Iccyh> wanna duel 4 fun?
[21:41] <Iccyh> level 11 wraith, anyone want a pod?
[21:41] <Iccyh> :P



[17:56] <Rodin> well this room has gone into anarchy
[17:56] <LotD|gone> oh screw you ghost
[17:56] * Agito agrees with stainy more than ghost
[17:56] <LotD|gone> that's socialism
[17:56] * Darchon has joined #fury
[17:56] <Solace> 'lo Darchon
[17:56] <Rodin> hey car
[17:57] <LotD|gone> can we ship darchon?
[17:57] * Stain|AFK waits for someone to tell him his kelvin units are wrong
[17:57] <Rodin> dar..
[17:57] <LotD|gone> into a raider?


[17:56] <Solace> hey, Agito
[17:56] <Solace> challenge to you:
[17:56] <Solace> there's a bustling conversation in #fury right now....
[17:56] <Solace> let's see if you can say one line that completely kills it.
[17:56] <zer0das> yeah
[17:56] <Agito> i'll try
[17:57] <zer0das> because these queer canadians can't deal with farenheit as weather temperature >.>


[17:57] <Agito> so, who else here has been caugh wanking!?
[17:57] <Darchon> hey :)
[17:57] <Ghost> http://www.rewika.de/img/downloadcommunism2.jpg
[17:57] <Darchon> no
[17:57] <Ghost> I BEG TO DIFFER!
[17:57] <Darchon> no
[17:57] <Darchon> I wanna lvl up
[17:57] <Stain|AFK> not once, Agito.
[17:57] <LotD|gone> agito, who hasn't?
[17:57] <Stain|AFK> I am the master of disguise!
[17:57] <LotD|gone> agiton who hasn't?
[17:57] <Solace> Agito, you failure. :P
[17:57] <Rodin> LOL
[17:57] <LotD|gone> great pic
[17:57] <LotD|gone> but it's wrong :-P
[17:58] <Rodin> what kinda git gets catch


[17:57] <Agito> failed -.-
[17:57] <Solace> haha
[17:57] <Solace> Ghost, your turn to try
[17:57] <Ghost> hrm.
[17:58] <Agito> it slowed it solace, i have to get some credit!
[17:58] <Ghost> wonder if that'll work...


[17:58] <Ghost> I LIKE TO BANG DONKEYS.
[17:58] <LotD|gone> lol
[17:58] <Darchon> I have never been 'caught' wanking, but ppl have seen me tho :P
[17:58] <LotD|gone> go ghost!
[17:58] <Stain|AFK> lol, Rodin?
[17:58] <LotD|gone> raiders appear
[17:58] <Ghost> hrm
[17:58] <Ghost> didn't work


[17:58] <zer0das> i have the solution
[17:58] <Solace> :P
[17:59] <Solace> haha
[17:59] <Solace> I think Agito actually enhanced the conversation. :P


[01:02] <Jay> uh..
[01:02] <Jay> im busy..ish
[01:02] <Jay> with uh
[01:02] * Jay runs off
[01:02] <[Fury]Nightmyre> your left hand or right?
[01:02] <[Fury]Nightmyre> or both this time?
[01:02] <Jay> both
[01:02] <zer0das> ...
[01:03] <AKULA> don't tell me you discovered girls
[01:03] <Jay> no
[01:03] <Jay> no girls
[01:03] <Jay> uh
[01:03] <Jay> overtime
[01:03] <zer0das> how are you typing
[01:03] <zer0das> ..
[01:03] <Jay> my nose

[23:05] <Jay|Sleeping> you dont have to rub it in
[23:05] <Valen> Jay|Sleeping, I'm sorry I made the cheerleading squad and you didn't

[23:00] <Blah> not legal age to gamle yet i don't think
[23:00] <zer0das> pfft
[23:00] <zer0das> sif that stopped anyone
[23:00] <Blah> no, it didn't
[23:00] <Blah> the big black guys at the door stop them
[23:00] <Iccyh> what the hell kind of church do you go to?

[23:31] * zer0das sets mode: -o Solace
[23:33] <Djinn> ....
[23:34] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Solace
[23:34] * zer0das sets mode: -v Solace
[23:37] <Solace> z0r, you should be reflecting on jesus.
[23:37] <Solace> not playing with chanserv. :P
[23:37] <zer0das> i am
[23:38] <zer0das> stop chiding me
[23:38] <zer0das> and reflect on jesus
[23:38] <zer0das> -_-
[23:38] <Valen> chanserv shennanigans makes baby jesus cry :(
[23:38] <zer0das> wrong
[23:38] <zer0das> chanserv makes baby jesus cry
[23:38] <zer0das> but then
[23:38] <zer0das> chanserv makes me cry
[23:38] <zer0das> -_-

 <Darchon> he's on the phone, typing single-handedly
<Darchon> where's the other hand?
<Elle|phone> i typiung with my nose now
<Kinetika> i can tell ell
<Elle|phone> really?
<Iccyh> how about we raid the damn port
<Iccyh> :P
<Iccyh> since we're all IS?

[23:52] <Solace> z0r finally acquired his stalkee?
[23:52] <zer0das> pfft no
[23:52] <zer0das> i mean
[23:53] <zer0das> wtf, i don't stalk anyone >.>
[23:53] <Djinn> sure whatever you say Z0r
[23:54] <Valen> the restraining order is just a "misunderstanding" ;)

[23:58] <Solace> z0r, it's hard to take it to the next level when you have to stay 50 feet away from her at all times
[23:58] * zer0das sets mode: +b *!*@c-66-41-167-176.mn.client2.attbi.com
[23:58] <Djinn> ....
[23:58] * You were kicked by zer0das (asddsafdsafsad)

<Rodin> shes like reatrad magnet
<Rodin> ..retard..

 <Stainless> heh, I just noticed a slight drawback in my ability to RC :p
<Iccyh> ?
<Detmer> you have no turns?
<Lilal> turns? :P i'll slap you
<Stainless> 20 drones. But have over 2k turns