ADOM Sage is a mod for the ADOM Roguelike game. It adds features and conveniences.


Nearly all features are toggleable in the config file as described in the README.


Sage is made for Linux only (though a version that works on Windows for ADOM 1.1.1 can be found on Josh Kelley's old index page).

Sage works with all versions of ADOM (all prereleases included), BUT when given a choice (1.2.0 prereleases), you MUST use the 32-bit Debian ASCII version of ADOM. Certain difficult features (autosave, birth reroller) may not work with all versions.

Only the ASCII versions are supported -- no tiles.


You can check out the code from Github with: git clone

You will need to have make, ncurses development files, and a 32-bit aware compiler installed. For example, you might run: apt-get install libncurses5-dev:i386 make g++-multilib

Then run make.


If you place the adom binary in the same directory as the adom-sage binary and, you can just run ./adom-sage. You can also run: ./adom-sage -a [/path/to/adom] -s [/path/to/]

If you have never run ADOM before, you must run it once before trying to use Sage so it can pick up ADOM's settings.

Sage can be configured by editing sage.cfg and restarting Sage/ADOM. Consult the readme for details.

You can enable debug logging with: ./adom-sage -l ./logfile.txt -d XX where XX is a number calculated by adding together any combination of the following: